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When Black Roses Bloom

Author's notes

Steve Miller

Steve Miller's Notes as posted on his message board:

This was another adventure that Harold Johnson wanted overhauled. This one was already well into the production process when it landed on my desk.

His reason? He didn't like the ending, and he wanted more "Dragonlancey" stuff to be added. (I agreed with him on the ending, for what it's worth. It had Takhisis manifesting in Ravenloft and giving the PCs the chance to leave by jumping into her mouth. Their destination upon "escaping" was the Abyss.)

I can give specifics if you want, but here's what I recall offhand that I rewrote. I don't recall if Magda had her talking raven originally, but I know that I went through and added the "Lord! Through! Dark" words to its vocabulary. That set up the revised ending that I wrote. (Everything from the point where the PCs reach the cave is from my keyboard and mind.)


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