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Spectre of the Black Rose

Author: James Lowder and Voronica Whitney-Robinson
Type: Novel
: 312 pages book
Release date: March 1999
Other notes:
Domain: Sithicus, Invidia



Stephen Sutton

This is an excellent novel, filled with memorable characters, action and even drama. The story tells the tale of Soth's last days in Ravenloft, Azreal's plot to steal Sithicus, a Vistani woman's betrayal and a young man's quest to save his beloved. Set in the shadowy forests of Sithicus, Spectre describes the domain in vivid detail, creating a haunted land of broken promises and unheeded callings. Each character in the story has a sorted past which comes back to haunt them, meshing with the greater tale of Soth and the lessons learned by his downfall. The story introduces such enigmatic entities as the Bloody Cobbler and the Whispering Beast, which are sure to be a welcome addition to any Ravenloft Campaign. By the ending, the story reaches a dark crescendo where Soth faces a choice between redemption and his dignity. Many Ravenloft fans are disappointed by the ending of the story, which is sadly the end result of crossovers between Ravenloft and other settings. Nonetheless, Spectre of the Black Rose is a truly excellent book.

5 black roses out of 5


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