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I, Strahd

Author: P. N. Elrod
Type: Novel
: 309 pages book
Release date: September 1993
Other notes:
Domain: Barovia


Joël Paquin

A very good book, with a cool diary-like story. We learn a lot of new tidbits about Strahd, ,and how to portray him if my player ever meet him (they met Vasili already but didn’t recognize him).

Chapter two, where Strahd visit his new conquered land, prior to year 351, and execute most burgomasters, is hilarious in a cynical way. There are treasures of Strahdism in it, especially when he describes the people’s reaction to his visit. Absolutely hilarious IMHO – the comic relief of dark humor. Great DM material. It was interesting t see how Strahd becomes a much more complicated figure then before.

The end is interesting in explaining Strahd's obsession with Tatyana and the way the dark powers taunts him i.e. the mists taking the body of Tatyana no 2.

IMHO, the Van Richten ‘done this was there too’ is now annoying and the book could have been done without this. I understand the ‘propaganda’ aspect of the book, but still I feel VR have been in too many places without becoming what he hates most.

Also, I was thrilled with the way Strahd handles Dilisnya in making him a vampire in a closed cellar. Thirsty? I also prefer the way Dilisnya’s forces have been active in killing the wedding guests (well more then the ‘other’ truth about that night i.e. that Strahd went crazy with the death of Tatyana and killed everybody present).

4.5 on 5. Still one of my fav RL novel.


Christonikos "Jander Sunstar" Zonafos

This was the first Ravenloft novel I set my hands upon and I got really amazed. P.N. Elrod uses Strahd’s diary in a magnificent way, while the Darklord himself is portrayed in full detail.Ideal for grasping the idea behind the whole Ravenloft concept – dark atmosphere, horror with a pinch of brutality and at the same time elegance and anguish making an intriguing whole…

A must have for every Ravenloft fun and a quite interesting book for any outsider looking for some genuine horror.I think it’s worth 5 fingers out of a hand ;)


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