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Van Richten's Monster Hunter Compendium Volume 3

Author: Teeuwynn Woodruff, David Wise, and Steve Miller.
Type: Accessory – monster (evil outsiders, witches and hags) and society (vistani)
Format: 288 pages book
Release date: April 2000

Summary of content:This book is the third of three reprints of the great VR Guides series. This edition contains the Guides to Fiends (named ‘demons’), and vistani. Again, these texts have been re-edited, but it is estimated that there's about 10% at most of new material from the original VR guides. However, this third VRMHC includes a ‘Van Richten's unpublished manuscripts on Witches’ (and hags) by Steve Miller. It’s content:

  1. Hags and their kind (origins, birth, early life, change, maturity, etc.)
  2. Hags covey (spells, rituals, etc.)
  3. Witches, warlocks and hedge magicians (spellcasting and the weave, etc.)
  4. Witches and warlocks coveys
  5. Hunting hags


Joël Paquin

I’ll review the third part, the new ‘witches’ part. It is quite cool (and for me quite unexpected) to see the hags have the same expansion as for the other creatures covered by the VRGs. Tepest will never be the same!

Wonderfully made with creativity and subtlety, the hags part of the guide is great. Genius ideas there, that improves the hag concept to fully developed villains. I can’t wait to use these in my campaign …

The second part of the guide is about witches and warlocks. Very cool too, but I see them as NPC somehow… but NPCs worth of a good campaign!

For this part: 4 on 5. Really worth buying the VRMHC3 even if you have the original vistani and fiend guide.


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