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Author's notes

Steve Miller

This product features the first appearance of the Gentleman Caller, a figure that was placed in there by Steve Kurtz as a sort-of drive-by demonic rapist to get the ball rolling. I decided that he would make a great recurring background figure, so I took a line where Mr. Kurtz referred to Gabrielle Aderre's not really remembering the night she spent with her "gentleman caller" and made that the fellows name and had him pop up in products I worked on over the following couple of years. He captured the imaginations of Ravenloft fans in a way I had never anticipated.

In this one, I expanded boxed texts, tinkered with the "nursing ghost" thing, added the multiple endings, and all of the "further adventures" and political ramifications, and the "gazetteer" section on Invidia. I think I also played up Gabrielle's relationship with Matton more. If memory serves, the original version of the adventure ended with Gabrielle being butchered by the Midnight Slasher, so all the other spin-offs are mine. (On the Gaz section, I'm particularly fond of the throwaway reference to the paka village. I love those guys, and I wish I could have found somewhere to do more with them. I've tried twice now working them into current RL items I'm working on, and I kinda-sorta worked them into the upcoming "Legacies if Blood"... if they survive editing and continuity checking!)

Overall, there's so much that went on with this one that I'd have to look at it to remember what I did where.

But there's no doubt that I'm the one who screwed up the scale on the poster map. *sigh*


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