Domains of Dread

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Mapped with CC2

The following pages include maps for the various domains of Ravenloft.
Maps are generally given in at least three formats : a color image, a black-and-white image (for easy printing), and as a downloadable file, useable with Campaign Cartographer or the Campaign Mapper from the D&D Core Rules CD-Rom. For the latter you will need a patch which can be downloaded at Profantasy's Site
For those maps for which it makes sense, a player and/or a canon map (i.e. without our own ehr... findings) is also provided.

To facilitate easy access to our files, we also provide an overview of all downloads.

The Core


Barovia Borca Darkon
Dementlieu Falkovnia Forlorn
Hazlan Invidia Kartakass
Lamordia Mordent Nova Vaasa
Richemulot Sithicus Tepest and Keening
Valachan Verbrek

The Sea of Sorrows


The Nocturnal Sea

Graben Island l'Ile de la Tempete The Isle of Ravens
Liffe Todstein Vechor

The Steaming Lands (draft)

Saragoss Sri Raji Wild Lands

The Amber Wastes

Har'Akir Sebua Pharazia

Shadowborn Cluster

Avonleigh Nidala Shadowborn Manor

Islands of Terror

al-Kathos Farelle I'Cath
Sanguinia/Kryoso Souragne Staunton Bluffs

Pocket Domains

Carnival new The House of Lament The Nightmare Lands
The Wounded City

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