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Dance of the Dead

Author:Christie Golden
Type: Novel
Format: 310 pages book
Release date: July 1992
Other notes:
Domain: Darkon, Souragne


Trevor Frost

Here it is my #1 all time favourite Ravenloft novel! Dance of the Dead is extremely delicious. The full potential of this campaign setting is realized in this book. This is the first TSR book I have ever read that had a heroine instead of a hero and it made it that much better. In case I didn't make it clear, I love Larissa Snowmane, her character had depth and breadth.

The theme of decadent decay permeates the book giving you more than a few surprises when things turn out to be a lot uglier beneath than they are on the surface. Misroi was wonderfully portrayed in this novel, a gentleman that is thoroughly rotten to the core. (Though personally I would have loved to see it go more into his background.) We also get a feel of the overall flavour of Sourange, you can almost feel the humidity wafting out of the pages as our hero explores the land. If you don't have it you should get it, its a thoroughly good read.


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