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I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin

Author: P. N. Elrod
Type: Novel
: 320 pages book
Release date: June 1998
Other notes:
Domain: Barovia, Darkon


Joël Paquin

Another book of propaganda but good ‘ole Strahd. A very well made book that is, very interesting read … The book is full of cool quotes. Strahd's conversations with Azalin are very well written and enjoyable – we can see the potential clash building, while Strahd gives himself the good role in those verbal fights. He is the calculating genius we love, while Azalin look so much more emotional. Strahd’s propaganda, remember!

The book makes an effort of putting the I-10 adventure in canon, but still we do not really know what Strahd and Azalin did in Mordent. But even cooler is the witnessing of the appearance of new core domains around Barovia. It is well shown, as well as the barrier between domains for a darklord.

Some aspect of magic are far fetched, but the battle is quite cool and witty.

Finally, the "Tew Yssup" affair is somewhat ridiculous IMHO, but I guess the author was really mad with the asked revisions …

A great 4,5 on 5. Good moments spent reading that book, for a Ravenloft fan.


Christonikos "Jander Sunstar" Zonafos

Following her steps from I, Strahd, P.N. Elrod managed to present two of the most legendary personalities of the Dread Realms in a single novel, further revealing their personalities while unfolding their rival plans. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t present any original element, making it inferior than its predecessor. Still a fine reading material, worth 4 fingers out of a hand ;)


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