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Domain of Dread: Histaven

Free RPG day 2011 product

Author: Erik Scott de Bie

Illustrator: Randy Gallegos
Type: Supplement
Format: pamphlet
Release date: 2011

Summary of content:

Article detailing the Shadowfell Domain of Histaven, and darklord, Count Artius.



Ah Histhaven, where do I start? Well, it is just plain bad. The history of the domain is good, up to a point, if Old Count Histaven was supposed to be the darklord. But instead, we are slowly given more information on his son, Artius. Now he does seem like he could be a good fit for a darklord, but instead we are introduced to the Rag Man, the avenging swordsman who attempts to overthrow the Old Count (that is his entire background) and he becomes the darklord. (And other than the fact that Artius is in charge in the Domain, we are not even told that the Old Count has died until his ghost appears in the Rag Man's grove.)

The domain itself is more of a quick dash covering the basics, but no more detail beyond than that. Finally, it ends with the Rag Man (one of the worst darklords ever) where you are told one of the most ill-thought out lines ever. According to the book, if interacting with the Rag Man peacefully, he can recount his history. Seriously, what history? He has none; his entire history is a line in the text.

0 drops of blood out of 5

The product is just plain bad. Any attempt to breath life into this thing would require so many rewrites as to make the original only useful for the map it contains. It is fortunate that it was a free giveaway because if it was not, and people had to pay for it, heads would roll.


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