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Heart of Midnight

Author: J Robert King
Type: Novel
:313 pages book
Release date: December 1992
Other notes:
Domain: Kartakass


Will "Eldervampire" Pierce

I am re-reading all of my old Ravenloft material and I have just finished reading Heart of Midnight. This is a very strange coming of age story about an orphan named Casimir, and his quest for revenge in the Realm of Kartakass. At the Red porch poor house in the City of Harmonia, Casimir and his Childhood companion Thoris live a life of wretchedness. Casimir dreams of revenging himself against the man who murdered his mother and leaving the poor house to live a life of comfortable wealth. After he succeeds in his life quest, he begins a spiraling decent into darkness, helped by everyone's favorite werewolf Harkon Lukas. This book gives us a great deal of information and insight to Lukas, introduces the Harmonic Hall and how Harmonia's leader, the Meistersinger, is chosen by contest. The over all quality of this book is OK, not the best book in the series, but done well none-the-less. The story could have done with a little more Dread, for the Dread Realm.

WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK : Any player interested in being a Bard and DM'S wishing to get some personality on Lukas or maybe having a Player compete in the Amphitheater.

Overall : 3 1/2 Screams out of Five.


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