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Van Richten's Monster Hunter Compendium Volume 2

Author: William W. Connors, Eric W. Haddock, David Wise, Skip Williams, and David Wu
Type: Accessory – monster (ghosts, liches and mummies)
Format: 288 pages book
Release date: December 1999
Summary of content:This book is the second of three reprints of the great VR Guides series. This edition contains the Guides to Ghosts, Liches and the Ancient Dead. Again, the texts have been re-edited, but it is estimated that there's about 10% at most of new material from the original VR guides. In the Ghost section, the book contains a new monster: the ‘Resident’, by David Wu. David Wu was the winner of March 1998 Dragon # 244's Terrors From Above competition - you can read the entries of that competition in the Terrors From Above netbook on the Kargatane site.



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