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RL:O - Chapter III: Unborn 
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Rafe, Agent of the Fraternity
Rafe, Agent of the Fraternity
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Post RL:O - Chapter III: Unborn

Another Step Forward Into Terror...

Using all their wits, our company of heroes has escaped the Amnite spies,
and won against the devilish Jander.

Yet, their journey seems to have just begun...

Lead by young Harkon Lucas,
the heroes have chosen to escort Sergej von Zarovich further southwards,
to Marsember, in the forest kingdom of Cormyr,
where he wants to assemble his forces
and to plot the revenge against his treacherous brother.

But just as they have crossed the Elven kingdom of Evereska,
their luck will change...

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Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:42 pm
Rafe, Agent of the Fraternity
Rafe, Agent of the Fraternity
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Rafe: Spring of 1373. Year of Wild Magic.
combatmedic: somehwre in Cormyr I think
Rafe: COme on! I wanna see you Woooooot!
combatmedic: WOOOOOOT!
Jarg: WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rafe: Thanks! :-)
VAN: wooooooooot
Jarg: 1373 is the actual date now right?
Jarg: before 4th starts?
Rafe: For over three weeks, you have been travelling in the boat of young Harkon Lukas.
VAN: why are we going to Cormyr?
VAN: Idodn't remember anything sorry
Rafe: - 1373 default year of FR 3eCS
Rafe: You are travelling with Sergej von Zarovich and his companions to escort Anna/Tatyana, his fiancee to a safe haven in Cormyr.
Rafe: Marsember, on the coast of the dragonmere.
VAN: thanks
Rafe: Those three weeks, you have been travelling downstream, over the River Rauvin and then the Delymbyir
Rafe: until you set foot on land at the border to the Graypeak Mountains.
Rafe: From there, you travelled even more southwards, through the mountain region towards the kingdom of the Elves of Evereska.
Rafe: At Sergej's request, you have taken a dangerous narrow route between the march of chelimber and the forgotten forest.
You have received a private message. If it does not open in a new window automatically, [Click Here]
Rafe: After another week of travel, you leave the swamps enter a region of plains.
Rafe: All the way, Harkon leads you without revealing exactly where you are going.
Rafe: All the time, Tatyana remains catatonic.
Rafe: Your turn to ask one question to ONE respective NPC or do another action that you could perform during the long voyage
Rafe: BTW, Jarryd is very bad, and feverish, and Moorkroft and Shana cannot heal him...
combatmedic: Casting Restoration on Tatyana
Jarg: [where are we going a good one? to Harkon, guys?]
VAN: yes
Jarg: RAf I sent u a pm
Rafe: Even your daily prayers do not help. Tatyana remains as she is.
VAN: Inoividil has tried to learn something more about Harkon and where they are heading
combatmedic: [okay- Moorkroft will split his time taking care of here and checking up on Jarryd]
Rafe: HArkon, a brat of 12, accompanied by the enormous dog, remains vague.
Rafe: Somewhat like "shortest way to Cormyr."
VAN: Has he told as at least something about himself?
Rafe: Both Tatyana and JArryd are very ill, though Jarryd is conscious most of the time...
Rafe: What sickness could this be...?
Jarg: JArg will ask HArkon "What is a young man of 12 doing travelling with a larger than normal dog around Faerun?"
Rafe: "What does a drow disguised as an elf do in the company of planewalkers?"
Rafe: Harkon might disclose that he found the dog somewhere, when the animal was close tomdeath and that he fed him back to life.
combatmedic: ''Drow? ''
Rafe: HArkon will laugh and point to Jarg.
Rafe: HArkon would scare me in your place...
Rafe: Same the kid in 6th sense does...
Rafe: Nothing more to do?
Jarg: Jarg will just look at HArkon, and remove his hat..."See I've nothing to hide"....... prove to me we can trust you because we follow you blindly, boy
combatmedic: ''I've occasionaly heard people talk of these 'drow'. What exactly are they?''
VAN: Inovidil asks: how do you know that he is a drow?
Rafe: Time for one more action before we advance... :-)
Jarg: I asked anad acted
Rafe: "Well, his skin is black, no?"
Rafe: Behind you, Gondegal will grunt...
Jarg: "NOw it is, before it wasnt as it was hidden magically
Rafe: (Noone sees Jarg having black skin.)
VAN: Ino knows that he is a drow
Jarg: Raf read above I removed the hat and said something
Rafe: All around you will back off in terror, and Alek will draw his sword...
Jarg: Drow are dark elves and worship this evil deity Llolth the spider queen
Rafe: "A Drow, a drow!"
VAN: Inovidil moves closer to Jarg
VAN: he is a good drow
VAN: I know him
VAN: he has saved my life many times
Rafe: "And so is your mommy?! - An agent of Lolth, I say!" Alek speaking.
Jarg: Jarg sighs "If I meant any harm I'd have tried something alreadyband not have helped you, for MIlelikii's sake!"
combatmedic: ''I don't care what he looks like or where he came from. ''
Rafe: "Errh... Well, that's right... But I'll keep an eye on you..."
VAN: "I swear Alek, he is a good drow."
Rafe: Alek, Sergej and Gondegal will now take their meals apart from the others whenever JArg is close.
Jarg: "Look. So far we have helped you and followed you blondly, Alek and as well Harkon the same thing . We have shown you faith, but you show us absolutley none.
Jarg: blindly*
VAN: "Every time the same story, right Jarg?"
Rafe: Harkon doesn't seem upset, but Sergej and Alek are clearly afraid.
Jarg: LOL Raf
Jarg: "Yes Ino, every time" Jarg sighs
Jarg: If Moorcroft is interested Jarg explains to him the drow here in FR
Rafe: Anything more to do? - If not, I'll move on...
VAN: "You should keep your hat. So we will ahve no further problems in Cormyr."
Jarg: yes I agree
combatmedic: ''Oh. I see. Drow are just another kind of elf, then?''
VAN: fine
Jarg: hopefully the others wont reveal
combatmedic: ''But you live underground- like moles?''
Rafe: You meet nobody on your way through the swamps, so Jarg will not have to fear.
Jarg: Yes but most are evil and surface dwellers especially are prejudices against us and the good ones have it hard
Jarg: just like any race Moorcroft, the good ones pay for the deds of the bad ones"
Jarg: deeds*
combatmedic: [walking through the swamp] ''That follows.''
Rafe: *Saving text by hand this time, give me a sec please..."
Jarg: k
Rafe: So...
combatmedic: ''It's funny, I've met so many folk in this world that would be called mosnters back home. I even met lizardmen!''
VAN: Inovidil looks around she doesn't want anyone to surprsie them
VAN: and casts mage armor too
Jarg: [speaking with Van and Moorcroft] "I findit infuriating that harkon wont tell us anything and neither will Alek or Sergei though we helped them in all blind faith
VAN: the duration is 7 hours!
Jarg: "That is no ordinary dog".
Rafe: You travel two days more, over the deserted plains...
