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Alex "Ail" Miranda's Campaign
Andrew "Drinnik" McDermott
Charles' Campaign
Sessions 0-20 Sessions 21-30 Sessions 1-3 Sessions 0-1
Dennis' Campaign
Dion's Campaign
Galen Saga
Session 1-2 Grim Harvest 1-3 DM's Notes The Saga The End
Jeremy Pucket
Jennifer's Campaigns
Joel's Campaign
Shadow Rising 1-9 1st Campaign: Sessions 1-31 Gothic Earth Sessions 1-14 Sessions 15-30
2nd Campaign: Intro, Sessions 1-10 Sessions 31-40 Sessions 41-44
Sessions 45-54 Sessions 55-66
Sessions 67-72 Sessions 73-74
Ken of Ghastria's Campaign
Mad Step Dad's Campaign
Platinum Warlock's Campaign
Sessions 0-6 Sessions 0-14   Both groups and Hand outs
Shadehawk's Campaign
Stu's Campaign
Tadelin Darkblade's Campaign
Sessions 0-11 Stu's Campaign And the Rain begins to Fall....
Jonathan Winters
Ultramyth's Campaign
Miranda Corneliu 1-20 Niles Nicholson 21 Prologue, Sessions 1 & 2  

If you are interested in posting a campaign journal, please consult the following Journal format. Please send your campaign journals to joel@fraternityofshadows.com.

Also check The Boat House area of this site for online campaign journals.

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