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Author's notes

Chris Nichols


Like the Kartakan crest, this design can be transformed into the Hazlani flag simply by stretching the shield into a rectangle. The red tower is Veneficus, naturally, the squiggles written on it are supposed to be Hazlik's personal sigil. Unfortunately, I never really liked the sigil design I ended up with; it never really felt organic or natural to me. It needed to be something that felt smoother, more flowing, so feel free to replace it, DMs.


This version of the Von Zarovich crest is a simplified version of the Von Zarovich crest Andrew Wyatt designed. At the time I thought Wyatt's full crest was a bit too 'busy,' so I drew up this alternate. We sent Wyatt's crest in with the manuscript (along with a stack of other Barovian art which Wyatt drew up), but the crest didn't make it into the final product.


This is the ApBlanc family crest and tartan, based on description from Castles Forlorn. Unfortunately, I got the orientation of the crest wrong and only discovered the mistake later when I spotted the ApBlanc crest hidden in one of Castles Forlorn's illustrations. The gauntlet is supposed to be oriented horizontally, not vertically, with the white feather arcing back over the gauntlet.


This crest is based on the Kartakan flag describe in Feast of Goblyns. Just change the shield into a rectangle to use it as a flag. Whether this design is used throughout Kartakass or just in Harmonia is an open question.


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