VAN: "true"
Rafe: This is really unexplored area, or abandoned...
Rafe: Harkon before you on his dog, after him Alek and Sergej pulling Tatyana on a sled.
Rafe: Who takes care of Jarryd?
VAN: "They have their secrets but at some point they should trust us:
Jarg: I will I am strong enough
Jarg: I'll carry him
Jarg: [sled? its snowing?
Rafe: Gondegal will trot as the last one, playing his harp and regularly advising you not to leave him behind...
combatmedic: ''We can try to rig up a travois.''
Rafe: No, but she cannot walk :-) and you have no cart.
Jarg: true
Jarg: [Raf 18 str I can carry Jarryd?
Rafe: On the thrid night of your travel, you pass a waysign carved into stone... To you surprise, the signs are in drow language.
combatmedic: ''I cannot read this. What's ity say?]]
Jarg: "Hey thats in drow" Jarg says to the others
VAN: "What is this language"
Jarg: [whats it say raf]
VAN: "What!"
VAN: " row on surface?"
VAN: Drow
Jarg: Jarg warns the others as well
Jarg: "STop a moment people that sign is in drow language
Jarg: let me read it
Rafe: The signs says. "Beware traveller, of the wandering souls."
Jarg: Jarg repeats that
Rafe: Sergej seems unsure of himself...
VAN: "Wandering souls?"
Rafe: This might really be fate...
combatmedic: ''Ghosts , perhaps.''
VAN: "Or specters"
Rafe: "I know of this place... In the history books of my family!"
Jarg: Drow don't usually leave sogns though......
combatmedic: ''Or maybe the meaning is more poetic or allegoric?''
VAN: "We should avoid be here at teh night"
Jarg: what is this place Sergei?
combatmedic: ''Eh? Tell us more, please.''
Rafe: One of my ancestors, Andreas von Zarovich, a paladin of Lathander, fought a battle against an enemy country here and lost."
VAN: "From what Jarg has told me, drow are not care so much foe eace other"
VAN: "Why leave a sign?"
VAN: for
Jarg: "is it recent drow language or ancient drow language, Raf?
Rafe: He was the most famous tactician in my family... Before my brother..."
kintire Has entered the room
Jarg: Kintire!
VAN: hey kintire!
kintire: hiya
combatmedic: WOOOOOT!
kintire: *blush*
Rafe: Sum up the action for Jared, please!
Jarg: Shana
combatmedic: [we are travelling, everyone ow knows Jarg is a drow. Just found spooky marking stones in desrted plain- written in dorw]
combatmedic: [drow, now, damned tyopes]
Jarg: is it ancient drow or recent drow ?
combatmedic: [marking stones indicate ''beware of wandering souls'']
Jarg: the writing
kintire: Well, that sounds like an excellent cue to keep travelling... only faster
Rafe: Recent drow, and with errors. Probably not written by a dark elf...
VAN: Jarg told us that?
Jarg: yes oh and we travel with Sergei Alek Tatyana HArkon(12 yrs old) wiht an abnormally huge dog
kintire: yes... the "dog"
Rafe: Al, are you familiar with the last adventure?
combatmedic: and Gondegal!
Jarg: "This wan't written by a Drow, people"....
VAN: "Who would so such a sign in a language that look loke drow?"
combatmedic: ''I take it that's pretty unusual, then?''
VAN: "Very strange"
kintire: yes i read up
Jarg: Yeah i think it is very unusual
VAN: "Continue please Sergei"
combatmedic: ''Yes, do go on.''
Jarg: ewan has a msg
Rafe: I have built on the possibility of an evolving romance between Shana and Alek... Play that out as you want! :-)
combatmedic: [checking]
VAN: Ino looks what Harkon do when they see the sign
Rafe: Darn, how could I mistake your character for JARRYD, after so much time together!? I APOLOGIZE!
VAN: She sudies him
VAN: studies
Rafe: And I even spelled it JARED... MAybe I need a coffeee...
Jarg: lol hey conbatnedic look in your pm box
You have received a private message. If it does not open in a new window automatically, [Click Here]
VAN: better call him EWan!
Jarg: i did but he didnt look !
Rafe: HArkon appears fairly untroubled. Noticing Ino's look,
combatmedic: [looking in my PM box- nothing new yet...]
VAN: "Have you seen that sign again"
Jarg: [you didnt see my two questins?
VAN: "Have you been here before?"
kintire: *Shana looks uncomfortably at the runes and glances around, checking the surroundings*
Rafe: the boy shrugs and yawns. "We could choose between this and the BATTLE OF BONES, and since THAT is a really dangerous place..."
Rafe: "... I thought this might be more comfortable..."
VAN: "Do yo have any idea of what might be encounter heer?
VAN: here
Jarg: "Even if he did he probably wouldnt tell us
VAN: I just hope...
Rafe: @Kintire: You are standing on a desert plain south of the March of Chelimber. Nothing's there but the waystone and maybe a tree or two in the distance...
VAN: What time is it? Still morning?
Rafe: Sergej sees the confusion among what he considers his "henchman" and raises his voice.
Rafe: "No need to get upset. I know of an old fortification here that we might use as shelter for the night."
Rafe: It's evening.
VAN: "Specters pass through walls!|
Jarg: "Jarg turns to his party...... ANyone can cast detect magic maybe somehting we arent seeing here..."
Rafe: Harkon agrees to lead you there, but doesn't too happy about it...
VAN: gulp...not much light left
VAN: Ino casts detect magic
Rafe: Ino's spell makes the runes on the waystone shine...
Jarg: INo look at everything Jarg stresses
VAN: "sure"
kintire: An old fortification? where? there's hardly a lump in the ground for miles!
Jarg: and everyone too he whispers
Rafe: Sergej is a bit friendlier to Shana than to the others because of Alek's interest in her.
Rafe: It's actually not a fortification, but a hill. The locals give it some weird name, like BONE HILL or something, but that means we at least will not have to worry about marauders...
Jarg: [VAn did Jarg show u dark elf silent language?"]
VAN: "I have see invisibility too. But I might cast it later. The runes have magic""
Rafe: Sergej and Alek will want to press on, so they can build the tents with the sunlight.
VAN: "I think so"
Rafe: Harkon grins to Inovidil...
VAN: Ino will saty concentrated for 3 rounds
VAN: to see the scholl
Rafe: SATY?
kintire: *looks a little doubtful* Bone hill? well Its better than sleeping amoung magic runes of unknown function i guess
VAN: saty?
Jarg: [Van Jarg also whispered to Ino to look at everyone......
VAN: "She did
Rafe: Mind your typos, Vannie! :_D
VAN: she looks all around
Jarg: [the dog and harkon arent magic?
VAN: yes Raf chool
VAN: school
VAN: It' the keyboard!
VAN: stay is saty
Rafe: I am inclined not to believe you : wink:
Rafe: So, what do you want to do there? Or do you want to move on?
VAN: So who ahs magic on except of us and what school?
Rafe: Well, everyone, virtually. It's Faerun!
