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Sunndi map

Assumptions and Added Details

This map is based on the map of Greyhawk in the Greyhawk Gazetteer, mixed with info gleaned from Return to the Tomb of Horrors.
The latter has a very nice and artistic map, with far more detail due to the size.

In making the map, I made one, pretty large, change to the Gazetteer map: I moved New Keep. The position of New Keep on the Gazetteer map must be wrong - not only would it fall in the Principality of Naery (and thus be part of Ahlissa), it also would be a port, and the text on Sunndi clearly states that it doesn't have one - which is why Dullstrand is such an important ally.
So I moved New Keep farther inland. It now lies at start of the Pawluck River, blocking the pass that is only safe route into Sunndi (after passing the Hollow Highlands).

The political version of this map shows an initial proposal to county names and borders (based on info from Pieter Sleijpen).
It contains Sunndi's borders (dotted lines are contested), as well as county borders and names.

I also added four minor villages to the map (not on the political map, it gets too crowded).
Molnar is on the road from Pitchfield to Kalstrand. It lies on the road just before it enters the Rieuwood, and is described in Tomb of Horrors.
Dunn, Paw's Luck and Viceroc are detailed in the map of the county of Pelsand.

To summarize, the counties in Sunndi on the map are :
Hollow Highlands, The Downs, Esparithern (Rhieuwood), Lemrathern (Rhieuwood), Pitchfield, Brennathar, Hestmarken, Dalmond, Starland, Trastol, Pelsand, Deltrees, Pawluck Valley, Shildaran, Greenhills, Ralsond, Stalward, and Corul.
The Glorioles are not a county.



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