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Ravenloft Errata

Here are some errata and mistakes from 3rd edition products.

Some are labelled as such, i.e. ‘errata’, as they have been corrected by the authors of the various Ravenloft books (either by the precise and mighty pen of Azalin on the Kargatane ‘Ask Azalin’ board, or by the authors themselves on the various Ravenloft boards. We warmly thank them for these inputs).

Others are mistakes spotted by fans. Those haven’t been corrected as fans (or the FoS) can’t propose canon corrections to fix these mistakes. “DM’s prerogative”, I guess!

If you spot other mistakes (or have errata if you are an author), please send them at joel@FraternityOfShadows.com


Please use these three rules while considering sending errors you spotted:

  • Do not send me about typos that are unimportant and do not change the text meaning!
  • Do not send me about a difference of opinion with the author on a subject!
  • In order to make it useful and comprehensive, please provide the justifications for your corrections!

Ravenloft Setting 3e (2001) and Ravenloft Players HandBook (2004) (RLPHB)

Most corrections in this section come from official RL Setting Book errata released by the Kargatane. Oddly, for the RLPHB 3.5 edition re-release of this material, the errata was used in chapter Two and Three of the RLPHB but not in chapter Four and Five.

Pg. 35 Alignment section: “giorgio” should be “giomorgo”. (Errata)
Pg. 38 In the “Tales of Death and Madness” sidebar. Replace second sentence with: “If the bard performs with the intent of instilling terror, those in her audience are required to make a Fear save (see chapter 3) with a DC of (bard’s Perform check – 10).” (Errata)
Pg. 56 Table 2–2 and 2–3: Some item CLs are incomplete. Straight razor: CL 5+; Bomb and Smokebomb: CL 8+. (Errata)
Pg. 57 Table 2–4: Book, blank: CL 5+. The “Automation, small” should weigh 50 lb. (Errata)
Pg. 99 Remove the “Greater Restoration: as Lesser Restoration” line. (Errata)
Pg. 100 Modify Memory: change “check” to “failure”. (Errata)
Pg. 101 Nightmare: The first sentence should read: “If the victim is killed by the damage inflicted by this spell, she returns from death as a bastellus. (Bastelli is detailed in Denizens of Darkness; DMs without that accessory can use allips instead).”. (Errata)
Pg. 101 Protection from Good: As protection from evil, below. Casting this evil spell does not require a powers check.”. (Errata)
Pg. 101 Protection from Evil: Change the paragraph to read: “Protection from Evil: This spell works normally, but the DM should apply the applicable deflection bonuses secretly, so as not to reveal the moral alignment of evil attackers.”. (Errata)
Pg. 102
RLPHB Pg. 116
Spectral Hand: change “per level” to “per caster level”>. (Errata)
Pg. 102 Status: change “character” to “subject” and “failed check” to “failed saving throw”>. (Errata)
Pg. 103 Cursed Items: change “to all saving throws” to “to all of its saving throws”. (Errata)
Pg. 104 In the table, change “Saving Throw Penalty” to “Saving Throw Bonus”(Errata)
Pg. 106 Book of Vile Darkness: add “(in place of the experience point bonus listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide)” at the end of the first sentence. (Errata)
RLPHB Pg. 109 The spell Animate Dead - they just copied the text from the 3.0 setting book (“When clerics cast this spell in Ravenloft, however, this rises to twice their caster level in HD”). But in 3.5 edition Animate Dead has changed: it already animates twice HD as character level. DM’s prerogative: either remove it, or double it again in Ravenloft. (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)
Pg. 110
RLPHB Pg. 127
Charted Mistways sidebar: The Bleak Road should connect “Southern Nova Vaasa — Northern Vorostokov”, and not Barovia!>(Errata)
Pg. 112
RLPHB Pg. 129
The Core, 2nd paragraph: change “east” to “west” and change “West” to “East”. (Errata)
Pg. 112 Change Barovia total population to “27,700” (not 27,7000)>(Errata)
Pg. 115
RLPHB Pg. 132
Borca. Change "Von Ziyden" to "Vor Ziyden">(Errata)
Pg. 116
RLPHB Pg.134
The correct population percentages for Darkon are: “Humans 70%, Halflings 14%, Dwarves 6%, Elves 5%, Gnomes 3%, Half-Elves 1%, Other 1%.(Errata)
Pg. 118
RLPHB Pg.135
The “Other” population percentage of Dementlieu should be 3%>(Errata)
Pg. 119
RLPHB Pg.137
At end of ‘character’ section: change “Weapon Finesse (pistol, rapier)” to “Weapon Focus (pistol, rapier)”. (Errata)
RLPHB Pg.150
“The Nocturnal Sea” landscape section, 1st paragraph: change “west” to “east”, and “western” to “eastern”. (Errata)
RLPHB Pg.202
‘rank five’ second paragraph: change “living beings” to “living or undead beings”. (Errata)
RLPHB Pg.210
Magic Mimicry: change sentences 4 and 5 to: “The lich does not need to know the spell, but it can mimic only those spells found on its own spell list. A lich who is an 11th-level wizard cannot mimic a cleric or druid’s spells, for example.”. (Errata)
RLPHB Pg.210
Poison aura: change “magical aura” to “magical (necromantic) aura”. (Errata)
Pg. 190
RLPHB Pg.215
Change the Spider Climb special quality from “(Su)” to “(Ex)(Errata)
Pg. 191
RLPHB Pg. 219
Change “Advancement: As base construct.” to “Advancement: By character class (fighter, rogue, commoner, expert, or warrior only).” (Errata)
Pg. 192
RLPHB Pg. 219
Regeneration (Ex) should read: “The dread golem gains Regeneration 5. Two relatively common varieties of damage must be selected that deal normal damage to the golem. Dread flesh golems, for example, are frequently unable to regenerate fire or acid damage. As a construct, the dream golem remains immune to attacks that would normally inflict subdual damage. The dread golem cannot regrow lost body parts, but it can reattach severed body parts instantly by holding them against the stump.”. (Errata)
Pg. 201
RLPHB Pg. 234
Corruptive Aura: add special quality “(Su)”. (Errata)
Pg. 204
RLPHB Pg. 239
Curses, 5th paragraph: change “a bonus” to “an insight bonus”. (Errata)
Pg. 208
RLPHB Pg. 243
Manusa tribes, 2nd paragraph: change “sorcerer class” to “wizard class” and “sorcery” to “wizardry”. (Errata)