Jarg: [thank you Van!]
kintire: I'm all for avoiding Drow magic as much as possible. Any magic of unknown purpose in fact
Jarg: even the dog?
Rafe: The dog has nothing to do with drow magic, like all tall people...
kintire: I don't
Jarg: does he radiate magic is what we want to know
VAN: Harkon?
Jarg: the dog and harkon
Rafe: Oh, now I understand, sorry for the confusion.
Jarg: THank you!
Jarg: [Oi vey!]
Rafe: Harkon doesn't radiate magic, nor does his dog. At least none Inovidil can see... Nor does Tatyana...
VAN: Jarryd?
Rafe: A few of your items will radiate magic, as well as Sergej's sword, but nothing apart rom that.
Rafe: Jarryd does...
VAN: But he can have magical items too, forget it
VAN: yeah
VAN: The vampie right
Jarg: the vampire has one of my blades
kintire: Haven't we sorted that out yet?
VAN: no
Jarg: not yet SHana
kintire: eeek...
Jarg: so do we stop here or at the other place spken of
Rafe: Indeed, there was no way to heal Jarryd... MAybe in Sundabar, but the party messed it up...
Rafe: Your opinion, Ewan? What do next?
VAN: So what are we going to do? We will go to the fort?
Jarg: we got there topo late couch cough Raf
combatmedic: I say we press on
Jarg: I agree........... girls?
Rafe: So, let's go?
combatmedic: to the fort
kintire: Okay, lets go!
VAN: ok
combatmedic: heck yeah
VAN: Ino casts mage armour!
VAN: "you never know..."
Jarg: woudlnt it be wise to have someone scout ahead?
Rafe: It takes you longer than you thought to reach the hill Sergej has spoken of.
VAN: "Do you have that spell Shana?"
Rafe: As you see it in the distance, it gets colder and starts to rain...
kintire: oh yes. But I'm saving my fire for critical situations!
kintire: wonderful...
VAN: "I prefer to be prepared!"
VAN: "Great the rain will do things worse."
Rafe: It's a bleak, high hill in the landscape,. not a tree on it.
Jarg: "Let's hurry then...................."
VAN: "I agree"
kintire: very inviting it looks too
VAN: "I agree"
kintire: very inviting it looks too
VAN: "I agree"
kintire: very inviting it looks too
VAN: "I agree"
kintire: very inviting it looks too
Jarg: yes like a dream home, eh Shana
Rafe: You all are very tired and must rest, or loose one CON per hour.
Rafe: Build the tents or sleep in the rain?
VAN: Do any of you know build a tent?
kintire: indeed. All it needs is a few tiles on the roof. And some walls...
Jarg: Can someone cast a spell that makes a home?
Rafe: Hey, you are adventurers! I guess so!
Jarg: Ive heard of such spells
combatmedic: [casts consecrate]
kintire: I can cast a spell that makes it look like a duke's mansion
VAN: "I don't have it today."
combatmedic: [it will weaken unded that try to eneter]
Jarg: If noone says anything Jarg starts building the tents
Rafe: More important: Light a fire? - One will be able to spot it over miles, mind you, but you all will most likely enjoy warm food and clothes...
Jarg: "Come on a litle help please, all of you , it will be faster
kintire: uh, who is it consecrated to again? *Shana helps Jarg with the tents*
combatmedic: Moorkroft begins walkinga round the campsite, praying and enacting some sort of ritual
combatmedic: ''Holy Ezra, of course.''
VAN: Ino helps Jarg
Rafe: Wise move, Ewan...
Jarg: IS Alek or Sergei helping us?
combatmedic: [crossing it off my list o daily spells, now]
kintire: ah, yes, of course...
VAN: "What about a fire?"
kintire: someone can dig a firepit too
Rafe: No - they are busy with keeping Tatyana from the rain and attending her...
Rafe: Harkon will offer his help, though...
VAN: "It will be dangerous to have one though, they canb see us easily"
VAN: "opinions?"
Rafe: So, explain me how you build your campsite for the night, please!
kintire: if we can dig a hole a few feet deep it will hide a lot of the glow. Or pick a fold in the hill
Jarg: AS we build the tent, JArg iignores HArkon but speaks to the others.."We do watches tonight, we can split them, I only need 4 hours does it sound?"
Jarg: [we are building the tents RAf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rafe: What began as a rain shower is no turning into a full-fledged storm, as you speak...
Rafe: So, if the tents are built, what about the fire?
kintire: yes. tents around, if possible, a small fire in a little pit to hide the worst of the glow.
VAN: I knew that I should get secure shelter!
Jarg: yes the fire in the tent
kintire: if we pack the tents close around it, very little light should leak out
Rafe: After casting the spells and sending his prayers, Moorkroft will feel strangely weak...
Jarg: it will hide much of the light
Rafe: Master question: Who sleeps in whichn tent? You are 14 persons, plus a monstruous dog!
Rafe: - Hope I don't bore you. IT WILL GET HARDER SOON!
VAN: How big are the tnts?
kintire: As far as I'm concerned, the dog can sleep outside...
Rafe: Five people in each, three of them.
Jarg: Jarg will sleep in the tent that his party is in, not HArkomn or the dog or alek and sergei and tatyana
combatmedic: 'I must rest awhile.''
Jarg: "Are you feeling ok, Moorcroft?"
Rafe: Alek and Sergej will take the first watch, and ask Moorkroft to watch for Tatyana in the meantime...
combatmedic: ''No, I'm very tired.''
combatmedic: ''Yes, I will sit with her and watch her.''
VAN: ""Get ome sleep. Don'tdo watch."
kintire: I'm happy to male the fifth in the sergei/moorkroft tent and watch tatyana
VAN: "I can do mine with Jarg"
Jarg: "id be happy to get a straight answer but hey thats just me
Jarg: Of course Ino I only need 4 hours
VAN: Ino will be wih Jarg and the rest of our arty
Rafe: Last posting before rest, please.
kintire: you got a straight answer... no he's not alright he's very tired.
VAN: "How many hours will be each watch?"
Jarg: Elvish reverie it is
Jarg: I am not talking about that Shana im talking about HArkon and those others
Rafe: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
kintire: and that worries me by the way... I'm not sure I like the fact that conscrating this place was unusually hard
Rafe: SNIP
VAN: "I agree"
Rafe: Hours later...
VAN: "Lost souls..."
Rafe: You awake from the sound of the rains against the tent.
Rafe: Who is watching Tatyana?
combatmedic: mOORKROFT
Rafe: @Kintire: Quote of the day
VAN: with Sergei andAlek
Jarg: has it been four hours , Raf?
Rafe: Moorkroft will find that Tatyana is gone!!!
VAN: "The morning?"
combatmedic: !!!!!!!
Rafe: It's dark night... Somebody must have forgotten to wake you for your turns of watch...
VAN: He finds it out the morning tht she is missing ?
combatmedic: Moorkroft leaps to his feet and geins searching for her. He looks around for footprints
Jarg: Jarg sleeps 4 hours
Jarg: thats all ne heeds
Rafe: Vanie, it's like MIDNIGHT!
