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Ravenloft Articles in Dungeon Magazine

The following is the list of Dungeon magazines that featured Ravenloft or Masque of the Red Death. Most of these Dungeon issues are available once in a while via e-bay or used in bookstore or game store.

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As this section has not been updated for a while, you may also find it useful to peruse Mistipedia's list of Ravenloft-related Dungeon articles. (And if you know of an article that isn't listed there, feel free to go ahead and add it!)

Ron Laufer


Dungeon #116 (2004)

This issue of Dungeon has an article on the 30 greatest D&D adventures of all time. It was judged by 16 top D&D designers (Cook, Greenwood, etc.).

With other classic adventures as companion, good old I-6 adventure (Ravenloft) made it to the #2 spot.


Dungeon # 110 – May 2004 (Dark Sun)

(companion to the May 2004 Dragonissue)

Dark Sun DM’s Handbook
Contains setting maps, areadescription, monster list. Kalidnay is mentioned on page 81, but noRavenloft mention is made (Sadly, that was to be predicted).


Dungeon # 76 (1997) - House of the Edge of Midnight

Author: Raymond E. Dyer
Domain / location: Pocket domain
Level: 4-6
Comment: In a small pocket domain floating off Mordentshire, another take on the mad scientist trying to make flesh golems. With complete maps of the Ramsay Manor. New monsters: 'Death Linen, Sheet', Demonic Sawfly, Living Hair. 3 on 5.


Dungeon # 71 (1996) - Dark magic in New-Orleans (MotRD)

Author: Randy Richards
Domain / location
: Louisiana
: an adventure featuring Marie Laveau, the famous Louisiana voodan priestess. Set in New Orleans, it explores most of the cities's landmarks.


Dungeon # 67 (1996) - Fall's Run (MotRD)

Author: James Wyatt
Domain / location: West Virginia


Dungeon # 64 (1996) - Last Dance

Author: Jeff Crook
Domain / location: Richemulot
Level: 2-4
: Set in Richemulot, but could be set in MotRD too. The Jerretiere ;) Estate is a funny haunted place. 4 on 5.


Dungeon # 61 (1995) - Jigsaw (MotRD)

Author: Dan de Fazio & Christina A. Stiles
Domain / location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Level: 4-6


Dungeon # 58 (1995) - The Baron's Eyrie

Author: Jason Kuhl
Domain / location: any
Level: 5-7
: Interesting lycanthrope hunt to save an innocent. Weird but well designed new floating domain. Interesting NPCs (especially the insane ones)! 4 on 5.


Dungeon # 55 (1994) - The Sea Wolf

Author: Lisa Smedman
Domain / location: Somewhere on the Western Coast
Level: 4-6
: Written by Lisa Smedman to be included in Chilling Tales, but instead found it's way in Dungeon magazine for size consideration. A murder inquiry on a boat (the S.S. Bonniville) (and no, it's a sea adventure where the ship doesn't sink :) ). 4 on 5.


Dungeon # 52 (1994) - Laughing Man

Author: Paul Culotta
Domain / location: Valachan
Level: 5-9
: A short, 3 pages only adventure based on the Fang of the Nosferatu item. Interesting ghost side quest. 3 on 5.


Dungeon # 50 (1994) - Felkovic's Cat

Author: Paul Culotta
Domain / location: Valachan
Level: 6-9
Comment: Lengthy adventure (22 pages!). Wow, the best source of info on Valachan as I write this. In it, you get lots of info on the domain (social life, customs), and all the maps of Von Kharkov's Castle Pantara. It features the weird magical item, Cat of Felkovic, exploring the background of the item. As if wasn't enough, it also features the first appearance of Lady Aveline (funny 'veiled' drawing). It also presents a monster manual entry, the first werepanther. 5 on 5!


Dungeon # 42 (1993) - The Price of Revenge

Author: Steve Kurtz
Domain / location: Valachan
Level: 4-6
: Cool vampire hunt story, in Valachan, a domain where PCs are always walking on eggs… Interesting and well designed undead NPCs. 4 on 5.


Dungeon # 38 (1992) - Horror's Harvest

Author: Christopher Perkins
Domain / location: Falkovnia
Level: 2-4
: Heavily influenced by Invasion of the Body Snatcher movie, a good adventure set in Falkovnia. It of course features Doppelganger Plants, sinister village denizens, and even radiation effects! Cool issue cover too. 4 on 5.


Dungeon # 31 (1991) - Bane of the Shadowborn

Author: William W Connors
Domain / location: Shadowborn Manor
Level: 6-9
: Interesting dungeon crawl in a strange manor. Good expansion of the material found in the Darklords accessory. For a novelized version of the manor part, read the Ravenloft novel Shadowborn – good inspiration for any DM taking his players to Shadowborn Manor. Weird end battle with Ebonbane. 3 on a scale of 5.


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