Secrets of the Dread Realms (2001)

Pg. 5 The Witch Hunter table was accidentally cut short during layout. Get the full table here.
Pg. 16 As written, Ivan Dilisnya can’t create the poison Borrowed Time (SotDR states that its market price is 2,500 gp. So, the DC for its creation would be 35, a number unachievable for Ivan, who has Alchemy +10). Original errata stated that to fix this, the market price for that poison should be 1,500 gp. (Errata) However, this was effectively revisited in Gazetteer IV, by giving Ivan the skill Craft (Poisonmaking) +21 and giving Borrowed Time DC 25 and a price of 360gp.
Pg. 17 Note that Azalin’s spell list in Ravenloft Gazetteer Vol. II have been expanded from that in SotDR. On pg. 135, Gaz II includes a sidebar explaining how this is possible. (precision given by Azalin)
Pg. 40 To be coherent with the description of Markov, Markov's bite attack should be stricken from the stat block (Errata)
Pg. 41 In Frantisek Markov's stats, it is written: "He is a talented painter..." Yet in his stats, he doesn't have such skills. That does appear to be a slight oversight. Azalin suggested a quick fix: take 1 rank from his Sense Motive skill and 1 rank from his Wilderness Lore skill, and give him 2 ranks in Perform (painting). That all works out as Perform +1, Sense Motive +9, Wilderness Lore +9. (precision given by Azalin)

Denizens of Darkness (2002) (DDa) and Denizens of Dread (2004) (DDr)

DDa Pg. 10 / DDr Pg. 10

The Pickled Punk: the Akikage. As an incorporeal creature it can't be grappled, so it's entry for BAB/Grapple should read +3/--. Its saves are wrong, since undead get only Will as a good save, not fort or Ref, the skills entry doesn't include synergy bonuses, and it is missing a feat. (I suggest giving the akikage either alertness, or skill focus (hide)).

DeepShadow adds: I agree with most of these changes, but IMO the Akikage should have all good saves because it's based in part on a monk.