VAN: wake us up ewan!
Rafe: You all are awake now...
kintire: hmm? whats going on?
Rafe: Alone, on a bleak hill somewhere in no man's land.
combatmedic: Moorkorft wakes the others
Rafe: A storm raging outside your tents...
Jarg: is moorcroft still watching that woman?
VAN: "What has happened?"
Rafe: As Moorkroft storms out his tent...
Rafe: He sees Tatyana floating in the air over the sleeping Alek and Sergej.
Rafe: Black Wings spring from her back, like at the tavern when she got unconscious...
kintire: *Shana peeks out after Moorkroft* woah!
Jarg: [P.S Raf I think in the time we've travelled Jarg has had time to get a few stakes no?
VAN: Ino's Mage armour is still active right?
combatmedic: He falls to his knees and worships her
combatmedic: [these are raven wings, yes?]
Rafe: Yes.
combatmedic: ''I will''
Jarg: "What the?"........
combatmedic: Moorkroft follows Ttayana/Ezra wherver she leads
VAN: "Jamethon wait!"
Jarg: Jarg follows Moorcroft to protect him
kintire: *Shana mutters a few words, and shimmers slightly for a moment... much like Ino did a few hours ago*
VAN: Ino runs behind Jamethon
Rafe: Your companions are still asleep - they seem like dead.
Rafe: Noone but you players is awake, not even spooky Harkon...
VAN: dead!
Jarg: "Why are you following that thing, Jamethin?"
kintire: *Then she grabs her stuff from the tent* I'm going to regret this...
Rafe: -> Urgency, will be back in a sec
Jarg: Jarg runs back and gets his things and Jamethons
combatmedic: ''We must follow her.'' Jamethon looks a bit mad
VAN: true...Inovidil has gotten her own stuff as well
VAN: "Where? Why?"
combatmedic: as when he ate the belldonna[ for those who remember]
Jarg: "Oh *(&&*^&*^& " Jarryd!
VAN: I don't...
VAN: what with that?
combatmedic: ''BECAUSE SHE IS A GODDESS!!!! ''
VAN: ah
Jarg: Jarg hands Jamethon his backpack
kintire: okay, okay!
combatmedic: ''Thank you, now let us be in haste.''
Jarg: He runs back and gets Jarryd, not Harkon or the dog
kintire: and for the record... I'm following YOU because you're my friend. She isn't my goddess
VAN: check if there are alive
Jarg: ditto on that
VAN: the othesr I mean
Rafe: You find that the entire hill is surrounded by MISTS...
Jarg: Jarg doeant check on the others he is carrying JArryd
VAN: "Yes me too, I worship Mystra!"
kintire: [mutters under her breath] and I'm not totally happy with her record so far...
Jarg: Mists?
VAN: "No not again!"
kintire: *Shana turns white*
Jarg: "Oh just wonderful" Jarg mutters...... "Everyone stick together!
Rafe: The Raven Woman ascends into the sky and vanishes in a cloud of mists...
VAN: Ino gets Shana's hand and with the other Jarg's
Rafe: To follow her would mean to enter the mists...
VAN: Get moorkroft's hand Jarg
Jarg: Jarg holds onto JAmethons clothing
Rafe: I understand Jarg carries JArryd...
Jarg: yes he does
combatmedic: Jamethon boldly enters the mists
Jarg: he is our friend
VAN: "We should go in there...again..."
combatmedic: ''Home.....'''
Rafe: Jamethon feels like floating...
VAN: "No...wait!"
Jarg: Jarg curses........
kintire: Home for YOU maybe! this is... oh to hell with it! *Shana follows him*
VAN: "Keep him here Jarg, this is our home!"
Jarg: "SAt good bye to FAerun Inovidil" Jarg sighs
Jarg: "Im follwoing him hes my friend
VAN: "Bye Faerun..."
Rafe: YOu all feel like falling...
VAN: She enters too
Jarg: Jargtries to keep hold of Jarryd
Rafe: And find yourselves in a bare landscape... The mists are close, and cover all sight apart from a few feet...
VAN: Inovidil grins and looks around
Jarg: Jarg looks around,,,,,, "Is everyone ok." he ashs
Rafe: Before you, you see a fountain... Blood springs from it.
Jarg: "Wonderful"
kintire: *Shana looks at the fountain* yes, but the prognosis isn't good
Rafe: A golden sword leans to the side of the baroque stone fountain
Jarg: "Anyone use a sword besides me here?"
VAN: "I hate that place!"
Rafe: All of you are in the same place.
combatmedic: I do
Rafe: Moorkroft as well.
VAN: "You really want to get it?"
Jarg: OK I think perhaps that lady left it for us?
combatmedic: I will retrive it
Jarg: K
Rafe: You hear a strange howling through the mists...
VAN: "pay attention!
kintire: what was that?
Jarg: Jarg unsheaths his blade
Jarg: I dont know but I dont like it ..... we should prepare for battle in case
VAN: Ino tries to listen and see better
Jarg: Jarg lays Jarryd down gently
Jarg: we wait here or move on?
VAN: Move
kintire: right! *Shana steps behind Jarg*
VAN: Ino stes behind Jarg
VAN: steps
Rafe: As Jamethon touches the sword's hilt, small iron thorns spring out of it and pierce through his hand!
Rafe: Jamethon looses the balance and falls down...
combatmedic: ''Ah!''
VAN: "Are you ok?"
Rafe: Into the fountain of blood...
kintire: *and begins spanning and loading her crossbow* what?
Jarg: [how close is the howling , Raf?]
combatmedic: [splashing sounds]
Jarg: Jarg rushes forward and grabs Jamethon
Rafe: LOL Ewan!
VAN: Ino casts stoneskin
kintire: holy... *lepas forward and grabs him, trying to haul him out*
Rafe: The fountain's basement is full of human eyeballs...
kintire: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
VAN: "Holly Mystra!"
Jarg: Jarg rteches in the pool
Jarg: hehe
combatmedic: jathon recoils in horror
Rafe: As you are focused on the fountain and getting Jamethon out of it,
kintire: *tugs frantically at jamethon, trying to haul him out*
Rafe: you don't notice how a shade emerges from the mists...
Rafe: A small girl... Jamethon and Shana have the sensation of knowing her...
Jarg: [Ino isnt with SHana or I]
VAN: she is
VAN: we all help
Jarg: [SHIT!]
Rafe: The child speaks with a harmonic voice, like a soft flute...
Jarg: [guys wasnt there a girl ghost at the farmhouse in SB?]
Rafe: Noone can wield the sunsword but a descendant of the true blood.
VAN: no she was at the bridge
Rafe: You must taste it if you want to cast away the shade...
Jarg: k
VAN: before the castle
combatmedic: Jamehon will stand up if able
kintire: TASTE IT?
Jarg: the blood? Jarg asks?
