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Miniatures Usable in Ravenloft

Other miniatures Useable in RL, but not in the official Ravenloft series of miniatures: (Special thanks to Dennis O'Brien for identifying some of them).

Lord Soth

Ral Partha # 11-064
The bad boy of Krynn, mounted and standing (standing mini is the same figure as the Ravenloft boxed set)

Lord Soth's Charge

Ral Partha # 10-566
13 figures, Lord Soth on Barded Charger with 12 skeletal Deathriders. Cool stuff, no?

Garravank the Ghoul King

Repear # 2718
This figure could be used for the Glutton of G'henna.
Click on these to see an unpainted version or this is a hideously painted version by yours truly:

Brother Vincent

Reaper # 2803
Anyone else think this guy would make a good Knight of the Shadows or Cleric of the Morninglord? (submitted by Petrus van Holtz)

Sir Malcolm & Sir Conlan

Reaper # 14069 and 14037
Templar Lightbringers for Knights of the Shadows (submitted by Randy aka AlterEgo)


Reaper # 14025
Bounty Hunter for a Crypt Raider (submitted by Randy aka AlterEgo)


Reaper # 14093
Female Justicar(submitted by Randy aka AlterEgo)


Reaper # 2583, 2584, 2655, 2677, 2825
Sets I, II, III, IV and V
(submitted by Randy aka AlterEgo)


Reaper # 11-499
Ferocious looking wererats in various stages.


Reaper # 31-020
Another wererat, battle bound.

Crypt Thing

Reaper # 11-500
Nice smile, dude.

Vlad the vampires lair

Reaper # 02-525
One of the mini of this set is a Slavic-looking vampire:


What is her crime? Stocks With Woman Peasant from Armorcast (ACID103) originally from Metal Magic, back in the Nineties.

Hanged Man

Well, the adventure has ended too soon for this guy. Armorcast's Hangman's Gibbet and Victim (ACID102) Ditto from Metal Magic.

Chicken Bone

From the Grenadier Miniatures Fantasy Warriors line, sculpted by Mark Copplestone - available as Shapeshifter Shaman (BA0008) from Mirliton

Headless Horseman

A cool version of the headless horseman. Headless Horseman from RAFM's Scarecrows line - SCRAF03859 Still in production from the original manufacturer. The sculptor was possibly Bob Murch.

Vampire and Victim

Reaper # 2856
A cool vampire with cloak biting his female victim!

Sacrifical Alter

Reaper # 2850
An evil altar with female sacrifice victim !


Reaper # 14053
A cool banshee, that I used in Evil Eye for Layla (the color of the ghost's clothes matches those of the gypsy mini (Ravenloft Denizen boxed set)). A great painted example here.


Reaper # 2568
Mean looking mind flayer.
Here's one with brighter colors, by yours truly.


Reaper # 2633
It was love at first sight. By yours truly: As seen sold on ebay:

Old Glory Company

A (new?) exciting miniature company, making minis more suited for the Gothic Earth setting, but many can be used in Ravenloft also.
Click here to have the complete listing and buying info. Here's a large sample:
(submitted by Blake Alexander)

WOTC Plastic miniatures Review

The following minis are from the WotC plastic collections. I hate the randomization of these figurines, and prefer the way most game stores do i.e. open the box and sell the minis according to their rarity. Some of these would fit well in most Ravenloft campaign….

Archfiends Set

Dragoneye Set

Wereboar Dwarven Werebear (hybrid form)
Dread Guard Druid of Obad-Hai - for Forlorn
Red Wizard - for Hazlik Goblin Warrior - for Forlorn
Gravehound Wererat (hybrid Form)
Warrior Skeleton Gargoyle
Cursed Spirit - nice ghost Harpy
Medium Fire Elemental - could be a blood elemental Large Monstrous Spider
Vampire Aristocrat -for Strahd  

Harbinger Set

Giants of Legends Set

Shambling Mound Lord Soth
Wolf Rakshasa - for your Web of Illusions game
Human Blackguard Zombie
Human Executioner Lich Necromancer - could be used for Azalin
Medusa Werewolf
Mind Flayer Quasit - for Azalin's pet
Mummy Minotaur Skeleton - eventual necromancer's creation
Wight Dire Rat
Wraith Dire Wolf
Skeleton Ghast
Troglodyte Zombie Treant - for evil or undead tree creature
Wolf Skeleton Lemure
Zombie Nightwalker
Ghoul Stone Golem
Kua-Toa - could be a goblyn Red Wyrmling (as a gargoyal?)
Werewolf Displacer Serpent (Neat snake)

Deathknell Set


Catfolkwilder (for paka) Cleric of St-Cuthbert (good priest)
Renegade warlock (dark wizard) Many warriors and adventurers of all type
Undying soldier (skeleton warrior) Iron Cobra
Death Knight Flesh golem (sort of monstrously stitched one)
Goblin Adept Mind Flayer telepath
Grim Necromancer Gibbering mouther
Mummy Lord Ogre zombie
Skeleton dwarf  
Burning skeleton
Ravenous vampire
Vampire spawn
Zombie white dragon

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