Stygian Inquirer: Can incorporeal creatures grapple other incorporeal creatures? That might explain the grapple entry (incorporeal creatures apply their Strength modifier to damage against other incorporeal creatures so would there be a problem with grappling) Here is what the Wizard's website says in their Rules of the Game article about incorporeality: "Because an incorporeal creature cannot exert any Strength and its body (such as it is) passes through material objects, an incorporeal creature cannot use bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, sunder, or trip attacks against corporeal creatures or objects. Some of these attack forms are possible against other incorporeal creatures." "Grappling: You can resolve grapple attempts using the rules on pages 155-157 of the Player's Handbook, except that an incorporeal creature uses its Charisma modifier instead of its Strength modifier when it makes a grapple check. Remember that grappling combat begins with an initial grab attempt, not a grapple check. When one incorporeal creature tries to grab another, it makes a melee touch attack and uses its Dexterity modifier for the attack."

DDr Pg. 11-13 All samples of the Ancient Dead use the “8d12 + class HD” formula for hit points. It is astonishingly wrong, as the template suggests changing the hit point dice to d12, and that’s it (as all undead templates). It should be:
  1. 5d12 = 33 HP
  2. 7d12 = 45 HP
  3. 9d12 = 58 HP
  4. 10d12 = 65 HP
  5. 12d12 = 78 HP
(Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
DDr Pg. 17 The sample Animators have "Same as the base object +1" as Challenge Ratings. Object is a game term and never has a challenge rating for start. So, using the MM 3.5 as reference, the CRs could be:
Size CR
Tiny 1
Small 2
Medium 3
Large 4
Huge 6
Gargantuan  8
Collosal 11
(Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
DDr Pg. 22

Arak, Powrie: Hide should be +24, not +13. The +8 modifier for size and the +3 modifier for Skill Focus (Hide) were not added in.

DDa Pg. 16
DDr Pg. 26
Teg: Teg can cast Animal cleric domain spells as a 5th-level cleric. (Errata)
DDa Pg. 16 Teg: The Teg’s DR should be listed as having "DR 15/+2 and gold" (Errata) Please note that in DenDr, all arak’s DR have been reduced to 5 instead of 15, and teg now have "DR 5/gold" (DM’s prerogative, I guess!)
DDr Pg. 42  The hit points of the Bruja should be 36 HP (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
DDa Pg. 42

Stygian Inquirer the sample Dhampir fighter's hit dice are wrong. It should be "8d12+16 ( 68 )" as it is in Denizens of Dread. Also the AC should read "23" not 3.

DDa Pg. 31
DDr Pg. 44
Carrionette: The carrionette's attacks should read: Attacks: Straight razor +3 melee; or silver needle +5 ranged. In addition, in the skills, it should receive a +10 racial bonus to Climb checks (netting the same final +8 score) (Errata)
DDa Pg. 52 / DDr Pg. 67

Mangrum: mist elemental. Here's the corrected version in my monster collection:

Infuse Evil (Su): With a successful a touch attack, a mist elemental can attempt to enter a living creature’s lungs and permeate the victim’s very being with evil. To use this attack, the elemental must enter the target’s space, but this does not provoke attacks of opportunity if the elemental is in diffuse form (see below). If the subject is breathing normally, it automatically breathes in the vapors. If the subject is holding its breath, it must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC varies by the elemental’s size; see below) to resist. Creatures that do not breathe (such as constructs and undead) are not subject to this attack. The save DC is Constitution-based.

A creature that breathes the elemental’s vapors must succeed on a Will save (DC varies by the elemental’s size; see below) or be infused with evil, suffering a temporary, involuntary alignment change to chaotic evil with a duration of 2d6+1 minutes. The elemental warps an infused victim’s perceptions as well as its morality; any creature that has concealment against the target (due to fog, darkness, or any other factor) becomes a half-glimpsed, ominous shadow in the mind’s eye of the target. An evil-infused target completely ignores the mist elemental, instead focusing its attention on slaying these “monsters” to protect itself. Regardless of the success or failure of the saving throw, that mist elemental cannot infuse that target with evil again for 24 hours.

When the effect’s duration ends, the target must make a second Will save (same DC). On a failure, the altered perceptions return to normal, but the temporary alignment change becomes permanent. An atonement, remove curse, or break enchantment spell can restore the target to its true alignment. Having suffered an involuntary alignment change, a recovered victim who kills an ally or otherwise causes lasting harm while under the elemental’s influence may be subject to a Madness save (see pg. # of Lands of Mist).

