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List of Ravenloft RPGA adventures

The following is a list of Ravenloft RPGA tournaments that have been run, compiled from the Kargatane archive, plus some help by Giamarga (list check), Daisu (summaries), beasterbrook (dates and names), and internet sources such as http://kellscaer.net/ and http://warlordsca.org.

Anyone having a copy of these, or any other information on these or other RPGA events should contact us!


Awakenings19932 rounds
Is this the module The Awakening?
A Curse of Blood1995by Robert Wiese
Domain: Dementlieu (village of Cerlimieu on banks of the Musarde River)
Summary: Doppelgangers are trying to infiltrate the village; they are using a ghost of the Wicked Man of the Woods to get rid of rivals and place blame. When a troop of vistani come to town, the doppelganger leader fears their gift of sight would compromise his plans to taking over all of Dementlieu. Four adventurers on the trail of the ghost come upon the vistani camp and get embroiled in a murder. When one vistani leader was replaced by a doppelganger to kill the other, a curse came upon all implicated until the killer is dealt with to break the curse.
Note: Two of the playable PCs are true vistani, so it was interesting how the race was handled. The adventure also does not follow the Ravenloft timeline, since the ghost was created from Vlad Drakov’s dealings a hundred years ago in Ravenloft.
Cry Little Sister1996by Brandon G. Amancio
Curse of the Casket1991?
Involves G'Henna.
Dance of the Dead1991by Jim Lowder and Bruce Nesmith2 rounds
Domain: Ghastria
Summary: First round the PCs had sworn a oath before they got killed by the Marquis while he was holding a party so he can use the painting. 2nd round happens two days later, Stezen's men dumped the PCs bodies as well of those of the other quests at the crossroads. PCs come back as revenants bent on revenge. Since the marquis is tough to destroy outright, they must take their revenge by stealing the painting, the only thing that can provide Stezen joy. The players have to react quickly, and their overall nature and new powers only discovered through experimentation. Round ends with the burning of the marquis's mansion and the PCs giving the painting to a vistani, fulfilling their revenge and going to their eternal reward.
Note: Special rules for the revenants that set them apart from normal revenants.
Death Comes Calling1998 by Gary Labrecque
Doorway to Darkness1996 by Rucht Lilavivat
Father of the Bride1996 by Steve Glasgow & Ken Marcinonis2 rounds
Fear and the Flame by Ramon Delgado
Felkovic's Cat1994 by Paul Culotta2 rounds
later published in Dungeon #50
House of Dark Strategy by Jeffrey Kahrs, Michael T. Smith
Infatuation1995? by Chris Doyle
They Hunt at Night1995? by Chris Doyle
Out from Darkness by Rucht Lilavivat
Ravenloft II 19861 round
Is this I-10 The House on Gryphon Hill?
Ravenslurch19912 rounds
Return of the Lucky Seven1996 by R. Derek Pattison
Domain: Broward
Summary: The town and domain of Broward suffers under a unique curse. Long time ago, the mountain valley was ruled by a baron who was benevolent in most matters except an utter hatred for children, to a point that his men had to restrain him whenever he caught sight of one.
He took many lovers even among the common people. One of these lovers was a vistani woman whose exotic ways drew the baron. But when she announced she was having his child, the baron slew her. Before the last breath made it past her lips, however, she uttered a curse, "In the name of all the gods, dark and light, may you forever cursed to be the Boogey-Man, the haunter of children's dreams, reappearing every generation until seven children unite to confront their fears." The dark powers took notice, and Broward was cast adrift into the mists, and the Baron became Red Eyes, a ghostly figure that haunts the nightmares of children. Every twenty years, a group of seven children were born, who together have power to stop the Red Eyes. But Red Eyes managed to separate and slay or enslave them each generation. As this went on, Red Eyes became more powerful and realized that adults did not acknowledge his presence, and he could take their children and they would forget they existed. Thus Red Eyes became even more despicable and the dark powers rewarded him with more power.
