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Carnival of Fear

Author: J Robert King
Type: Novel
: 321 pages book
Release date: July 1993
Other notes:
Domain: l'Morai


JoŽl Paquin

Simply the cruellest Ravenloft novel of the whole twenty books, very depressing too. Set in the domain of LíMorai, a group of freaks revolting and escaping the cruel punishments most didnít deserve. The Carnival leader is a disturbing figure, and makes a great villain. The atmosphere is great Ė dark, cruel, many prejudices. The Ďrulesí of líMorai and its hated Carnival are great ideas.

The líMorai area is weirdly defined for a Ravenloft domain Ė who is the darklord ? Why is the Puppetmaster able to pass on his powers to Marie the Blind Juggler ? Very strange and against most Ravenloft setting definitions. But anyway, exceptions to a rule are often interesting....

I loved the ending, it was absolutely unexpected. One of the best Ravenloft book of the lot, 5 on 5!


Christonikos "Jander Sunstar" Zonafos

Quite an interesting story, introducing us to the mysterious and seemingly exotic Carnival. One of the Ravenloft novels that could be easily read by a Giorgio, it shows the perils of Carnival through the experiences of Marie. Unfortunately, it lacks the glorious peak that could make the novel a really something, but still itís a must have for anyone interested in Carnival.

I would give it 3 fingers out of a hand ;)


Paniayotis "Ravenharm" Kollias

I tried very hard not to like this book, yet when read with the updated ravenloft material and seeing a whole other theme connected to this book its very easy for this to become a favorite. A very easy read and king does an excellent job of not letting you guess his next step. the ending was also well done. I didn't care for what type of thing the puppetmaster was under his cloak and was expecting somthing more... or different.

3 out of 5


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