This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect. The Will save DCs are Charisma-based.

Small: Fort DC 11, Will DC 12
Medium Fort DC 14 Will DC 13
Large: Fort DC 17 Will DC 15
Huge: Fort DC 22 Will DC 19
Greater: Fort DC 24 Will DC 21
Elder Fort DC 26 Will DC 23

Diffuse Form (Su): The elemental can disperse its essence, transforming itself into a bank of fog once every 10 minutes and remaining in that form for 1 round for every 2 HD it has. In this form, the elemental can move through the air or along a surface at its fly speed.

The fogbank fills a space equal to the elemental’s HD × 5 feet (see the table below) and is 10 feet tall. Alternatively, the elemental can increase its height to 40 feet by halving its space (with the elemental’s standard space as a minimum).

While in diffuse form, a mist elemental’s damage reduction value increases by 10. For example, a Small or Medium mist elemental gains damage reduction 10/—, while an elder mist elemental gains damage reduction 20/—.

A mist elemental in diffuse form has no (—) Strength score. It cannot make slam attacks or grapple checks and does not threaten the area around it. Its movement while in diffuse form does not provoke attacks of opportunity, even if the elemental enters the space another creature occupies. Likewise, other creatures can enter spaces occupied by the diffuse elemental without provoking attacks of opportunity.

The spaces occupied by a diffuse mist elemental are filled with a thick vapor that obscures vision, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker cannot use sight to locate the target).

The elemental assumes its normal form again as a move-equivalent action, and can reform in any squares currently filled by its diffuse form.

DeepShadow adds: The table of saves is good, but I calculated the Will save for a Large elemental to be 16 (8HD, 15 Cha; 10+4+2=16). Where am I missing this?

Mangrum: Revised dread elementals have Charisma 13.

DDa Pg. 44
DDr Pg. 58
Dream Spawn: These creatures should be elementals (dream) rather than outsiders. (Errata)
DDa Pg. 56
DDr Pg. 71,
Fenhound: Add the Mists subtype. (Errata)
DDa Pg. 68
DDr Pg. 93
Dread Golems: Following a fan question (“how do we create a zombie golem, mechanical golem etc through the common, spell using methods? Which spells and components are used, how much money and how many XP are expended?”), this addendum material was proposed by Azalin:

Construction: As described in the Monster Manual, a golem’s creator must first supply the golem’s body and a specially prepared workroom. If the creator uses magic to grant life to her creation, then the standard creation process applies. Golems of obsession do not cost exorbitant sums or require untold magics to construct, however. The creator of a dread golem must personally construct the golem’s body (requiring specific skills), and expend the requisite costs in gold pieces (body only), XP and time. The creator need not cast any spells or possess any craft item feats. A golem created through this method automatically gains the “dread golem” template (see Chapter Five of the Ravenloft core book).

Bone Golem: A bone golem’s body must be constructed from the bones of skeletal undead. Only 10% of any one skeleton can be used in the creation of the golem, so bone golems often incorporate bones collected from 20 or more creatures. The golem costs 25,000 gp, including the scant 100 gp needed for the construction of the body. Assembling the body requires one month and a successful Knowledge (anatomy) or Heal check (DC 12). The creator must be 18th level and able to cast arcane spells. Completing the ritual drains 1,400 XP from the creator and requires animate dead, symbol (fear), binding and wish.

Doll Golem: A doll golem costs 15,000 gp to create, though only 10 gp of this represents the cost of constructing the body. Assembling the body requires two weeks and a successful Craft (carpentry or sewing) check (DC 15). The creator must be 15th level and able to cast divine spells. Completing the ritual drains 1,100 XP from the caster and requires animate objects, bless, holy word (or blasphemy), prayer, and Tasha’s hideous laughter (which must be cast by an arcane spellcaster).

Gargoyle Golem: A gargoyle golem’s body is carved from a single slab of granite weighing at least 2,000 pounds. The golem costs 75,000 gp to create, including 1,000 gp for the body and 15,000 for special vestments, which can be reused. Assembling the body requires two months and a successful Craft (sculpting or stonemasonry) check (DC 17). The creator must be 16th level and able to cast divine spells. Completing the ritual drains 1,200 XP from the creator and requires holy word (or blasphemy), prayer, stone shape, and flesh to stone (which must be supplied by an arcane spellcaster).