One year, an elven wild mage who came to Broward, was sufficiently childlike that he could detect Red Eyes, realized what was happening and intervened saving the seven children of that generation.
Now another twenty years have past, those children had grown up and gone their separate ways and all but forgotten the incident, and the mage is about to reunite them with this generation's seven, hoping it might be enough to defeat Red Eyes. But Red Eyes was not going to be caught off guard by the mage again...and struck first.
Notes: Each of the seven have a special empowered item, Red Eyes can use his power to drain the age of the current seven in hopes to make them children again, scaring them and enslaving them. Red Eyes feeds upon children dreams and turning the child into a mindless servant. With special care he can create many different undead from children he has drained.
Sacrificial Lambs1995 by Bruce Nesmith
(First run at GENCON '95)
Shadows Dance by Peter Duhaime
The Beast Within 1994by Bruce Nesmith & Thomas Reid 2 rounds
(First run at GENCON '94) (Reid wrote 2nd round)
Domain: unknown, has a town called Riverbee and a castle.
Summary: The PCs are taken by the mists while in Myth Drannor (FR) to a land ruled by Count Vordascek and his wife the countess. The PCs were turned into werewolves and sent rampaging, but were caught. A local priest knew a way for a cure but before able to give it, wolves and werewolves broke into the dungeons and killed everyone except for the PCs to set to blame. PCs escaped and eventually meet up to the count's personal priest who knew the former priest and he befriends the PCs. PCs before setting off were ambushed by the count's twin sons and their guards. PCs realize one was a loup garou causing the twins to square off till one was exposed as a werewolf and killed. As the PCs undergo their cleansing ceremony, the countess and her werewolves attack, killing the assistants and stealing away the priest while PCs were chained in their part of the ceremony. Werewolves don the PCs' equipment and go rampaging in the village. PCs escape and try to help the village but it was too late and they have to try to win back the village's trust. The countess wants to turn her other son into a true werewolf but she needs the essence of werewolf created by her other son, in which sets a trail for PCs to follow into a trap.
The Greatest Loss1995 by Andrew Hauptman
Domain: Phantom Lover's domain, city of Saerloon in Sembia (Forgotten Realms)
Summary: 3 months ago, the party's founder and longtime leader died. His loss was felt most heavily by his wife. A month later she was struck by some wasting illness, and found each morning asleep over her husband grave, though how she got there is a mystery. The housekeeper fearing some evil power had enspelled the wife, sent out a summons for the rest of her adventuring companions. The PCs arrive just as their friend has agreed to travel with the Phantom Lover, who has been feeding on her in the guise of her husband.
The Only Way Out 19912 rounds
The Return of Stezen D'Polarno (Or 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Necromancer') 1992 by James Lowder
Summary: Sequel to "Dance of the Dead". The PCs' goal is to steal back the painting from the vistani and return it to Stezen. PCs were just taken from Toril, so Stezen is offering a way home. After getting back the portrait, Stezen uses it on them. Once in the painting they find themselves in another dimension built around the history of Stezen D'Polarno and the rules of art. The PCs escape but are spirits similar to haunts that can only possess objects (specific wooden game pieces attuned to spirits) and must strike while Stezen is vulnerable.
The game featured within the adventure (Spirit Battlers) which the PCs later take over the pieces of is reminiscent of Star Wars' chess-like game (Dejarik).
Scream in the New Year1992Tim Brushnell, Rich Norman and Bill Read?
The Trouble with Sara 1993by Derek Pattison 1 round
Domain: Englestaat
Victoria Barclay (a foxwoman) ruthlessly manipulated and murdered most of the members of the noble house over 30 years ago. Bitter at her own parents' fall from nobility, she hated the idea of being "common" and the nobles that had the wealth and respect that should be hers. Her wicked crimes allowed the Dark Powers to claim the land just before she had overcome all but one foe: the Englestaats. Victora was forever denied her plans of complete conquest and control. Furthermore she is cursed to live in a common inn, unable to leave it without extreme pain. Von Englestaat is ruler of the land that bears his family name.
