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Monstrous Compendium:  Appendix III: Creatures of Darkness (MC III)

Authors: The Kargat Kirk Botulla, Shane Hensley, Nicky Rea and Teeuwynn Woodruff, with also: Anne Brown, William W Connors, Andria Hayday, Colin McComb, Bruce Nesmith and David Wise
Type: Monstrous Compendium
Format: 128 pages
Release date: December 1994

Summary of content:

Akikage Animator - Minor, Common, Greater
Bakhna Rakhna Baobhan Sith
Beetle, Scarab Boneless
Boowray Bruja
Carrion Stalker Carrionette
Cat, Midnight Cat, Skeletal
Cloaker - Resplendent, Shadow, Undead Corpse Candle
Doppelganger, greater Familiar - pseudo, undead
Feathered Serpent Figurine Ceramic, Crystal, Ivory, Obsidian, Porcelain
Fleas of Madness Furie
Geist Ghost, Animal
Golem, Ravenloft - Flesh Golem, Ravenloft - Mist
Golem, Ravenloft - Snow Golem, Ravenloft - Wax
Gremiskha Hag, Spectral
Head Hunter Hearth fiend
Hebi-No-Onna Hound - Fen, Phantom, Skeletal
Imp, Wishing Jack frost
Jolly Roger Kizoku
Leech, Ravenloft Magical, Psionic Lich - Defiler
Lich - Drow Lich - Elemental
Lich - Psionic Living Tattoo
Lycanthrope - LoupGarou Lycanthrope - Werejaguar
Lycanthrope - Werejackal Lycanthrope - Wereleopard
Lycanthrope - Wereray

Mist Ferryman

Moor Man Obedient
Odem Paka
Plant - Bloodrose Plant - Death's Head Tree
Plant - Ivy, Crawling Plant - Fearweed
Plant - Lashweed Radiant Spirit
Recluse Remnant, Aquatic
Rushlight Sea Spawn
Shadow Asp Shattered Brethren
Skeleton - Insectoid

Skeleton - Strahd

Skin Thieves Spirit, Psionic
Unicorn, Shadow Vampire, Ravenloft - Drow
Vampire, Ravenloft - Nosferatu Vampire, Ravenloft - Oriental
Virus Combustion, Crystal, Petrification, Phobia, Psionic, Shadow Vorlog
Will O' Dawn Will O' Deep
Will O' Mist Will O' Sea
Zombie - cannibal Zombie - desert
Zombie - fog Zombie - Strahd
Zombie - Wolf  



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