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Mithras Court

Author: David A Page
Type: Novel
Format: 340 pages book
Release date: November 2008
Other notes: while first announced to be part of the “Ravenloft: Dominion” series, this novel doesn’t have the Ravenloft logo
Domain: Mithras Court


Amazon’s book description:

When you've lost what you love most, a life in hell comes easy...

Lewis Beckford's wife was murdered on a London subway car; now Lewis spends his night searching the underbelly of London looking for the man with the snake tattoo. A year after her death, he finds Richard Baxter, but his attempt to bring the man to summary justice for his crime goes horribly awry when the train finds its way to Mithras Court Station, a place not on any mortal map of London. The only key Lewis finds is a name - Sir Lucius Knight. But Knight seeks only his own empire to rule, and in Mithras Court, he has that. Lewis cannot buy his assistance easily, but Knight offers a deal: Lewis' aid in Knight's plan to expand his kingdom in exchange for Lewis' freedom.

An action-packed story of love, revenge, and the horror that waits for all people, Mithras Court will be a key book for fans of horror and gothic romance alike.  

WotC’s book description:

Love lasts beyond life itself.

Evil men slaughtered innocents on a train, dooming Lewis Wentworth to a life spent wandering, searching for his wife's murderer, a task larger than one man, no matter how devoted. Chance finally throws the killer into Wentworth's path, even as it takes them both to a strange place where nothing is as it seems and evil holds sway. And still Lewis searches, but now it is for a way to leave Mithras Court. But there is another man, with grand ambitions and plans, who needs Wentworth. And his wife.

And sometimes, love does not end when life does.

You can read a sampler from this book here, courtesy of WotC: 




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