The adventure is about how the Mist seeks a replacement darklord, since Victoria is now dead, and the mists watch over her killer, her own adopted daughter Sara. If Sara surrenders to her dark impulses she will become the new darklord. An unwitting agent of the Dark Powers, darkling Ignata is leading her down this path. Sara is trying to reunite with her father, but now she is bound to the inn. Her father was sending the PCs to retrieve her, but the darkling has put doubt in Sara's mind, that the PC might be coming to kill her. Sara is planning to charm the PCs and retrieve her father or kill him outright. PC must convince Sara of Ignata's true intentions.
Thieves' Gambit by Larsen and Wichmann3 rounds
(Forgotten Realms crossover?)
Hour of the Knifeby Bruce Nesmith3 rounds
Round 1: Thrust
Round 2: Parry
Round 3: Cut
Reworked for publication in the main 2nd Edition Ravenloft line by Lisa Smedman.
The Haunted House on Haver's Hillock
The Six Lions: Shadows of Doubt1993Tim Brushnell, Rich Norman and Bill Read
Follow up adventure to "Scream in the New Year". Starts off in Greyhawk and travels to Ravenloft.

Adventurer's Guild

A Second Chance1998by Steve Miller
[Greyhawk/Ravenloft crossover] It takes place in Greyhawk. Adventuring party reunites to help an ex-member who is having trouble with her new husband. They find that the husband is trying to retrieve the Hand of Vecna, and hopefully the party can stop him so that he will come to his senses. Eventually they make their way to ruins that holds the artifact and during the fight, the ex-member betrays the group since they were just pawns to help her retrieve the Hand of Vecna herself. The Betrayal and deaths draw the crypt into Ravenloft, where the ex-member is now darklord of a pocket domain within the Burning Peaks. They can choose to kill her or just walk away leaving her trapped. This adventure could be a prelude leading into Vecna Reborn.
Farewell To The Flesh1999by John W. Mangrum
[Edited by Steve Miller]
Domain: Barovia
Strahd, being upset over the Carnival coming and going where it pleases through his land, sets a trap for it. The Foxgrove Twins and allies on the trail of the Night Swarm get caught up into it.
Note: Pregen characters are awesome and you get to play the twins! Probably the most campaign-worthy RPGA adventure and good way to introduce the Carnival.
Legacy Of Venom 1999by Lucien Soulban
[Edited by Cindi Rice]
Domain: Nova Vassa [Town of Liara]
Merchant returning home to find his wife cheating on him, cursed her as he was killed in the fight. She became a werespider and slew her lover and fled to the countryside. She was mortally wounded by a bear and died, but her offspring, hundreds of normal tiny spiders that carry her curse in their venom, survived. An adventuring party originally from RavensBluff get embroiled in a vampire hunt, but the legacy of blood is their greater foe.
Deepening Shadowsby James Wyatt
The Beast Within 1998 by James Wyatt
Domain: Dementlieu, village of Villebois (level 4-6)
Summary: A loup du noir has been feeding on the village and either making a villager convinced of their own guilt or using a stranger as a scapegoat who will be unable to give a believable alibi. In walk the PCs, who get arrested under suspicion of lycanthropy. PCs find a unlikely ally in another lycanthrope trying to avoid suspicion and find the real killer. PCs must piece the evidence while avoiding angry mobs of villagers to unmask the loup du noir.
