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Denizens of Darkness

Authors: Beth Bostic, Bernard E Cana, Jackie Cassada, Andrew Cermak, Leonard Dessert, Robert Fansworth, Christopher S Gurney, Carla Hollar, Jeffrey Kahrs, Brett King, Rucht Lilavivat, John W Mangrum (also credited as developer, see his authorís notes in the parlor part of this site), Joe Masdon, Stewart MacWilliam, Tadd McDivitt, Nicky Rea, John Richardson, C. Bryant Strickland, Andrew Wyatt and Fred Yelk
Type: Monster Manual
Format: 180 pages, hardback
Release date: April 2002

Summary of content:Detailed Monsters and templates.


Kosher Pickled Punk

When third edition came out, I was wary, but I ultimately embraced it. I figured I could use the conversion manual to quickly update stats for the old monsters, and that would be that. I couldn't have been more wrong. Converting monsters is a time consuming process, and I don't have the time or patience to do it. As a result I was eagerly awaiting Denizens of Darkness. I have not been disappointed. Not every monster who ever appeared in RL is in this book, but there are lots of them. One of my favourite concepts in 3E (along with feats and prestige classes) is monster templates, and this book doesn't disappoint! There are 7 for vampires alone! Many of these monsters might also make appropriate PC races, with the proper ECLs.

I do have some nits to pick. The editing is atrocious (sorry Andrew), with lots of typos and layout glitches. Furthermore, my original copy of the book was defective, with the glue that held the spine together having evaporated (I managed to get a replacement copy from the game store). As a result I can't give this book 5 blood drops. Still these are minor points. Go out and buy this book!


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