Rafe: Jamethon can stand up without any problem.
combatmedic: I just tasted a lot of it
Rafe: The girl looks at you, with eyes like two moons...
Jarg: [LOL @ Ewan]
combatmedic: [rises up, soaked with blood]
kintire: *takes a step backwards*
combatmedic: ''You.'' [pointing at the girl]
Jarg: "Must we taste the blood little one?" JArg asks
combatmedic: ''You.'' [pointing at the girl]
Jarg: "Must we taste the blood little one?" JArg asks
combatmedic: ''You.'' [pointing at the girl]
Jarg: "Must we taste the blood little one?" JArg asks
combatmedic: ''You.'' [pointing at the girl]
Jarg: "Must we taste the blood little one?" JArg asks
kintire: *takes a step away from Jarg*
Rafe: She raises her arm, and with the other hand, cuts her vain.
Jarg: [HEE HEE]
VAN: Ino steps away too
Rafe: Blood drops on the ground, and every time a drop falls, it's like an earthquake in your minds...
Jarg: "We have to taste her blood......"
kintire: [ ]
combatmedic: Jamethon steps out of the pool and strides towards the girl
Rafe: Does JArg still carry Jarryd?
VAN: "What????????"
Jarg: No I lay him on the ground Raf]
kintire: What!!?
kintire: I don't THINK so!
Jarg: [cant fight and carry him ]
combatmedic: 'Jatheon leans towards the girl.
VAN: "Wait! Are you srious?"
combatmedic: ''I'm so sorry we couldn't save uou, little one.''
VAN: "Are you gonna do this?"
Jarg: [he's going to drink her blood]
combatmedic: He gently reaches for her arm
kintire: Shana lifts one hand, the tips of the four fingers beginning to glow*
combatmedic: dropping to his knees
Rafe: The girl doesn't resist, but seems somewaht relieved...
Jarg: "The Underdark is less crazy than this place"....
combatmedic: lips reaching toward the open vein
combatmedic: pressing, drinking
Jarg: how far am I form JAmethon
combatmedic: tears roll down his cheeks as he does so
kintire: Moorkroft! *the glow brightens, sparks beginning to flick from the fingertips*
Rafe: *Guess who just failed a power check*
Rafe: The girl sighs and faints...
Jarg: oh joy
combatmedic: [it happens]
Jarg: do it Shana
VAN: fail a power check by drinking blood?
combatmedic: Jamethon stands and picks up the imp girl in his arms
Jarg: [hell yeah]
VAN: "No, don't do it!"
kintire: *Shana hesitates* Moorkroft? what the hell are you doing?
Rafe: The fountain behind you dries... Water stops springing from it...
VAN: "Jamethon? How do you feel?"
Jarg: [I just realised but we are 3 of 4 from FR ]
combatmedic: ''Hail Ezra, lady of the Mists. I am thy servant, now and FOREVER!''
Rafe: Before your eyes, Moorkroft's skin will pale, and his hair will blacken...
Rafe: The white in his eyes becomes red...
VAN: "Holly Mystra!"
Jarg: "STay back Shana and In"...
Jarg: Ino*
combatmedic: ''No, not my GODDESS.''
Rafe: And suddenly, the mist approach, taking you away...
Rafe: Another scene:
combatmedic: ''The holy blood is in me now. Her will be done.
VAN: again??????????
Rafe: You find yourselves on the pinnacles of a huge castle...
VAN: "How do you feel?"
Rafe: Under you, the castle burns...
combatmedic: [how do I feel, Rafe?]]
VAN: "What has happened to you? Yopur skin, eyes and hair are different""
Rafe: Over there in the distance, you can see A man striding behind a young, black haired woman in a bloody wedding dress...
combatmedic: ''are they? It's not important.''
Rafe: You will feel absolutely normal... But stronger!
combatmedic: ''look!'' he points towards the woman.
Jarg: [is jamethon still red eyed?' does he have fangs?]
Rafe: The group will also find that Jarryd is gone...
Jarg: is the woman Tatyana?
Jarg: [heh]
Rafe: Red eyes, but no fangs.
kintire: *Shana glances towards the woman, but is mostly keeping an eye on Moorkroft*
Rafe: YOu cannot see from the distance...
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Jarg: is it dark or day>
combatmedic: ''i feel fine, tronger,even.''
Rafe: It seems to be night...
combatmedic: stronger
VAN: "Are you sure?"
Jarg: [night I see at 120 feet raf
Rafe: The woman pulls herself to a small balcony, and you can now clearly see that it is Tatyana...
VAN: Jamethon has the sword?
Rafe: She wears a strange, huge broche around her neck...
Jarg: is she injured .....?
Rafe: The man that follows her on the balcony looks exactly like Moorkroft...
VAN: the man? Where is he?
Rafe: Tatyana is clearly bleeding. Two small stings on her neck...
Jarg: [ruuh?]
VAN: "wow!"
VAN: Ino looks Jamethon and then the man
Jarg: [do we know what that means I guess so...]
VAN: "What is going on here?"
Jarg: "hey twins!" jarg jokes
Rafe: The two people are shouting, but in a language you don't understand...
VAN: "This isn't time for jokes!"
Jarg: Jarg yells out "Tatyana!"
kintire: *Shana frowns and extends her hand towards Moorkroft again (our version). This time, clear white light forms in her palm and leaps out and strikes Moorkroft in the chest*
kintire: [Disrupt Undead on Moorkroft]
Rafe: The other Moorkroft pulls forward, grabbing the girl around her throat and holding her the ballustrade...
Rafe: Moorkroft will be blinded by the light, but nothing else happens to him...
kintire: "hmmm..."
Jarg: CAn I climb up there or is this castle oh very very very high?
combatmedic: ''WHat!'' Jatehon seems dazzled
Rafe: You are on the same level as they, just on another side of the wall...
VAN: "I don't know if I should attack the other Moorkroft!"
Jarg: CAn I reach her somehow?
Rafe: Down, on a stairway that leads above, you suddenly see Alek, covered with blood all over...
VAN: Inovidil closes her eyes for asecond and then sighs. Soon after 4 light darts go to the other Moorkroft
combatmedic: ''let us make our way to her.''
Rafe: He's pulling somebody behind him... Somebody you know...
kintire: Alek!
VAN: "I hope I did the right thing"
Jarg: "can someone make my blade magic?"
Rafe: The glowing missiles hit the other Moorkroft in the back, and he let's his load fall into the mists...
Rafe: You see Tatyana fall down the wall, and hit against the pinnacles sveral times before the mists take her...
VAN: and that ois the begging of all things!
VAN: "Oh damn!"
Rafe: Alek has arrived at Moorkroft's twin by now and pierces his sword through the man's back...
Rafe: However, the sword still in him, the man gets up...
combatmedic: Jmatheon shakes his head, runbbing his yes
Jarg: Jarg gets a stake from his bag and rushes to the other Jamethon
VAN: "Jarg do you want to make you fly?"
Rafe: You see Alek get knocked out and vanish from your sight...
