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Tower of Doom

Author: Mark Anthony
Type: Novel
: 315 pages book
Release date: November 1994
Other notes:
Domain: Darkon


Joël Paquin

Interesting book, with a main character similar to the Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Kargat werepanther lady final fate is quite, err, evil…. Some parts are very cool, like the part happening on a debauched famous Azalin ball…. The slow corruption of the main character is well made IMHO, if a little predictable. Most probably one of the most gothic Ravenloft novels.

The end part, with the mobile tower, is far-fetched, but a good book over all. 3.5 on 5.



I liked this book.

The characters are interesting, believable and they come with their flaws or redeeming qualities. The plot is interesting too and feels important, as if the fate of the whole area is at stake. The tower being mentioned to grow higher seems like a ticking clock gives an air of urgency to the book.

For all these qualities, I couldn't overlook some things that I didn't really like. Magic is too prevalent in this book: too many magic items, too many spell effects and too many supernatural creatures. An example that really seemed out of place for Ravenloft was during a state dinner at which the food walks by itself to drop in the plate of the guests with most people acting as if that was expected. Azalin is depicted in a way I don't completely agree with too.

Aside of these, the book is a fine gothic, dark fantasy book. Corruption, forces of good and evil, and a cathartic finale.

I would give it 4/5 broken wands. I would give it more if it didn't have the unecessary for the plot magic items.


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