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Bone Pudding

Artist Notes by Stanton Fink

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In the year 620, a powerful necromancer, whose name is forgotten by all, came out of the Mists and made her lair somewhere in the forests of Kartakass. In order to dispose of failed experiments, disappointing minions, and annoying guests, the necromancer set about creating what she referred to in her notes as a “garbage-eating creature.” This “garbage-disposing unit,” as it was also referred to, would serve as one of her most important minions.

The necromancer set about creating her unit by first buying the carcass of a rare, and dangerous predatory fish in a port of Lamordia. She then acquired several monsters called “gelatinous cubes,” and slew them by infusing them with negative energy, thereby causing the cubes to lose their shapes, and revert into inert slime. The necromancer then poured the slime over the fish-beast corpse, and re-infused the soup with negative energy. Thus, the “Bone Pudding” was born. She kept the monstrosity in a tiny cell that was connected to her lair above by one shaft that led from her laboratory, and another shaft that led from her dining hall.

In the year 653, the necromancer told the bard Harkon Lukas that “an asthmatic chicken could weave better songs than him.” He responded by slaying her on the spot, and razing her lair. He claimed her journals for himself, and the Mists then claimed the ruins of her lair. The Bone Pudding was then freed from its prison, and has been wandering ever since.

- Stanton Fink, Excerpts from the Register, Undead Sea Scrolls 2002


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