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The Created

Author: Bruce Nesmith
Type: Adventure
: 32 pages paperback
Release date: June 1993

Other notes:

Level: 2-4
Domain: Odiare
Inside cover: map of Odiare, Guiseppe's toy shop
New monsters: Carrionette


Charlie "Charboil" D

This campaign I believe is a great introduction to the world of Ravenloft! With the low level requirement, and the amount of area, characters, and story that is put into this adventure, if someone has not played in a Ravenloft setting this one is sure to get them hooked! the land/town of Odiare is also very memorable.

A friend of mine DMed this camp. about a year ago for a group of 4 players including myself. The story opens up with the adventurers arriving in a peaceful town where a festival is going on, the town map itself is not very large but this gives for an area that new players will find it fun to explore. Depending on the DM, the real action starts when the baker is found murdered in his apartment above his shop, after the players investigate they soon find that everyone in the town has disappeared and soon they are being attacked by the evil Carrionette (demonic puppets).

The real fun starts after the players are defeated by being stabbed by magic pins which actually allow the carrionettes to switch bodies with the players, just think of that your first time playing in a Ravenloft setting and you have to play half the camp. as a puppet. The rest of the adventure consist of you escaping the Toy Shop (as a puppet), finding some magic pins so you may swap bodies with your former selves, and learning that the lead Carrionette Malgino has imprisoned all the children in the theater and you must find the last remaining adult in town to help defeat this realms dark lord. This person turns out the be Malgino's creator, Giuseppe, the toy maker. but the creator is not so willing to allow you to destroy his favorite creation, and this tends to make your adventure more difficult...

All in all this adventure is like a twisted version of Pinocchio, but it's great as introduction to Ravenloft and the horror that is contained there. Thanks for reading!


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