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Van Richten's Guide to Fiends

Author: Teeuwynn Woodruff
Type: Accessory – monster (evil extraplanar)
: 96 pages paperback
Release date: May 1995
Other notes: This book was to see reprint in 1999 as a part of the Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium Volume 3 (as the VRG to ‘demons’, with little expansion in this re-edition).

Summary of content:

  1. Entering the land (transposition, summoning)
  2. Observed powers
  3. Fiends and the land (reality wrinkle)
  4. Fiends and the people
  5. Fiends among us (the Black Duke, Drigor, Elsepeth, Inajira, Whistling Fiend)
  6. Battling Fiends
  7. Appendix: creation of fiends, fiend adventures


Joël Paquin

OK, let’s start my comment by saying I hate the idea of fiends in Ravenloft. It’s a low magical setting, not Planescape! IMHO, I think Ravenloft fans put way too much attention on fiends, instead of truly gothic creatures. Gee, if you read fan boards, you have outsiders all over the place, manipulating behind the scene about everything in their unknown long term evil plans (Mwahwahwah!, do we hear); and the Gentlemen Caller visiting all taverns and all relevant female NPC bedroom… Give me a break! :) There are too many evil outsiders in Ravenloft!

That rant said, the book is cool and reconciled me somewhat with the fiend concept in Ravenloft. Keep that number low (like less then five for the whole plane), and it’s less cheesy.

The transposition concept is a great idea, and never was better used as in the François de Pénible COTN:D article. The land based powers are also well designed.

While the cover is great (Marilith being my all time fav demon), a low note: 2 on 5 for usefulness IMHO, 3,5 on 5 for the material itself.


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