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Notes on the Web Enhancement
for Masque of the Red Death

Author's notes

Following the release of the WE by Rucht in November 2003, a discussion on it followed where Rucht provided additional precisions:



The feats are all very well made except the sniper feat which seems a little unbalancing in my opinion?

Rucht Lilavivat:

Ah. I think I see the problem. It should say that the Sniper feat takes a standard action. That means that you could, at best, make a single sniper shot every other round.

Stygian Inquirer:

I love the new weapons, but what do they cost?

Rucht Lilavivat:

The prices for the weapons can be found on p. 135 of the Masque of the Red Death d20 book. Right where it specifies handgun and long arm. The Spencer Rifle is a repeating carbine, as described in the Web Enhancement. The Winchester Rifle is a repeating rifle, and the Buffalo Rifle is a breech rifle.

Stygian Inquirer:

I couldn't find any descriptions but I see what you mean by using the Rate of Fire to determine what kind of weapon it is. Also, in the MotRD book, there is no pocket revolver. Do I price it the same as a Navy Pistol because they are similar weapons based on the RoF?

Rucht Lilavivat:

I would price the pocket revolver to be equal to the navy pistol, yes. As for descriptions of what each weapon is and how it's unique from the others...no the descriptions were no included, because the web enhancement was supposed to be an addenda. Probably a web enhancement 1.5 needs to come out with the write up of each firearm. Until then, here's a quick, quick breakdown of each weapon.

Derringers: Small, hand-held pistols that fit into the palm of the hand. Easily concealed, but only effective at close range. The weapon used to kill Abraham Lincoln was a Derrigner-type weapon.

Pocket Pistol: Small guns used primarily by gamblers and ne'r-do-wells for concealing in the pants. Larger then the Derringer, but smaller than a normal pistol. Easy to conceal and holds more bullets than a Derrigner, but notoriously inaccurate, unrealiable, and ineffective.

Navy Pistol: This is refers to the Navy-issue of the Colt revolver, which was smaller than its army cousin. Though smaller, the Navy pistol was a tad more accurate.

Army Pistol: This weapon is the famous Colt Single-Action Army Revolver, which is featured in many western films. Known to be a reliable weapon with alot of stopping power. Here's a link for more info.

Carbine: A carbine is a shorter version of the rifle. The Spencer carbine is the weapon featured in the movie "Unforgiven."

The Winchester: This is a lever-action rifle that is also featured in many western films. The Winchester rifle is a superior weapon that is realiable, accurate, easy to cock, and easy to reload. It transformed the Wild West as well as warfare around the globe. You'll note that Quincy, in the novel Dracula calls for the use of Winchesters. A little game note - the overseer of the Winchester Rifle company is the Window Sarah Winchester, who is featured in the back of the Masque d20 book.

The Buffalo Rifle: This weapon was used often in Safari or on hunts. It is extremely large, with a very long barrel. The noise that it makes is deafening. Very deadly, but slow to use.


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