I: Basics FAQ

  1. What is Ravenloft?
  2. What do I need to play?
  3. What is the history of the Ravenloft setting?
  4. What is a darklord?
  5. What is the Core?
  6. What are the Islands and Clusters?
  7. What are Pocket Domains?
  8. How many domains are there?
  9. How to find more info on _____?
  10. Where is Ravenloft?
  11. What are the Mists?
  12. How do you leave a domain?
  13. Can you become a darklord without doing something evil?

II: Setting FAQ

The Grand Conjunction FAQ

  1. What was the Grand Conjunction/Great Upheaval?
  2. What changed during the Grand Conjunction?
  3. What adventures make up the Grand Conjunction, and how to run them ?

The Grim Harvest FAQ

  1. What was the Grim Harvest?
  2. What happened to Azalin? Did he succeed?
  3. What products make up the Grim Harvest series?
  4. What is Death Undaunted? Will it ever be released?

People and Places

  1. How big is the Core? Why are there no map scales?
  2. What are Outlanders?
  3. Who is the Dukkar?
  4. Who is the Gentleman Caller?
  5. Who are the Gentleman Callerís children?
  6. Who is Doctor Rudolph Van Richten? Is he really dead?
  7. Who are the Weathermay-Foxgrove twins?
  8. Who is S? Who is Sís patron?
  9. What did S's bracer do to her?
  10. What was the plan for S's future in the Gazetteers? What was Azalin's plan?
  11. Tristen Hiregaard's history seems to vary a lot between products. Which is the canon version?
  12. Some people say that Soth never came to Ravenloft. Where is Soth officially?
  13. Who is Jander Sunstar? I thought he died?
  14. What is in the Shadow Rift? Who rules it?
  15. What are the names of the days/months?
  16. What is the common language spoken?
  17. What real world land is ____ based on?
  18. What real world language is ____ based on?
  19. What do the common people of Ravenloft  know?

Other Mysteries of the Mists FAQ

  1. What are the Dark Powers?
  2. Who are the Vistani?
  3. How are domains created?
  4. What happens when a darklord dies?
  5. Are the people in Ravenloft real?
  6. If you die in Ravenloft, what happens to your soul?
  7. What is mist traveling?
  8. Are there any religions in Ravenloft?
  9. What and when is the Time of Unparalleled Darkness?
  10. Are the stars, sun and moon different between different domains?
  11. Can I use a spelljamming vessel (from the Spelljammer second edition setting) to fly away from Ravenloft?
  12. What are the known crossover with Ravenloft and other official D&D words ?

III: Masque of the Red Death

  1. What is Masque of the Red Death?
  2. What is the Red Death? Is it a Dark Power?
  3. Where are the rules of Mystics learning new domains?
  4. What is the Masque of the Jade Dragon?

IV: Rules and DMing FAQ

  1. How often should I use fear or horror saves?
  2. What is the difference between fear and horror?
  3. Are Paladins immune to fear checks? What about horror?
  4. Where can I get rules for vampire player characters?
  5. Where can I get rules for lycanthropic player characters?
  6. Should I take epic levels or Dark Sun/Planescape characters into Ravenloft?
  7. How does a reality wrinkle work?
  8. I don't like having level draining in my 2nd Ed. AD&D campaign. Should I replace it with something else?
  9. Where are there Prestige Classes for Ravenloft?
  10. Where are the Psionics rules?
  11. Where are the darklord stats?
  12. What is a good domain in which to start a campaign?
  13. What is the rule for Darklings?

V: Ravenloft Products

  1. Where can I find a list of upcoming Ravenloft releases?
  2. Are there any more Ravenloft novels coming out?
  3. Which products are considered non-canonical?
  4. Lots of Ravenloft products are now out of print. Where can I find these older releases?
  5. What are those RGPA adventures are all about? Are they considered canon? Where can they be found?
  6. What are some good Ravenloft adventures for low-level characters?
  7. Are there ever going to be any adventures released using 3rd Edition rules?
  8. What is the difference between the Ravenloft Campaign Setting and the Ravenloft Playerís Handbook.
  9. Why did White Wolf stop publishing Ravenloft?
  10. Will Wizards of the Coast resume publishing Ravenloft?

VI: Ravenloft on the Net

  1. Does Wizards of the Coast have an official website?
  2. Does Arthaus / Swords and Sorcery have an official website?
  3. Is there a Ravenloft Mailing List?
  4. How does Ravenloft fit into the Open Gaming License (OGL)?
  5. What was the Malodorous Goat?

VII: The Fraternity of Shadows

  1. What is the Fraternity of Shadows (FoS)?
  2. What is the 'canoní Fraternity of Shadows society?
  3. What are the Undead Sea Scrolls (USS) and Quoth the Raven (QtR)?
  4. What is planned the future?
  5. Can I become a member of the FoS? How do I join?
  6. Is the FoS related to the Kargat/Kargatane?
  7. What was le Manoir de Penombre and what happened to it?
  8. What is la Maison Soulombre?

Please send further questions to submissions@fraternityofshadows.com