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Night of the Walking Dead

Author: Bill Slavicsek
Type: Adventure
Format: 32 pages paperback
Release date: 1992

Other notes:

Level: 1-3
Domain: Souragne
Inside cover: map of Marais D'Tarascon and Marais D'Tarascon's cemetery.

Fourth module of the Grand Conjunction serie. It is available as a free download on the WotC site! Click here!


Martijn van Roosmalen

This was the first Ravenloft module I used and I (and my players) liked it a lot

Good points:

  • Good developed story. The players don't know what they are up to, until the end. (Zombies, murder, strange family)
  • Creepy atmosphere. (The gathering storm: something is about to happen, but what? Serial killer on the loose: how is that related to the zombies? Restless dead (quite an understatement), moon turning red)
  • Good opportunities for roleplaying.
  • Not too much hack-n-slash.
  • 'How to scare players with zombies' (Mainly due to their low level). It teaches them (Forgotten Realms players) to respect and fear even such 'easy' monsters.

Bad points:

  • Although I liked the moon turning red during the 'grand finale', the rest of the ending I didn't like. I think the badguy was way to powerful for 1-3 lvl characters. (They all survived and they didn't even realize what could have happened to them..) I would have been better if there was a 'role-playing'-way to defeat the badguy.
  • I like fortunetelling, but it seems that it is the only thing those vistani can do in modules! I can't remember a module in which they cheat/rob the characters.
  • A bit too short. If I had the material about Souragne which I have now, I could have lengthened it, though.

Conclusion: this is a good module to introduce the players to Ravenloft and the scroll of Hyskosa (they have been totally unaware of the meaning of it, thinking that the whole scroll was about Souragne ("Do you know anyone in Marais Tarascon called 'Daegon' or 'Inajira' ?")) The good points outweigh the bad points by far. Four drops.


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