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Author: William W. Connors and Carrie A. Bebris
Type: Novel
: 312 pages book
Release date: March 1998
Other notes:
Domain: Shadowborn Manor


Joël Paquin

Good novel. Not one of the best, but definitively not bad. A very good source of info on the Shadowborn cluster - a must for any DM wishing to send his players there. Shadowborn novel is the story of Alexi Shadowborn, a knight to become Paladin, but who finds his ascension ceremony stopped by his god Belenus, as it seems the god had higher goals for Alexi. The ghouls description and visions are DM inspiring.

The story is well developed and not really predictable, even if you had read the ‘Bane of the Shadowborn’ adventure (Dungeon # 31, 1991, by William W Connors) from which WW Connors expands to a novel. Many story twists. And the authors are not afraid to kill characters you thought would last ‘till the end (My only gripe is that Alexi is nearly unkillable, whatever broken parts he has, and often look like the Coyote from the old Road Runner show ;))

I liked the first person chapters, i.e. Ebonbane's reflexions. They were interesting and inspiring (for a DM looking for an evil point of view). 4 on 5.


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