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Artist Notes by Stanton Fink

(Click for Full Size)

Gemathustra was once a healer possessed of a warped and twisted body, but a loving and gracious soul.

Even the dead could be restored by his beneficent touch.

One day, Gemathustra was brutally beaten by a band of cruel and haughty warriors, and left for dead in a G’henna. However, while he refused to allow his own body die, his soul died in his place.

Thus, Gemathustra the Magician rose up in Gemathustra the Healer’s place.

The Magician’s vengeance was to be long and vicious. He set a trap for the warriors by enticing them to hunt a monstrous beast he created.

The warriors’ hunt for the Magician’s Beast, Oku Guwa, was fraught with many casualties, and they willingly submitted to Gemathustra’s touch.

Rather than kill them, he twisted their bodies into nightmarish forms.

And so, Gemathustra the Magician was welcomed into the Lands of Mist.

- Stanton Fink, Excerpts from the Register, Undead Sea Scrolls 2003


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