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Howls in the Night

Author: Colin McComb
Type: Adventure
: 32 pages paperback
Release date: 1994

Other notes:

Level: 3-5
Domain: Mordent
Inside cover: map of Mordent, Wescote Manor.
New monsters: Bog Hound


Martijn van Roosmalen

Good module. This one really has got the same feeling as you get when you read The hound of the Baskervilles. The deserted moors with a (or more) howling hound somewhere around. A family curse. Very spooky. When I DMed this module my players have been clueless for quite some time, although they didn't trust Westcote from the first time they met. (I showed them the picture of his house). They were amazed that there was no real badguy (Option 4: The Curse of the Bog).

On the downside, this module is a little bit short. Without the introduction (and the four options) and the NPCs its only 19 pages,but my players needed much more time to complete this module than I had expected. 4 on 5.


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