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A Murder of Crows

Masque of the Red Death

Eight people are trapped in a manor, cut off from the world in a desolate area in Northern Masachussets.
Each harbors a secret, and each has his own reasons to be there. Will they survive through the night to find out what has brought them together?

Red Winter in New York

Masque of the Red Death (discontinued)

The lights of the Modern Days cast a dark shadow over the land. From the gas-lit halls of London to the dusty streets of Cairo, no one is safe from the influnce of the creature Edgar Allan Poe inadvertedly christened... Red Death.


The Mordentshire Chronciles

While the sisters Sottender wrestle a mysterious enemy that threatens to destroy the peaceful village of Mordentshire-at-the-sea, docteur Norbert d'Honaire faces his own fight, as he comes into the possession of a forbidden scripture, that may well claim his very soul.

Child of Ember

The populace of Mortigny is shaken when a bizarre murder occurs during the festival of light. Will the child of Ember get her revenge?

The Unbeating Heart

A mystery of horror enfolds in the woods of Falkovnia...

Lights in the Mists : How The Wicked Fall

The Tales of The Driven

The dead rise in Martira Bay. Are the restless dead reclaiming their land?

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