Glass Golem: A glass golem’s body is meticulously crafted from hundreds of pieces of stained glass in a thin iron framework. The golem costs 100,000 gp to create, including 10,000 gp for the construction of the body. Assembling the body requires three months and a successful Craft (glassworking) check (DC 18). The creator must be a 14th-level spellcaster; due to the spells required, these golems are usually created by arcane and divine spellcasters working in concert. Completing the ritual drains 1000 XP (which can be divided between multiple creators) and requires animate objects, prismatic spray, rainbow pattern and miracle.

Mechanical Golem: A mechanical golem’s body is created from thousands of intricate metal parts. The golem costs 125,000 gp, including 30,000 for the golem and 60,000 for a special, highly advanced workshop (CL 8+), which can be reused. Assembling the body requires 10 months and a successful Craft (clockmaking) check (DC 30). Completing the construction drains 1,400 XP from the creator and requires animate objects, chain lightning, fabricate, grease, and either miracle or wish.

Zombie Golem: A zombie golem’s body must be constructed from the ruined corpses of former zombies. Only 10% of any one zombie can be used in the creation of the golem, so zombie golems often incorporate parts collected from 20 or more creatures. The golem costs 50,000 gp, including the 100 gp needed for the construction of the body. Assembling the body requires one month and a successful Craft (leatherworking) or Heal check (DC 13). The creator must be 16th level and able to cast arcane spells. Completing the ritual drains 1,200 XP from the creator and requires bull's strength, control undead, limited wish, polymorph any object and stinking cloud.

DDr Pg. 95 Dread Flesh Golem: Hit points are listed as 12d10 (49 hp). However, with the average hit points (5.5/level x 12), it should be 66. But in addition, from the monster manual Core Book, constructs gain bonus hit points according to size. As large creatures, Dread Flesh Golems should have +30. So the entry should read: Hit Dice: 12d10+30 (96 hp). (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected).
DDa Pg. 83
DDr Pg. 118
Assassin Imp: Add the Mists subtype. (Errata)
DDa Pg. 97
DDr Pg. 137
Lycanthropes: The canon-wise suggested chemical banes for the new lycanthropes:
Lycanthrope Chemical Bane
Werejackal Fennel
Werejaguar Cocoa
Wereleopard Mercury
Wereray Water Lily
Wereraven Unknown
Wererat Varies

(Precisions given by Azalin)

DDa Pg. 109
DDr Pg. 156
Dread Nightmare: Descriptors correct as presented. The sentence "Though dread nightmares are in some ways more powerful than their infernal kin, the Mists have bound them to earth." is intended to imply that over the course of generations, these creatures have lost their wrinkles. They do not have reality wrinkles (precision given by Azalin)
DDa Pg. 118
DDr Pg. 165
Doppleganger Plant: Azalin suggest that the doppelganger plant suffers from some particularly nasty flying monkey business. Here's how the entire first paragraph of the doppelganger plant's Combat section should read: "The doppelganger plant has no physical way to defend itself." Just cross out the rest of the paragraph. (Errata)
DDa Pg. 137
DDr Pg. 185
Shadow Fiend: The middle of the first paragraph should read, "They require no sustenance, existing only to spread evil, fear and destruction wherever they go. Fortunately, however, they have lost their reality wrinkles over time" (Errata)
DDr Pg. 187

Jester: the 4HD Strahd Skeleton from Denizens of Dread is listed at CR1. It also has SR 14, Turn Resistance +4 and two bonus abilities. It is at least a CR3 monster.

Mangrum adds: It's also distinctly inferior to the Strahd undead template that had already been published in Gaz I. To this day I wonder whether the developers were aware that they, personally, had already published that monster elsewhere.