Haunting of Silver Ruinsby Anthony Valterra
The Heart's Final Beatby John W. Mangrum
Reprinted in TSR JAM 1999

Masque of the Red Death

Task of the Red Death by Ramon Delgado2 rounds
Of Sound Mind and Body by Robert Farnsworth and Jeff Cisneros2 rounds
Tombstoneby Dave Gross
The Darkness at Bromhead Manor2000by Geoff Skellams
3rd Edition
And Then There Were Six2000by Wayne S. Melnick
3rd Edition

Living Death Events

Skinners (LD1) 1996
Casting Call (LD2) 1996 by David Eckelberry & John Bunnell
Campaign date: 20 Febuary 1890 Location: Milwaukee Level: Low
The Judge's House (LD3)1996 by Andrew Hauptman
London's Foggy Streets (LD4)1996 by Gary Labrecque
The Lost Valley (LD5)1996 by John D. Rateliff
Mystery of the Haunted Mine (LD6)1996 by Philip J. Rogich
No Rest for the Weary (LD7)1997 by Wayne S. Melnick
The Breath of Life (LD8)1997 by Andrew Hauptman
The Wayward Wind (LD9)1997 by Christopher Gurney
A Bad Root (LD10)1997 by Leonard Dessert
Light in Venice1997
The Goodliest Soile1997
Hard Medicine1997
Blood on the Bayou (LD11)1997 by Wayne S. Melnick
The Voodoo Saga #1
Starry Night1997
Medicine Man (LD12)1997 by Keith W. Hoffman
Campaign date: August 27th 1890 Location: Western U.S. (Dakotas & Nebraska) Level: Low Plot Synopsis: The heroes went to investigate the ghost dance and whatever else was happening on the Lakota Sioux reservations. (Spirit Warriors #1)
To Make the Dead Walk1997
The Voodoo Saga #1a
Just Want to Have Fun (LD13)1997 by Gary Labrecque
A Holiday in Europe1997
Hidden Treasures #1
Holiday in America1998
A Tale of Two Tomes1998
Terror on the Orient Express1998
Murder in the Ozarks1998
Roman Holiday1998
The Terror on Beacon Street1998
Au Bonheur de Dames1998by Cyndi Bakke
Strange Occurences1998by Claire Hoffman
Intrigue in Egypt1998
Holiday in Rio1998
Return to the Bayou1998
The Voodoo Saga #2
Glory! Glory!1998
Red Sky in the Morning1998
Schalken the Painter1998
Southern Pines1998
Revenge in Egypt1999by Claire Hoffman
And Summer Gardens1999by David Wolin
Synopsis: “A bunch of stuffy old scientists at an English country estate? Well at least we are in the right season to watch the flowers bloom...” An adventure for mid-level characters. Hidden Treasures #2
A Holiday in Hong Kong1999by Keith Hoffman
Synopsis: "Come celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Hong Kong, January 1892, but be ready to unravel a plot!" An adventure for mid-level Living Death heroes. (First in the Jade Lotus Series)
Change of Heart1999by John Richardson
Synopsis: The White Rose has sent you to India to investigate the disappearance of the wife of a local businessman. As always, it pays to be careful when the qabal comes calling. A Living Death adventure for mid- to high-level heroes. Jade Lotus series #2.
Darkness Within1999by John Richardson and Wayne S. Melnick
Synopsis: For mid-level and high-level heroes.
On the Trail1999by Keith Hoffman
Synopsis: You head to Hong Kong in August 1892, following a stolen artifact! An adventure for heroes of all levels. Jade Lotus series #3.
Doll House1999by Eddie Balyka
Synopsis: The White Rose has sent you to look for some strange things in the past but what can be so gosh darn important about a child’s toy? This tournament occurs in early April of 1892 and is set in the Northeastern part of the United States. This tournament is designed for High and Mid level heroes.
The Fire of Innocence1999by Parvez "Peabody" Yusufji
Synopsis: To save the lives of many innocent people and stop a madman from creating an army of undead soldiers, guardians of the White Rose are faced with a choice that may claim their own souls. For mid-level heroes.
The House1999by Victor Long
Synopsis: At a colleague's request, you are to save a damsel in distress, or at least one who is gravely ill. It is early May on the coast of France. This is a low/mid event.
