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The map shown here portrays the village of Edrigan. The only mention of Edrigan is in the Van Richten’s Guide to Fiends. Few details are given in this source, so most of what appears on this map is taken from the author’s imagination.

edrigan Map

Assumptions and Details

From the Van Richten’s Guide to Fiends, we learn that Edrigan is a small hamlet where the Madrigore family has lived for hundreds of years. The names of Atchen Madrigore, lord of Edrigan, and his daughter Bethany are mentioned, 2 unfortunate souls that were involved in the tragedy that struck the Madrigore family. It is also in this area (somewhere in the surrounding lands) that Van Richten and his friends have built the Mystical Cage and confronted the Demon Drigor (see below). A local inn is reputed to exist in the hamlet.

Being a small hamlet, Edrigan regroups only about 150 people. As most rural communities in Dementlieu, the people here live around farming (potatoes, wheat, sheep, turkeys). A very small river, the Madrigore river, flows from Lac de Gaube and waters the farmlands of Edrigan, before flowing down towards the Sea of Sorrows.

A heavy atmosphere of moroseness has slowly descended on the village during the last few years. The trade with Chateaufaux has stopped abruptly since the mayor of this neighboring town has lost his mind. Few refugees from Chateaufaux have decided to stay in Edrigan, preferring to flee to Port-a-Lucine or to other domains, far from the evil of this doomed town. The Madrigore family, once a synonym of power and pride (though a bit aloof), has been struck by what some believe to be a dark curse. Atchen Madrigore, lord and owner of most of the surrounding lands, have died shortly before his daughter Bethany followed him to the grave. The Madrigore Manor has started falling into disrepair, but has recently found a new lord. The long gone and good-hearted Sédoran Madrigore, a traveling arcanist and son of the previous lord, is back to take care of his family business.

The Valmort Road starts in the farmlands northeast of Edrigan, crosses the village and leads southwest to a dark forest of the same name, on the sandy coast of the Sea of Sorrows. The trail is choked with vines and is rarely used. It crosses a vast plain and some dried low hills, before reaching the forest. Off this path, approximately 5 miles south east of Edrigan, is an isolated patch of grassland covered by the shadow of the forest. There lies the broken and burned shape of the Mystical Cage, where Van Richten and his company confronted the demon Drigor… and were defeated. The cage stands against the sky like a twisted trophy for the fiend who mercilessly killed foolish mortals on this unholy ground. Now, only pain and sorrow can be found in this place of misery.

Back in the village, at the crossing of Pernault and Valmort Road, there is a small but joyful inn known as “Le Chaudron-de-Feu” (the Fire Cauldron). It welcomes travelers from as far as Richemulot, Invidia and Darkon, stopping by on there way to Port-a-Lucine to do some business in the capital. The inn’s owner is an old woman called Ariane. She is skinny and decrepit, but her only eye is keen indeed and she knows more than what is actually safe.

A modest church of Ezra was built in Edrigan about 10 years ago by the neutral branch of the Faith. The small congregation regroups today 6 anchorites (5 acolytes or “wardens” and a priestess or “toret”) living inside the temple and in the catacombs under the church. The temple leader is the Toret Léola Davinsky, once a fervent servant of Ezra having now initiated her fall into corruption. She was recently approached by some agents of Chateaufaux, sent by their demonic masters, luring her to believe their promise of wealth and power. The weak willed priestess quickly fell into their trap and has now managed to corrupt the whole congregation. Only one warden has tried to stand against the evil priestess, but his body was found the next morning floating on the Madrigore river. Each night when the sky is starless, they meet with some agents of the Demons on a low hill, north of the village. No one knows about those meetings, except maybe the inn’s owner, Ariane. Dark silhouettes have also been seen at night, pouring an unknown substance in the river, upstream of the village. Whatever is going on here, it is clear that something evil is brewing in the hamlet of Edrigan…



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