DDa Pg. 144
DDr Pg. 192
Tenebris: Descriptors correct as presented. These creatures do have reality wrinkles (precision given by Azalin)
DDa Pg. 157 Dwarven Vampire: Under “Slaying a Dwarven Vampire”: change the sentence “Exposing a Dwarven vampire disorients it” to “Exposing a dwarven vampire to sunlight disorients it” (Errata)
DDa Pg. 158
DDr Pg. 209
When an elven vampire creates a new vampire or spawn, what is the new vampire or spawn's CHA score? Like the cerebral vampire, the change to undeath should "reset" the drained ability to its original score (i.e., whatever it would be if not for the vampiric drain) (Errata)
DDr Pg. 218 Vampyre Level Adjustment is too high. LA is added to the Hit Dice to show its equivalent level in the base race and classes. A vampyre, a CR 4 monster, is not equivalent to a level 16 character. (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)
DDr Pg. 219 The sample Vorlog’s Level Adjustment is 1 too high (6+8=14, not 15) (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
DDr Pg. 219 Vorlog’s “Attack” column is a reprint of “Full Attack” (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
DDa Pg. 111
DDr Pg. 158

NeoTiamat: Paka. Something is decidedly off.

1. The Paka is listed as a Medium Monstrous Humanoid (Shapeshifter), and the description clearly mentions the ability to shapeshift twice "Shedding its human pretense" and "Paka in human form...In their true form". And yet, there is nothing that states how the Paka accomplish this. No Change Shape, no Disguise Self, nothing.

Fairly obviously an oversight, but a severe one (A shapeshifter should be able to shift shapes, yes?)

2. This is more of an opinion based question, but is it my imagination or do Paka have a rather low Level Adjustment for their power? They get -2 Str, +10 Dex, +6 Int, +4 Cha, SR 16, Pounce, Natural Attacks and Scent and several minor abilities including a wild empathy variant and a heal, all for +2 LA and 3 HD which aren't actually that bad (good saves, full AB, and decent HP).

Mangrum: In my personal 3.5 retweaking of the paka, it has the Change Shape special quality:
Change Shape (Su): At will, as a standard action, a paka can subtly alter its appearance to appear fully human. In human form, the paka loses its natural attacks. A paka can remain in human form until it chooses to change to its true form. A change in form cannot be dispelled, but a paka reverts to its true form when killed. A true seeing spell or ability reveals its natural form. The transformation is not major enough to affect a paka’s clothing or armor.

I also tweaked the rest of its abilities a bit and upped its LA to +3.

DDr Pg. 208

Cure : The dwarven vampire example, under Special Qualities: shouldn't the Resistance to cold and to electricity be 10 instead of 20?

Mangrum : In my revised/corrected 3.5 notes, a dwarven vampire (hulzurdan) has resistance to cold 10 and electricity 10, yes. (errata)

DDa Pg. 116 / DDr Pg. 160

Scipion Emilien : The Bloodrose has a DR/bludgeoning. So I'm curious as to why? Any explanation?

Mangrum : In my own revised/corrected 3.5 files, it's DR 5/slashing. (errata)


Van Richten’s Arsenal (2002)

Pg. 28 Diminish Undead: Change "Ngt" to “Wth” (from SotDR) (Errata)
Pg. 29 Eternal Slumber: The spell eternal slumber XP component is 500 XP (Errata)

Champions of Darkness (2002)

Pg. 53 It is written that there is only two Paves of The Lawgiver, one for Nova Vaasa and one for Hazlan. It is also written on that page that Haakon Aramsen is the Pave for Hazlan. In the sidebar describing Toyalis, in the Authority figures it mentions "Pave Stavroz Vatsisk..." The real Pave of Hazlan is Stavroz Vatsisk, male human Clr 12 (Errata)
Pg. 18 Highway Rider: the Highway Rider has no empathic link with his mount. It's simply well trained. The reference to the paladin's mount sidebar is in error; it should refer to the MM (for game statistics) and the Handle Animal skill, if anything (Errata)
Pg. 28 Questions sent to Azalin regarding moon silver from Champions of Darkness:

Q: The entry for Moon Silver states that it acts as scroll of protection from lycanthropes. I'm not sure, but I cannot find this spell in any of my books. What actually this spell do?

A: The protection from lycanthropes spell is identical to the protection from evil spell, but applies to lycanthropes, not evil-aligned entities. (This is something CoD should have explained.)

Q: Regarding the moon ring's permanent cure for lycanthropy - is the character still considered a shapechanger, or has his curse completely been removed when he wears this ring?

A: The description of the item is muddled, to say the least. The "rare" variety of moon silver is essentially identical to a silver amulet of the beast (see Van Richten's Arsenal).

Q: The entry says that ring cannot be "borrowed", but can be given as permanent gift. Can two characters (who totally trust each other) effectively swap this ring between each other constantly, each time giving it as "permanent gift"?