Hallowed Ground1999by Rucht Lilavivat and Robert Tomihiro
Synopsis: You are summoned to the Biltmore house to investigate certain strange events. An adventure for heroes of all levels.
Medicine Bag1999by Keith Hoffman
Synopsis: In October 1892, you are sent to visit the Eastern Band of the Cherokees in North Carolina where something is very wrong in the Great Smoky Mountains. For heroes of any level. Spirit Warriors #2
Trails in the Sand1999by Claire Hoffman
Synopsis: An archeological expedition in Egypt has had some very strange occurrences. Are they losing workers to superstition or something more sinister? Can you solve this mystery before the last worker dies? This adventure is set in Egypt in February of 1892. Designed for heroes of mid level and higher. Pawprints series part four.
The Trouble1999by Victor Long
Synopsis: Something is feeding on the lives of a small Eastern American town. Do you have the strength and skill to stop it? For low-level and mid-level heroes.
White Man's Burden1999by Edward Gibson
Synopsis: You are contacted by the White Rose and asked to travel to South Africa. There have been reports of unusual problems in the gold mines and they would like you to investigate. For mid-level and high-level heroes.
Wild West1999by Steve Sampson
Synopsis: “Go West young man!” said Horace Greeley, but you don’t think this is what he had in mind! A Living Death adventure for low or mid level heroes set in late June of 1892.
The Gamble1999
Dirty Laundry1999by Wayne S. Melnick
Jorvik1999by Chris Tulach
Mission to China1999by Keith Hoffman
Jade Lotus series - part 4
The Archeological Society Annual Dinner1999
Gencon Living Death LARP
A Night in the Low Country1999by Deborah Melnick and Wayne S. Melnick
The Voodoo Saga #3
Gamble in the Alps2000by Dan Donnelly
Synopsis: An adventure for mid-level and high-level heroes.
Midnight by Moonlight2000by Wayne Straiton
Synopsis: Our heroes journey to historic Boston in March of 1893 where they are drawn Into a web of intrigue and one of the greatest evils they have faced yet. An adventure for low-level and mid-level heroes.
The Mine2000by Victor Long
Synopsis: Are you brave enough to face a pit that is rumored to descend to Hell, itself? Once more a letter from the White Rose sends you on a trip, this time to the mountains of West Virginia. This event is set in late May 1893 and is for mid- to high-level heroes (levels 5+). “The Mine” continues the events placed in motion in the scenario "The House."
With Just a Touch2000by Bryon Heim
Newspaper clippings about murder in New York, while the murders are tragic what interest does the White Rose have in this seemingly mundane event? This adventure takes place in early November 1893. An adventure for mid-level and high-level heroes.
A Silken Scream2000by August Hahn
Synopsis: Something vicious stalks the streets of London once more, leaving exsanguinated corpses in its wake. Contacted by the White Rose to investigate this new menace, can you track down the fiend responsible before it murders again? An adventure for heroes levels 1-4.
Artifact Quest2000by Lloyd Brown III
The Gentleman's Return2000by Wayne S. Melnick
The Voodoo Saga #4
Mystic of Mercy2000by Keith Hoffman
Synopsis: You are called to London in December, 1893 to help with one of the internal tasks of the Society, tending to the fallen. Mystics are particularly sought by the Society. Heroes should be 4th level or higher, or have a favorable notice (but no unfavorable notices) from the Inner Circle. Inner Circle Series #1.
The Road of Bones2000by Eddie Balyka
Synopsis: You are requested to hunt for the reality behind rumors of a primitive savage roaming the Catskill Mountains of New York. What starts out a relative simple task turns into an event that may leave those who survive it with nightmares for a very long time. A Living Death adventure dealing with a very gruesome evil. For heroes of 5th level and above set in October of 1893.
