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This map of Vechor is based on the maps in Domains of Dread, and Realm of Terror.
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Vechor map

Assumptions and Added Details

It is a bit tricky to make a map of a domain that is so much in flux as Vechor). According to the few sources available, Vechor's climate and makeup changes on teh whim of ruler Easan the Mad, who is revered as a god. Luckily though, there are enough 'steady' features that make a map possible. The domain's outlines do not seem to change too much. though they are quite different from before the Great Upheaval, and the domain seems to have about tripled in size since its introduction in Realm of Terror.

Constant features are the city of Abdok and the Cliffs of Vesanis, with Easan's Mansion on top of it.

For the rest, I assumed Vechor did not have a lot of villages. With the changing of the terrain, once in a while, few people will be eager to live outside the relative safeness of Abdok. This is not to say that villages do not exist ( the Delta), but I have not included any yet.



References above are to the reviews page of the Secrets of the Kargatane Site


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