Jarg: can u make my weapon magic jamethon or shana?
combatmedic: Jamethon begins parying [casting air walk]
Rafe: The other Moorkroft gets down on his knees again, as blue spots show on his skin...
Rafe: Something seems to pain him terribly...
kintire: ALEK! *Shana lifts up her fingers, sparking again, and four trails of multicoloured sparks arch into the other Moorkroft
combatmedic: Stepping up onto the wall.
Rafe: The sparks make the other Moorkroft tremble and stagger, but he remains on foot...
combatmedic: One foot out over the abyss....
VAN: Inovidil casts another 4 light darts to him
Jarg: fly is cast on me then?
VAN: no
VAN: I did magic missile
combatmedic: [if I had time to cast air walk, Jatmethon is now moving out and over to the false Jamethon, ]
VAN: I'll do it no
VAN Has exited the room
Jarg: keep him distracted Jamethon
Rafe: Jamethon will spectacularly fly through the air towards his double...
Jarg: [damn I hope VAn comes back.... Raf how long it take me to get to them by foot?]
Rafe: The other man doesn't show resistance as Jamethon approaches...
Rafe: "Is that your price, Inajira?"
Rafe: "All are dead now. Only we are left. Let's fight it out. End ME."
Rafe: OOC VAN?!
Jarg: [she was going to cast fly on me!]
combatmedic: Jamethon alights and parys breifly [ casts Divine Power]
Rafe: I rule that Jarryd can fly!
Jarg: [ooc jarryd is gone shan is there though
Rafe: Jamethon will find that somewhat blocks his magic...
kintire: [again with the Jarryd thing ]
combatmedic: ''No matter.''
Jarg: [hee hee............. Raf can rule Van cast fly on me and OI carried both her n Shana over?]
VAN Has entered the room
kintire: *Shana raises her hand again* Alek! are you alright? *another shower of sparks curves across the gap and slams into him*
Rafe: The other man, his skin now entirely blue, gets up and looks into Moorkroft's eyes. "Take me. Let me go. Let the land go with me. No memory of this shall prevail. Please..."
combatmedic: Jamethon attacks his double wiith his hand ax
VAN: sorry mypc was off
Rafe: (I rule so, Steve/JARRYD! )
VAN: what I have missed
combatmedic: ''let you go?''
combatmedic: ''You wish to die?''
Rafe: Jamethon strikes, but the blue man, blocks axe with his bare hands.
VAN: Has Ino casted fly to Jarg?
Rafe: "Even now, let us make this a worthy fight!"
combatmedic: ''Apparently you wish to live.''
kintire: [yes. the J's are over there with the killer, and we sensible people are still over here]
Rafe: "And with that, pushes Moorkroft off the wall and into clouds! (Moorkroft can airwalk, mind you!)
Jarg: [yes Van/////////////// So Ino and Shana let JArg carry them over?]
Jarg: [say yes]
kintire: [no! I'm fine right here...]
VAN: No Ino can cast her spells from there
combatmedic: ''HAHHAHAHAHA!''
combatmedic: ''Come to me! ''
Jarg: Jarg flies over to the evil Moorcroft
VAN: Inovidil casts 4 more darts to the blue man
kintire: [which one's that?]
Jarg: the one who pushed out moorcroft off the balcony
Jarg: *our
Rafe: "For what, shall I live now, my closest friend and dearest enemy. YOU KILLED HER, and I killed him. Let us erase the memories of cursed Strahd once and for all..."
VAN: I guess so...
VAN: I have to read
VAN: Moorkroft is falling down?
combatmedic: ''You think she's dead/ You're a fool.''
combatmedic: [nope have airwalk on]
kintire: [he's airwalking]
VAN: h
Rafe: Again, the magic missiles strike the blue man, but with noticeably lesser effect...
Jarg: [Raf IF can I get behind the evil one and try to backstab him iwht a stake and my blade]
Rafe: The blue man attacks without any more words, catching Moorkroft in the air and pulling him down into the abyss of flames...
combatmedic: '''Inajira.''
kintire: *Shana pauses, seeming uncertain what is happening, then gasps as she sees Moorkroft go downwards* NO!
VAN: Inovidil casts flies on herself
combatmedic: ''ARRRR!!!'' Jamethon struggles with the blue man, grappling as they plunge through the Mists
VAN: "I'll go after him
Rafe: Over you, you see the towers of the castle collapse... Into the flames...
kintire: AHHHHHHH!
combatmedic: [is he cold to the touch, Rafe?]
VAN: Inajira and Jamethon are still grappled?
Jarg: JArg flies down .......... asking....... anyone need a lift?
Rafe: Yes, and yes.
kintire: *looks frantically around for a way out, making a dash for any availiable exit*
kintire: YES!
Jarg: Hop onto my back then!
Rafe: Over, clouds of dust and stone rain on you, but before Moorkroft and the other man reach the ground, the scene changes anew...
kintire: *grabs Jarg around the shoulders and wraps her kegs around his waist*
Rafe: Silence.
Rafe: And the scent of water.
kintire: *legs
Jarg: ah a keg mmmmmmmmmmm beeeer LOL
Jarg: [Does Ino need a lift?]
Rafe: You are standing in a forest, your clothes and and faces still dusty...
VAN: No she fly
VAN: Bow is Jamethon?
VAN: How
Jarg: "I hate this place" Jarg says out loud
Rafe: On the shore of a river, you see Tatyana lie on the ground, her raven wings bloody and broken...
VAN: Is she alive?
Rafe: All of you are there. Jamethon Shana, Ino, and Jarg.
Jarg: [I guess we are safe for now]
kintire: *Shana releases jarg and stands unsteadily*
Jarg: Jarg runs over to Tatyana
Rafe: A white haired man, his face hooded, steps out of the woods and towards her...
Rafe: Jarg will realize it is noone but Jander...
Jarg: "Jander"..... dont move any closer
Jarg: [heheeh I knew it!]
kintire: Jander?
Jarg: [an elvish vampire]
Rafe: The man doesn't seem to see you... From what you can tell, this is another, human form of your vampire nemesis...
Rafe: Jander, the vampire that assaulted you at the inn...
kintire: oh..him
VAN: we have fought him once
combatmedic: Jmatehon crwals toward Tatyana
Jarg: Jarg moves to intercept him, stake him if he can
combatmedic: [wowo typos]
Jarg: [Van we fought him twice
VAN: ah whatever
Jarg: [once at the Inn and once last game
VAN: yes I remembered that once
Jarg: [can someone imbue my weapon with magic?]
VAN: one
Jarg: doit
VAN: I don't have it
Rafe: Jander seems jsut to notice Jarg as he is hit by the stake... He shows absolutely no resitance and is promptly pierced through the chest...
Rafe: A pool of blood builds under his body...
Jarg: Jarg holds him down, other arm under his neck so he cant bite Jarg
kintire: um..
Rafe: And JArg sees how Tatyana raises her head and unleashes two long white fangs...
kintire: Jarg, he's bleeding....
combatmedic: [dead folk don't bleed]
kintire: Vampires don't bleed
Jarg: [yes cause I staked him]
combatmedic: [but vamps might]
VAN: "Jarg go bck!"
