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Ravenloft Gazetteer III

Author's Notes

John W Mangrum

I wrote the Foreword and a little material in the Attached Notes, as well as doing my usual shadow developer work on Richemulot and a very limited form of it on Mordent.

All cards on the table: that Gaz III's forth domain, Borca, failed to appear in this book is entirely, 100%, my fault, and this is no small failing on my part. The fact of the matter is that I'd been looking forward to writing up Mordent for years, and when I lost that opportunity, it broke my heart. I ended up spending week after week staring at a computer screen, desperately trying to recapture my inspiration. (That said, I'm perfectly satisfied with the Borca that I did belatedly produce.)

cure wrote: There have been repeated hints, over the years, that Mordent's treatment in Gaz 3 was quite different than what was either intended or desired. What would the intended or desired Mordent have looked like?

Mangrum: I think that's a story that keeps going around, but there isn't much to it. The reality is that I'd hoped to be assigned Mordent, but wasn't. The sidebar explaining the events of House on Gryphon Hill ended up a little muddled, but beyond that it's simply a matter of the difference in individuals' creative impulses.


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