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Netbook Translation Policy

Should you wish to translate our material, please follow these directions:

  1. Use of FoS “trademarks” names.

    We do not allow anyone under any circumstances to make a netbook from translated material and put a name used by the Fraternity of Shadows on it (namely, you can’t use the "Quoth the Raven" (QtR) name, or the "Undead Sea Scrolls" (USS) and the "Lost Children of the Night").

  2. Permission from the authors.

    For each text you’d like to translate, we would ask you to get permission from each authors. If they agree, you can then translate and host these articles on your site, provided you follow the other guidelines of this agreement. Should you need help in reaching some of them, let us know.

    The same request for images inserted in the text. If you want to use them, please ask the author for permission.

    Since the texts belongs to the authors themselves, we (the FoS) can't give any language exclusivity.

  3. Ethics reminder

    The name of the author (and email, should the author wishes it to appear) should be clearly mentioned after the article title.

    You should translate the article without changing its content. If you add something to the article, make sure it is clearly seen as a comment / suggestion / addition from the translators. We suggest you add these comments at the end of the article with a “Translator’s notes:” before it.

    If not there already on your site, you should put a disclaimer about WotC trademarks such as:

    “Legal Notice: AD&D, DUNGEONS&DRAGONS, D&D, DUNGEON MASTER, RAVENLOFT and MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH are registered trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This book does not represent a challenge to any Wizards-held trademarks. Wizards of the Coast is not officially affiliated with the content of this article in any way. This article may be reproduced for personal use, but may not be used to generate revenue.”

  4. FoS Archives.

    For our archives, please sent us a copy of each article translated and hosted on your site.

  5. Link with the FoS.

    Please put the following note under each article:

    "This article has been made available here in Italian by permission of the author. An English version is available at the Fraternity of Shadows (www.FraternityOfShadows.com) Ravenloft website"

    Also, if it's not the case, please add our site to your list of D&D or Ravenloft links. When you will start adding translated Ravenloft material, let us know, we will do the same on our link page as a source of Ravenloft material translated to Italian.

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