VAN: back
VAN: "She has fangs too!"
Jarg: [ do isee Tayana growing fangs?
Jarg: ]
combatmedic: [is Jmaethon close to her?]
Rafe: No...
Rafe: And Jamethon is close to her, yes.
Jarg: Jarg looks up at Ino ........
combatmedic: ''My lady? What has happned to you?''
VAN: "Run!"
Jarg: [now do I see Tatyana.......]
combatmedic: [he's still soaked in blood, BTW]
Rafe: If you turn around and leave Jander, then yes...
VAN: "Get away from her, she is a vampire now."
combatmedic: ''NO!''
Jarg: [I do if Ino tells me to run I trust her]....
Rafe: Tatyana, her face a wild grimace plunges on Jander to feed on his blood...
combatmedic: Jamethon is crying now, obviously distraught
combatmedic: Rafe check PM
kintire: Jamethon... I don't think this is her!
VAN: "Jamethon, can you try to turn her away? She is a vampire now!"
Jarg: Jarg is confused......... I stop 10 feet away the vampire is concentratd on jander right?
Rafe: Tatyana drinks on poor Jander until his skin is as white as hers...
combatmedic: ''My lady...''
Rafe: Yeah, Tatyana is fully concentrated on Jander...
combatmedic: Jamethon keels beside Ezra/Ttayana
VAN: "She is noit more Ezra!"
combatmedic: ''i'm so sorry
combatmedic: I couldn't save you eiether
Jarg: [Raf I have time to turn back and stake her too? I do have more than one stake on me ]
combatmedic: [acting now Rfae]
Rafe: @Jarg: Yes.
kintire: Jame... I'm not sure it's her
Rafe: Jamethon stakes Tatyana in the back!!!
combatmedic: ''Forgive me''
VAN: Jamethon should be a darklord, he keeps loosing Ezra!
Jarg: Jarg removes a stake as he moves back to the vampire and with boith hands,, then stops and helps Jamethon
VAN: "You did the right thing Jamethon"
Rafe: The stake goes through Tatyana's chestand pervertedly pins her to Jander's body...
Jarg: "Must I chop her head off or something"?
combatmedic: Jamethon pulls out his hatchet and swings it at he neck
Rafe: All your hearts are bumping like drums, and your sight clouds, a third time...
Jarg: "Might asa well do it to JAnder as welll, Jamethon...
combatmedic: ''Finish her. Quckly.''
combatmedic: You take care of him.''
Rafe: And in the moment that Jamethon's axe hits her neck, the scenery changes for a third time...
Jarg: "Not again" Jarg sighs
Rafe: You find yourselves lying somewhere on the ground...
Jarg: Jarg looks to see if eberyone is there
VAN: "I'll never use to it!"
Jarg: [I have typoitis excuse me please heh]
Rafe: You are all dirtyand covered with blood - from wounds you most likely have afflicted yourselves...
VAN: you have gotten that from me!
combatmedic: Jamethon stands up and looks around. He looks like hell [covered in blood, crying, freaking out]
Rafe: The sun shines over you, and from the distance, you can see the hill where you had your night campside...
Jarg: [In FR?]
VAN: "What the..."
VAN: "It was all a bad dream or what?"
Rafe: You find that everyone is unharmed...
combatmedic: [In Jamethion's new domain!!!!! MAHAHAHAHAHAH]
VAN: yep!
kintire: I'm not sure what the difference is in the Mists...
Jarg: [@ EwanYou scare me dood! LOL]
Rafe: Jamethon looks as usual... But as he first looks towards the others... What?
combatmedic: eh?
Rafe: Moorkroft's eyes are blood red.
kintire: *Shana scrambles to her feet* Jamethon are you alright?
VAN: "So no dream..."
combatmedic: [everything about him is blood red! He's covered in blood]
Rafe: And in his sheath, instead of his axe hangs the golden sword...
combatmedic: ''NO I AM NOT ALRIGHT.''
VAN: "Do you feel stronger too?"
combatmedic: ''I am very much not alright. I just killed her...''
Jarg: Jamethon you have that golden sword
Rafe: "Shana! SHANA!" You see a figure running towards you, wavin its hands. - Alek.
kintire: No you didn't
combatmedic: ''I am of the blood, now''
kintire: It wasn't her... Alek!
VAN: "You did the right thing. She was a vampire"
kintire: it was a test
combatmedic: ''I hope so...''
combatmedic: And did I pass, I ownder?''
Rafe: Alek unceremoniously hugs Shana, but backs off from Moorkroft. "By the gods! YOU..:"
VAN: "test?"
Jarg: "YEs you did. It was the right thing..... ".....
combatmedic: wonder
Rafe: Alek draws his sword!
kintire: Alek, its okay!
Jarg: "What?"
kintire: [mutters] probably
Jarg: [how close am I to Alek]
combatmedic: ''Yes, me.''
Jarg: [can I get behind him?
Jarg: ]
Rafe: "No! Keep him in custody! He's a thrall!"
Rafe: [Yes.]
kintire: a what?
combatmedic: ''A slave''
VAN: Inovidil casts detect magic adn looks at Jamethon
combatmedic: ''Barbaric custom.''
Jarg: Jarg moves behind Alek and sneaks up behind him....
Rafe: Ino has to perform a madness check -2.
VAN: with detecty magic?
Rafe: "Has Jarryd fed on you too, medic?"
Rafe: [Yeah.]
combatmedic: ''What is the problem, Alek?''
VAN: The DC is?
combatmedic: ''No, he has not. What are you talking about?''
VAN: The DC is?
combatmedic: ''No, he has not. What are you talking about?''
VAN: The DC is?
combatmedic: ''No, he has not. What are you talking about?''
Jarg: "Don't even breath or you die, Alek" Jarg whispers as his blade prods Alek in the back not piercing
Jarg: [lalalalalalalallalalala]
kintire: Shana whirls round and glares at Jarg "enough of that Jarg!"
combatmedic: ''Where is Jarryd?''
Rafe: Alek looks like a mad dog, but then backs off.
combatmedic: ''Where is Gondegal, Sergei?''
combatmedic: 'lukas?''
Rafe: "You seem innocent. Let's explain that to the people of the camp."
Jarg: Jarryd is gone Alek and that vampire is dead
Jarg: Jarg winks at Shana
kintire: Moorkroft, your eyes have gone red.
Rafe: Without any more words, Alek turns around and walks back to the camp.
combatmedic: ''Have they?''
Rafe: VAN your DC is 25.
VAN: "yes"
combatmedic: ''oh dear....''
Rafe: Regular will save.
VAN: who rolls?
kintire: *Shana blushes slightly* and Jarg, i don't think we can take anything we saw in as real
combatmedic: ''i must pray now. Please give me a moment alone. Thank you, my good friend.''
Rafe: @Van: You.
combatmedic: Jamethon walks away a short distance and kneels to pary quietly.
