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To Sleep with Evil

Author: Andria Cardarelle (aka Andria Hayday)
Type: Novel
: 310 pages book
Release date: September 1996
Other notes:
Domain: Darkon, Donskoy


Joël Paquin

Wow! I wish this mysterious Andria Cardarelle wrote more for the Ravenloft setting! ;)

I really liked the book. That Donskoy, his castle and his domain are really creepy. His monthly occupation of ‘helping’ people lost in the mist is truly evil and damnable. The isolation of Marguerite’s condition is very frightening - she has really few to talk to! Her faded hopes of romance are quite sad. So a very gothic book IMHO in all aspects, one of them being magic: few flashy magic, weird ‘magical’ spells of the Vistana, the strange VRG to the Vistani book, etc.

The book also features Miss Montarri in a great way: she’s bad and witty, a great villain! Her vanity about how perfect her heads should be and the urge to collect more ‘perfect heads’ were really amusing in a Ravenloft context. A MUST READ for ideas on how to roleplay this NPC. A few mature themes along the book (even necrophilia!) make it a disturbing book. Donskoy really wants to get a son…

It was well written and the book made me feel the horror and isolation of what Marguerite felt. Very good book. 4.5 on 5.


Paniayotis "Ravenharm" Kollias

If ever there was a movie to be made of ravenloft this is the book they should look to. i can't go on enough about how wonderfully gothic this story is at the core root of it. and how fittingly adult this book was. lots of mature themes tastefully done. (too classy in my opinion.) not only was this book on point with all the rules expected to a land of ravenloft, but it also had a few scares that impressed me. visually the castle, the vistani, the dance, and whole of it were lewdly wonderful. and i wish some authors of the line took notes from this one. perfect.

5 out of 5



"To sleep with evil" is a good Ravenloft book in my opinion. The characters involved are interesting and deep. The plot is interesting and easy to follow. The book is heavily influenced by gothic horror tropes, which was welcome for a Ravenloft book. Decay, romance, perversion, forbidden acts, supernatural, a tyrannical lord, curses, and more are all part of this book.

As important, the book details for the uninitiated several Ravenloft-specific elements from the view-point of someone in the world (closing borders, darklordship, vistani, the mists).

If someone is interested to know more about Ravenloft, gift him this book; but beware: the story is dark!

The book at times takes a little too long to move forward and at times it was a bit too dark for my taste but other than that, I enjoyed the book very much.

I would give it 4/5


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