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Eye on Dark Sun: Kalidnay

From Dungeon Magazine #190

Author: Rodney Thompson

Illustrator: Lorraine Schleter
Type: Article
Format: .pdf
Release date: 2011

Summary of content:

Article detailing the Shadowfell Domain version of classic Ravenloft/Dark Sun domain Kalidnay.



Kalidnay is one of the most under-used domains of Ravenloft (and with good reason, as it is heavily tied into the setting of Dark Sun, a very alien setting to the other domains of Ravenloft).

Now the article groups together information from both several Ravenloft and several Dark Sun products providing them in one complete form. The article also shifts the location of the Domain of Kalidnay into a very Dark Sun-only environment: The Grey. Now for those that donít know, the Dark Sun setting is completely cut off from the other campaign settings, with only two links to them, the Astral plane and the Ethereal Plane (which they refer to as the Grey). Now in the old settings' planar form, the Demiplane of Dread was also in the ethereal plane, hence the link, but now it is in the Shadowfell, and if I had to guess under the new 4e format the Grey is probably the same place (anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong about this, my knowledge of 4e is a bit limited)

The article itself well done laying out both the real Kalidnay and the domain version, as well as the important people and some powerful artefacts. Now all of these as stated have appeared in other products but some are quite hard to get hold of now as all of them are 2e and I am sure that some people will find that information is easier to read now that it is in one place instead of several.

3 blood drops out of 5

Good read and it covers all the bases but it does not really add any new information to the mix.


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