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The Hooded Man

Tarokka Deck Seven of Swords
Artist Notes by Eddy Brennan

(Click for Full Size)

The Hooded man is my favourite piece (so far) from the Tarokka I am designing for myself. The key figures being the hooded man and the caliban, though I decided against giving the hooded man skeletal fingers, I like to have some artistic licensing in my work. Also, instead of a cage, I drew 6 sword blades coming from the caliban himself, with the seventh sword in the resting in the hands of the hooded man himself.

The angry mob in the background was fun to work with, my initial designs had them detailed, but when it came to the final piece I made the decision to have them in silouhette, this is to stop them distracting the viewer from the rest of the piece. All the usual tools of the trade for a mob are present; a scythe, pitch fork, burning torches and I gave one of them a sword for good measure (in my story for the piece, the weapon is a family heirloom). I looked to the story The Freak from Tales of Ravenloft and Talon Dunning's incredible portrayals of Calibans for inspiration for this piece. On a side note, the same Caliban will also feature in The Broken One. I have named him Gerard and he's the father of three children, their mother was burned to death by the Tepestani Inquisition after being accused of being a hag.

- Eddy Brennan


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