Royal Spirits2000by Keith Hoffman
Jade Lotus series - part 5
Trouble in Paradise2000by Larry Douglas
The White City2000by Edward Gibson
Dog Days2000
It Happened at the World's Fair2000
All's Fair2000by Ruth Pinsky and Edward Balyka
Gencon 2000 Feature. Synopsis: Aunt Rose is sporting the bill for you to spend some time at the Columbian Exposition. It seems that all she wants you to do is make sure that the petty vandalism the fair has been experiencing, is simply just that. You're not even being asked to catch the criminals! All you have to do is verify that they are just common criminals and pass any important info on to your contact. Seems like that should leave plenty of time to enjoy yourselves. An adventure for heroes of all levels.
Ring Around...2000by Claire Hoffman
Gencon 2000 Synopsis: Ring around a rosy pockets full of poises ashes ashes all fall down! A simple children’s song or an omen of things to come? Or things that have already come to pass? Find out as you attempt to investigate what may be a case of arson at the fair. An adventure for heroes of all levels.
Another Trouble2000by Victor Long1 round
Synopsis: In September 1893 you are asked to help investigate an incident that caused the deaths of a number of Travelers (White Rose field operatives) in Richmond, Virginia. The threat this time isn't as bad as you may think; it is probably worse. This is a one-round Living Death tournament suitable for all character levels. The adventure is a sequel to The Trouble and is connected in part to the House of Medina series.
Jade Lotus Series #6
American Gothic Earth2001
The Number of the Beast - part 1
Carnegie's Music Hall2001
Distant Thunder20012 rounds
Jade Lotus series - part 7
Memory Alone2001
The Mission2001
Strange Brew2001
The End2001
The Moebius Trilogy - part 1
Urgent Affair2001
When Blood Runs Cold2001
Part 5 of the Voodoo Saga
White Lightning2001
White Wedding2001
Winter's Hunger2001
Bohemian Misery2002
As Ottowa Sleeps2002
Fallen Angel2002
Medicine Doll2002
Spirit Warriors #3
White Christmas2002
Part 1 of the Amulet Series
Mid-High level
The Mindless Ones2002
A Road Less Traveled2002
Bitter Harvest2002
Bottled Terror2002
Flowers in the Sand2002
Great White2002
Gossip on the Nile2002
Train of Terror2002
Lure of Silver2002
The Qabalist2002
Rose City2002
The Message2002
Weighing of the Heart2002
Yuletide Spirits2002by Bryon Heim
Set in Stone2003
The M2003
Keeper's Auction2003
Cycle of the Hunter2003
Winter Fantasy 2003. Part II of the Amulet Series
A Matter of Faith2003
Between the Hedges2003
Eyes Without a Face2003
Ghosts of the Empire2003
Medicine Bones2003
Spirit Warriors #3
The Summer of Evil2003
The Troubled Heart2003
Upon a Cross of Gold2003
The Voodoo Saga #6
Good Intentions2003
The Lady's Song2003
Death of a Librarian2004
A Bite Before Dying2004
Adding a Menace2004
Hidden Treasures #4
Final Words2004
Holiday in Ireland2004
There Is One Born Every Minute2004
Medicine Quest2004
Spirit Warriors #5
Reign of Terror2004
Sisters by Blood2004
White Lies2004
Caliban Dreams2005
Hidden Treasures #5
House of Vengeance2005
Through the Looking Glass2005
Hidden Treasures #3
A Quick Stab to the Heart2005
Black Gold2005
Evil Intentions2005
The Scouring of Cornwall2005
Fire of Revenge2005
Heaven Doesn't Want Him2005
House of Sand2005
Part 7 of Pawprints
Sand Trap2005
Part 8 of Pawprints
It is the fall of 1898 and the century is drawing closer to its end. Finally, the White Rose may have caught a break. Resources in Mobile, Alabama have identified a known ally of the Great Enemy. As part of a crack team of Travelers, you have been called in to investigate, and if possible, capture and interrogate the suspect. It is hoped that your success will lead the Society in the right direction and if possible, closer to ending the undead menace that has been corrupting the Southeastern United States for almost a decade. The Voodoo Saga #7
Medicine Claw2005
Spirit Warriors #6
Old Debts2005
Travelers have been called back to Athens by an old friend. It looks as if the White Rose has finally found the ancient coins lost a couple of years ago during an unfortunate incident at an auction. Will you be able to recover the elusive pieces of silver once again? For Living Death heroes of all levels, including 14th levels, Ministers and Shepherds that played Roman Holiday. The Penultimate adventure of the Betrayal in Silver series.
