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Evil DM Tricks TM

Gaming Room Layout

Cold as a Crypt

Wiccy of the Fraternity

A useful method of setting the right atmosphere for a trek through a graveyard, crypt, tomb or dungeon is to have the lights low and a cold room. Of course, the latter is not always possible. However, if you are fortunate enough to be running a session such as this at winter then turn off the heating and open a window, it gets cold very fast and really helps set the mood.


Dark Dooms


When they are sitting and gaming have their backs face an open door with the room behind dark and with no light. Its a natural instinct thing but they'll start to feel self-conscious and will make it all the easier to scare them.


Darkness Feel

Jol of the Fraternity

We play in a room usually well lit. However, when in the game my players go out at night, I close all the lights but a small table lamp behind my DM screens, and a candle on the player side. It is a simple trick and it is the contrast with the well lit day time period in the game that makes it work. Believe me, the players really feel the isolation of the night when they are themselves suddenly in the dark.


Play Outdoors

Dion of the Fraternity

We play RL every Friday night...outdoors. My players get goosebumps all the time.


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