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Artist Notes by Stanton Fink

(Click for Full Size)

“What’s this snaggle-toothed monstrosity?”

“Lamordian sailors call it the ‘Alptraumrahmen,’ or, ‘Nightmare Cage.’”

“They don’t eat them do they? I’ve tried that kohlfischwurst they make in Ludendorf… I was afraid I’d never stop retching.”

“Nonsense. No Lamordian would sooner eat these horrors than they would kiss a coal toad.”

“What does this darling do, then?”

“The Lamordians believe that the Alptraumrahmen emits a colorless light that can’t be seen to drive its victims insane.”

“Odd. Perhaps it hopes to chase people into the sea because of this? And how does one notice this “colorless” light that can’t be seen?”

“The sailors claim that a Nightmare Cage is near when candles dim for no reason, and all is swathed in a dark blue glow.”

“How interesting… Hmmmm…”

“What is it?”

“No wonder they threw that sailor overboard on my trip to Ludendorf.”


“There was a man running around on the deck, screaming ‘Ich bin durch den Alptraumrahmen ergriffen worden!’”


- Stanton Fink, Aquatic Horrors, Quoth the Raven Issue 9


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