Sisters in Spirit2005
The Library2005
The Masque2005
Ancient Footprints2006
Darkness Like a Dream2006
A theatrical production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream gets off to a shaky start as actors take ill and the clientele grow restless for something more modern, but it's more than a little bad luck lurking about in the thriving capital of Ohio. What harm can a few Columbus thespians possibly cause?
This adventure is set in September of 1899, while heroes above 13th level are not barred from playing this if the player has another hero of lower level it is strongly requested that that lower level hero participate in this adventure
Holiday in the Congo2006
In early April of 1899 Travelers are dispatched to the Congo Free State to investigate a strange disappearance and discover something much more sinister.
Return of the Queen2006
Return to Lost Valley2006
Signs and Portents2006
Into the Maelstrom2006
Warrior's Rest2006
Cat's Paw2006
According to rumors there is a child devouring ogress in the Karnack temple complex. There have also been sightings of Barbary lions in the streets of Luxor. Are there any facts behind the rumors or has the recent events in Egypt just have every one nerves on edge? This adventure takes place in November of 1899 and is designed for heroes of 5th level and above.
Celestial Dreams2006
In October 1899, the heroes will confront Elder Doctor at the legendary Taoist sacred mountain, Taishan. Elder Doctor plans to complete his transformation of China and himself. Is he being guided by the spirit of the Yellow Emperor, the Jade Emperor or the Red Death? Will the future of China be changed forever? This adventure is number ten in the Jade Lotus series and the finale of the series
It is the autumn of 1899 and the century is just months from its close. Based on information obtained by the Society of the White Rose almost a year ago, you have once again returned to the Southeastern United States. The Society now believes it has a chance to end the threat of Dr. John and Sweet Medicine for good here and now. You have been asked to be in Atlanta, Georgia on one of the two moments in the year when day and night are of equal length. Your actions will determine whether the light will shine bright or whether it will be swallowed by the shadows once and for all. The Voodoo Saga #8
Ex Altum Mare2006
The Society of the White Rose needs you to travel by ship to the Orient in early October 1899 to investigate what has happened to a missing Traveler.
This adventure is a prequel to Jade Lotus 8, although it is not actually part of the Jade Lotus series
Garden of Bones2006
Over the last few months, the occurrence of eerie noises, strange ghostly lights and horrific apparitions have steadily increased in the small village of Lake’s Crossing, Virginia. A village forever immortalized in the Victorian romance novel "The Wishing Well." Could the recent discovery of two skeletons be the cause of all this supernatural activity? Could these bones be somehow related to the true, tragic love story behind the novel? Do you possess the courage to put an end to the haunting of Lake’s Crossing...even if it means sacrificing yourself to the Garden of Bones? A two-round continuous play Living Death tournament suitable for adventurers of 5th level and above.
Into the Stygian Depths2006
By chance, the Society has learned the location to the fabled treasure of the Knights Templar. What ancient artifacts and secrets could have been hidden away? Time is of the essence for the Society may not be alone in the hunt for this lost treasure. A one-round Living Death tournament suitable for adventurers of 5th level and above. Set in late August 1899, this adventure is the conclusion to the Spirits of the Templar series
Night in Shanghai2006
In October 1899, the heroes of the White Rose find themselves in Shanghai, arguably one of the most exotic cities in the world. The local Watcher is alarmed that people may be losing their souls to the corrupt delights of Shanghai nights and has asked for help. Is this a vile plot of Elder Doctor, another experiment by the Six-Fingered Hand, or a foreshadowing of a coming apocalypse? This adventure is number eight in the Jade Lotus series and presents mature moral themes.
