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Worlds of D&D Comics

“The Rigor of the Game”

Ravenloft story adaptation.

 Author: James Lowder (writer), Tim Seeley and Lizzy John (artists)
Type: Comic
Format: part of issue # 3 of the Worlds of D&D Comic series
Release date: September 2008
Publisher: Devil's Due Productions (DDP)
Other notes:
- Alternative cover B has Soth and Azrael (Cover A has FR’s Elminster)
Domain: Sithicus



Release notes and James Lowder (editor of the series) Interview:

Devil's Due has announced a new comic. It's titled Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and will adapt short fiction from at least four settings--the Realms, Krynn, Eberron, and, yes, Ravenloft. Issue #3 has the Rigor of the Game story adaptation.

A future announced issue should have the Caretaker adaptation (Still unreleased in May 2009, fate of this series is unsure)

Devil's Due first approached me about scripting for them, but then realized I had either edited or written some of the stories they were thinking of adapting. I will be involving as many of the original fiction authors--at least those with an interest in comics and the time in their schedule--in adapting their own work. The other scripters will be people with a strong interest in the worlds.

Right now, the DDP license only allows for adaptations of existing fiction, but I've pointed DDP toward fan comments about original material. The license doesn't currently allow DDP to develop material, just adapt it. So we couldn't add significantly to the stories. That may change, but right now we're limited to adapting existing tales.

"Caretaker" is very high on the list and already penciled into the schedule, pending the schedule of the writer I'm talking with about that assignment. (Scheduling and writer availability will play a big part in which RL stories are done in what order for the first six issues or so.) "[The] Crucible [of Dr. Rudolph Van Richten]" presents some challenges to comic adaptation, but it's high on the list, too.

At minimum, we should do at least one RL story every three issues of the comic. There are two Ravenloft tales scheduled for adaptation in upcoming issues and a third in the works.

Very interesting idea about taking scenes from the novels or the modules. I could see that working. I'll give it some more thought and check with DDP on precisely what the license allows them to adapt.

The third issue of Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons has now been solicited, so I can reveal that it will feature a Ravenloft story - an adaptation of "The Rigor of the Game" from Tales of Ravenloft. (This was the reason DDP originally contacted me--to write an adaptation of my story--and my role on the book grew into that of a creative editor from that initial discussion.)  


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