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Van Richten's Guide to the Created

Author: Teeuwynn Woodruff
Type: Accessory – monster (golems)
Format: 96 pages paperback
Release date: 1994
Other notes:This book was to see reprint in 1999 as a part of the Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume 1 (with little expansion in this re-edition).

Summary of content:

  1. Assembly (procuring material, effect of decay, etc.)
  2. Animation (the spark of life, brain transplants)
  3. Constructions of flesh (basic physical traits, mental abilities, resiliency, extraordinary powers)
  4. Unusual materials (bone, clay, glass, metal, stone, straw, wood)
  5. Golems and magic (spell effects on golem)
  6. Psychology (mental development, goals)
  7. Pursuit
  8. DM Appendix: flesh golem


Joël Paquin

A very interesting book. I really like how it expand the classic "flesh golem" (making them things that crave to be normal humans, just like Mary Shelley’s). The mental development part is fascinating (don’t go farther to guess where my USS article ‘Anna’ came from). The book is full of adventure ideas (with the cool Van Richten’s comments).

However, I would have taken more on the ‘unusual material’ golems: bone, clay, etc. One page for each of these is a little short …

Look for a copy if you do not have it, a very good read. 4 on 5.


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