Sands of Time2006
Autumn has arrived and so the archeologists have returned to the Valley of the Kings for another year of excavation. But hiring workers is harder this year for it seems tales of ghosts haunting the valley and the walking dead roaming the villages at night are spreading throughout the west bank of the Nile. Can the Travelers sift though the rumors and find the truth? This adventure takes place in November of 1899 after the adventure Cat's Paw and is designed for heroes of 5th level and above.
With portents of danger surrounding an upcoming March 30th wedding, the travelers have a chance to meet on the cruise (from New York to Bermuda) to the wedding site. Unfortunately, an old 'friend' crashes the party and her enemy wreaks havoc to harm her. It is recommended that at least one person in the party have good supernatural skills/spell casting. This adventure is a direct sequel to Sisters by Blood but playing that game is not required to play this one (though having at least one character that has played that game could be useful).
Loose threads have woven themselves into a cloth of danger. When the targets of missed opportunities join forces, the travelers and watchers of the Society are vulnerable. Yet the confluence of conspirators provides the best opportunity to harm something wicked upon the seas. This adventure is the conclusion to the Sisters series. “Sisters in Spirit” and “Sister-in-Law” should be played prior to playing this adventure. Having at least one hero that had played “Sisters by Blood” could be useful
The Death of Kings2006
Part I - Signs and Portents
The White Rose at last discovers the secret to defeating Imhotep, and has an opportunity to learn about his machinations on Gothic Earth. A Living Death adventure for heroes of 5th level and above set in June 1899.
Part II - ??
Part III - Requiem
In the final chapter of the series, the heroes must face the wrath of Imhotep. As the party is pursued, they must seek to forge the artifacts that will defeat this most dire threat. A Living Death adventure for heroes of 5th level and above in June of 1899.
The Lord is My Shepherd2006
The Society was not always the organized force of good it has become. Travelers are asked to return to Philadelphia to respond to something the Founders had long buried and forgotten about. A one-round Living Death tournament suitable for adventurers of 5th level and above.
Tomb of Jade2006
In October 1899, the heroes head to an Elder Doctor-sponsored archeological expedition at a Han Dynasty tomb near Baoding, Chih-li Province, southwest of Peking. What is the aged leader of China seeking and what is he willing to do to get it? This adventure is number nine in the Jade Lotus series.
When the Soul Runs Cold2006
August 1899. The Crescent City calls once again, and a hand reaches from the past to alter the future. The dead walk the streets of the French Quarter as the turn of the century approaches. You must find the reason, and stop an old enemy from completing a terrible plan to unleash new horrors upon Gothic Earth.
A Call to Arms2007
The Society calls on Travelers to take on various tasks before one last briefing. Among those tasks will be attempts to eliminate threats posed by some creatures of evil which had escaped prior White Rose attempts to destroy them. (LARP)
LD Campaign Finale: December 1899. The Travelers of the White Rose have overcome countless hideous monsters, numerous evil men and repeated temptation of the soul, but one last quest awaits them - to end the threat of the Red Death itself. Guided by ancient prophecies and aided by the Ankh, these heroes will head to the spot where the Red Death entered the world to defy this ultimate Evil by offering the ultimate sacrifice.

Living City Events with Ravenloft Content

To Live and Die in Ravensbluff1993
Includes a short trip to Nidala
A Wedding Summons in Ravensbluff 1994
Inferno in the Living City 1995
Sarbreen, the Undying City 1995
The Dogs of War 1995
Slaves to Fashion 1996
Strange Bedfellows 1996

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