Jarg: " I am agreeable to that Shana, this was way too weird for me" Lets pretend it didnt happn,,,,hmmmmm?
VAN: wait
Rafe: I guess after a while you will get back to the camp.
Jarg: [what is Ino doing?]
Rafe: There, you find people in uproar.
VAN: No I cannot do it...Ino has will +9
combatmedic: [yes, he rurns to the camp]
VAN: do it for me please
combatmedic: [returns]
Rafe: @Van: We will think at the end of the session. Want to move on!
kintire: *Shana clicks her fingers and a little ring of golden slight slides down her, leaving her clean. That done, she heads for the camp*
VAN: of course
VAN: I was a bit out of breath!
Jarg: "NIce spell, Jarg whispers to Shana
combatmedic: Jamethon strides into the camp. What/s going on here?''
VAN: Ino goes to the camp as well
kintire: Shana grins, and does the same for him*
Jarg: [the rest of us follow jamethon?
Rafe: Everyone there is relieved to see you alive, but you also notice the grief in your friends' eyes...
Rafe: JArryd is gone. Noone else got injured, but all fear for the worst...
Jarg: Thanks...*
Jarg: Looking for Tatyana Harkon and the dog
Rafe: Worst is HArkon Lukas, starring into the fire, and caressing the broken neck of his titan dog...
combatmedic: ''Jarryd gone? We ought to search for him.''
kintire: *Shana lowers her head for a moment and sighs*
Rafe: The dog is drained of blood, like a dry bag of wine...
combatmedic: '' Poor dog.''
VAN: "What has happened here?"
Jarg: Jarg blinks..... walking up to Harkon...... "What happened he asks gently to the boy
Rafe: Alek turns to Jamethon. "The vampire is now most likely resting. I doubt we will find him if he has found a good shelter earlier."
Rafe: "It was Jarryd. Apparently, it wasn't just the fever." Alek spits. "Bastard."
combatmedic: ''You saw him turn?''
combatmedic: ''You are certain it's JArryd?''
kintire: Its not his fault... he's dead.
Rafe: "Yes." That is all Alek will say before he falls silent again.
Jarg: "So the bite he sustained at the Inn really did turn him?"
combatmedic: ''Don't malign him. he didn't choose this. He was bitten protecting you and yours.''
VAN: "Yes he does, but what a terrible fate he had."
combatmedic: ''And I am tired of your high and mighty attitude. We are not your hierlings, Segei.''
Rafe: Sergej appears, putting Tatyana on the sled again.
combatmedic: Jamthoen goggles!
combatmedic: ''Ezra!''
kintire: *Shana sighs*
combatmedic: ''She's alive!''
Jarg: "This is crazy!"
VAN: "She is alive!"
Rafe: "I AM SORRY (first time to hear him say something alike), but we cannot keep searching for your friend. Jander is surely on our track again, as are your Fallenleaf and the Amnites. If we want to live, we must move on."
kintire: I told you those visions were'nt real. But does anyone listen? No, I'm just the specialist illusionist what do i know?
Rafe: @Ewan: I guess you meant Alek, no?
Jarg: "Sergei Jamethon spoke to you..... please do have the common courtesy to respond to him ."
Jarg: [D-OH!]
combatmedic: yes
VAN: "Yes...but what about Jamethon's eyes?"
combatmedic: ''Forgive me, I was distracted''
Jarg: [ok my last post is Alek not Sergei]
combatmedic: ''Jander is dead, or so we thought. I'd feared she was dead too [indicates Tatyana]
Rafe: Alek just stares into the rest of the ceasing fire. "I wish we not here together. I wish we had never met you at all."
Jarg: "Hey we think alike Alek imagine that" Jarg says sarcastically
combatmedic: ''Fallenleaf was our friend. I still don't undertsand why he's helping our enemies now.''
VAN: "And that is gratification my friends!"
Jarg: "Neither do I Jamethon... He must have his reasons
Rafe: Sergej looks bitter. "Unless you kill the master of a vampire, you cannot kill such a monster trully... He will haunt us forever, I am sure."
VAN: "or he was never oour friend..."
kintire: Jamethon! Jander is not dead. Those visions were not straightforward. You can't assume anything was as it seemd
combatmedic: ''I don't like the idea of leaving Jarryd out there, whatvere he may have become.''
Jarg: [does Jamethon have the gold sword?]
combatmedic: Jamethon draws his golden sword. 'Is this an illuosion?''
combatmedic: [yep]
Rafe: Alek approaches again. "The boy wants to remain here."
Jarg: [LOL]
kintire: Fallenleaf, although helpful, was and remains a lich. As for i don't like the idea of walking away. but what can we do?
Rafe: Sergej is baffled at the sight of the sword, as is Alek.
Rafe: "Where did you get that one?!"
VAN: "we can search for him"
combatmedic: ''It's mine. She gave it to me.''
Jarg: "Dont answer"
VAN: [my precious!]
combatmedic: [crazy look in his eyes]
kintire: I'm not convinced it is what it appears to be. And tayana doesn't have black wings and isn't dead
Rafe: You all notice now that on the blade, the same crest is displayed as on Sergej coat of arms...
VAN: "Wha tis this Sergei?"
Jarg: Jarg moves to stand near Jamethon
Jarg: [in case those two try any funny business]
Rafe: "This is the sword of Andreas von Zarovich, the first man in my line who was a noble. - Did you pass the night like that, pillaging the old battlefield outside for some loot?"
combatmedic: ''No. It was given to me by my goddess. It is mine to carry, and mine alone. I have the holy blood.''
Rafe: Then Sergej's demeanour suddenly changes. "A golden sword for the champion of the house of Zavorich. You could not wield it if you were unworthy."
combatmedic: ''No I could not. ''
Jarg: "Nonw that we have established that,,, why don't we move on? It's not safe here and at least two Vampires are after us....hmm?"
kintire: Indeed. *Shana's face is bland, her own opinions carefully veiled*
Rafe: Sergej cleans his throat: "Let's talk the rest on the way. In three days, we can be in Marsember's safe walls. There, I'll make sure you all get the respect and the reward you deserve. I'll send sentinels to watch for your friend. If there is a way we can heal him, I'll find one, I promise that."
Rafe: "Let's go, then. Let nobody stay back, and help Harkon to bury the dog while we prepare the sled."
Jarg: "You gonna help HArkon, Jemthon?
Jarg: [bah *Jamethon]
combatmedic: ''I will help him. ''
kintire: *Shana turns away and begins to prepare her gear for travel*
Rafe: I guess the party wants to stay with Sergej until MArsember...?
combatmedic: ''Mind we don't leave Gondegal. Someone should check up on him.''
kintire: I'll do that
Jarg: [yes though Jarg still has no reason to trust these people]
VAN: yes
kintire: yes
combatmedic: [I'll go along, but stay watchful]
Rafe: Then: End of Chapter...? Still have to work out a madness for VAN...

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I disavow all involvement with this campaign.

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