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The Bad Innkeeper

Artist Notes by Stanton Fink

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A weird and frightening spirit rumored to be the restless ghost of a gossip. This being resides in abandoned houses, and places a burning lamp in the window of its lair, as a lure to ensnare travelers. To further entice its victims, the spirit has been known to even procure food for its “guests.” Such hospitality comes with a price. Once its victims have supped upon its food, and have gone to sleep, it bleeds forth from the Border Ethereal, so it may forcefully examine the memories of its prey. Such unfortunates have been driven to death and madness by the creature’s violation of their minds.

Reports of this entity sound suspiciously similar to a fable from G’henna called, “The Bad Innkeepers.” Legend had it that a stingy innkeeper and his gossip wife stole food and money from their guests, until Zhakata punished both of them by transforming them into two giant candles. Each year, on the eve of their demise, so said G’hennan mothers, the Mists bring back the couple’s inn, and allow them to have visitors once more.

- Stanton Fink, Excerpts from the Register, Undead Sea Scrolls 2002


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