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Artist Notes by Stanton Fink

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It, who lies beneath us all…
It, who is the master of all lies…
It who is King of the Darkness of the Water; It who is the Mother of the Chasm; It who is the Abyss.

One day, one day soon, It shall be free of Its prison.
One day, one day soon, It shall throw off Its shackles of mist and stone.
One day, one day soon, It shall rise up once more, and Devour everything.

- Stanton Fink, Excerpts from the Register, Undead Sea Scrolls 2003

Apokryltaros1, It Who Once Ruled Us All, sleeps beneath the Land of the Dead, and awaits the time It can be free to rule us once more.

Millenia ago, It Who Must Not Be Invoked sought to destroy the mortal races. They offended It, and It wished to devour them.

The Kings of Heaven were angered by the Devourer’s plan, and They cast It out of the Lands of the Living. Lost, It came to dwell in the Land of the Dead. The ghosts feared It, and made It their emperor.

Through his eternal benevolence, Azalin entered into the Mists and seized the Land of the Dead from Apokryltaros. He struggled with It, and cast It beneath the Land. With their Emperor gone, the dead returned to their sleep.

It slumbers beneath the Land, but does not rest. It dreams in Its tomb, but is awake. It hungers, IT ALWAYS HUNGERS.

[1] Darkonian legend speaks of how Darkon was once a land of the dead… Could it be that Azalin came to Darkon and made it into what it is now after disposing its original ruler? Is this fish-devil Alxa writes of the true genius of Darkon and Necropolis?

- Stanton Fink, Excerpts from the Register, Undead Sea Scrolls 2002


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