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Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Dead

Author: Skip Williams
Type: Accessory monster (mummy)
Format: 96 pages paperback
Release date: 1994
Other notes: This book was to see reprint in 1999 as a part of the Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume 2 (with little expansion in this re-edition).

Summary of content:

  1. Necrology
  2. Types of mummies (power ranks (1 to 5), origins, state of preservation)
  3. Typical powers
  4. Salient powers
  5. Weaknesses
  6. Awakenings (creating a mummy, triggers)
  7. Houses of the Dead (tombs, guardians, curses, etc.)
  8. Battling the ancient dead
  9. Appendix: Mummy adventures, A recipe for fine mummification


Jol Paquin

Interesting book, expanding a lot on the mummy concept. Now they come in many new forms, and often cant be recognized as mummies, which is a great asset for an evil DM. However, where is the psychology discussion for these? That would have been useful, IMHO, to make them less shambling life-crushing undead.

The ranks are well made, making a 2 hit dice mummy possible great for low level parties.

There is a long cheesy explanation on planar connection (mummies are connected to the positive plane material, while the others undead are closer to the negative plane)

3 on 5.


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