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Flags of the Core

Asbjørn Hammervik aka Malken


“Ah. Witness the triumphant banners of our Kingfuhrer as it waves in the wind of a thousand screams. It is prophesied that as long as even one Falkovnian standard still stands, the great Vaterland will never fall. That’s also why der Kingfuhrer has pronounced a strict penalty for anyone who ever lets the flag touch the ground, or the standard fall. In fact, if the bearer of the flag dies, his last conscious action should be to firmly plant the flag in the ground, lest his next of kin be impaled in his stead.”

- Falkfuhrer Vigo Drakov, in the introduction to his memoirs.

I always envisioned the symbolism in Falkovnia to be reminiscent of the Third Reich, and that was made even clearer when the second Gazetteer was released. Of course, if I had some more time and skill, I might have created something like the German Two-headed Eagle, only with one Silver Falk head and one Crimson Falk head.


"Nationalism. Pride. That’s exactly what I feel when I look at the bright blue of the Dementlieuse flag. We call it la Liberte Suaire, Liberty’s Shroud. Liberte, you see, is the guardian saint of Dementlieu. When the Shroud waves in the wind, every man and woman in Dementlieu is willing to die for their country and for Liberty."

- Henry Percivillis, Dementlieuse Gendarme and war veteran.

The lighthouse and the five stars around it are meant to symbolize the Lord Governor and the five members of the Council of Brilliance. The two colors where chosen for their simplicity, but if you compare it to the Tricolor and the three ideals of the French revolution: Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, you could easily say that the Equality part is lacking in Dementlieu….


Oleg Feoktistov aka Azalin Rex


"There is a black tower in the very middle of Shadow Forest. There no bird is singing and no wolf is howling. There lives our reclusive wizard-king Azalin Rex. His eye can see a much further one could assume. Azalin's fiery eye watches over everyone in our land; it watches over brigands and fair citizens, soldiers and merchants, scholars and beggars. If any of them should plot against our beloved Darkon, then wizard-king may just wish and the man will fall dead."

- peasant's fairy tale

The flag is based on description in Gazetteer II. Azalin's fiery eye looks like eye of Sauron - he can see and know anything in his domain.

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