A: That rule is so puzzling and peculiar -- for the very reason you address -- that I recommend simply ignoring it.

(suggestions by Azalin)
Pg. 30 A Nightlord gain the Frightening Aura at 3rd level and the Horrifying Designs power at 4th (Table 1-10 is right, write-up isn’t). (Errata)
Pg. 35 In “Weapon and Armor Proficiency”, replace the “proficient in exotic melee and ranged weapons” by “Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whips)” at first level. (Whips, scourges and cat o' nine tales are similar enough to be covered under one proficiency.) (Errata)
Pg. 37 The Studied Foe ability of the Solitary Outcast isn’t explained. The ability appears to be an attempt to replicate the "studied foe" ability of the witch-hunter (see SotDR pg. 5); use the mechanics found there. (suggestion by Azalin)
Pg. 41 Replace the following in the description of the feat Death's Favor:
Benefit: Spend one of your turn/rebuke undead attempts to gain a +2 sacred bonus to a single saving throw against any Necromancy spell or against any divine spells of the Death or Repose cleric domains (Errata)
Pg. 43

cure remarked: according to the description of the Feral Raised feat, the individual with it has for his type: animal. Hence we have the racial bonus to Animal Empathy and Handle Animals. But what are the other consequences of this change of type? Low-light vision as per the animal type description, probably necessary for running with wolves or any animal of the night? Immunity to charm person, resistance to Tasha's Hideous Laughter, susceptibility to charm animal and hide from animals spells, since we are dealing with racial bonuses right? Perhaps even full access to certain skills (hide, spot, jump, etc.) that would otherwise be cross-classed, although only those that are possessed by the animal type that raised the individual? Perhaps even, although I think not if I am reading the rules correctly, initially good fortitude and reflex saves that animals typically receive.

gonzoron added: I would probably handle it like a 3.5 template. From the SRD (Improving monsters): "Unless a template indicates otherwise, the new creature has the traits of the new type but the features of the original type" And also: "Note that if a creature acquires a character class, it improves according to its class, not its type."

So by that logic, no saves, skills, attacks or hit dice.

The recommended traits of animal are:

  • Low-light vision.
  • Alignment: Always neutral, according to the SRD. Well, it's up to the DM, I guess. there's no reason he couldn't have had an alignment shift after leaving the woods.
  • Proficient with its natural weapons only. A noncombative herbivore uses its natural weapons as a secondary attack. Such attacks are made with a –5 penalty on the creature’s attack rolls, and the animal receives only 1/2 its Strength modifier as a damage adjustment. Proficient with no armor unless trained for war. (this becomes irrelevant as soon as he takes a class).
Pg. 78 Jander Sunstar is missing nine feats. He has enough feats to account for those gained from his levels but is missing all of his fighter bonus feats. (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)
Pg. 78 Jander Sunstar's alignment should be listed as chaotic neutral (Errata)

Heroes of Light (2002)

All Over All over Ravenloft's atmosphere out of synch with that presented in R3E. The new authors present it as a morass of horrors with a few points of light; the stated goal is a world of light where evil lurks unseen in the shadows. (Thematic inconsistency reported by John W Mangrum)
Pg. 8 Question sent to Azalin regarding Heroes of Light

Q:Heroes of Light mentions a special quality called "Virtue's Challenge" - what is this?

A: The mentions of the "Virtue's Challenge special quality" found in the Introduction appear to be a slightly mangled reference to the Test of Virtue feat presented on pg. 47. In short, ignore everything the book says about Virtue's Challenge. Just follow the options laid out under the Blessed feat on pg. 45

(suggestion by Azalin)
Pg. 14-17 For anchorite inquisitor and anchorite wanderer, ignore all the bits about pick-and-choosing cleric domains and simply add "Access to the Mists cleric domain" as a requirement (Errata)
Pg. 16

The death ward spell doesn't require a powers check to begin with, making it a non-ability. Change the ability to read as follows:

Death Ward (Sp): Starting at 9th level, the anchorite inquisitor can create a Death ward, as the spell, once per day. (Suggestion by Azalin)

Pg. 20

The HD for the Black Powder Avenger is not mentioned in the book. The board concensus was d10. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)

Pg. 30 The Detective class lists under Investigative Feats: Sharp-Eyed. This feat is found in the D20 Star Wars and Call of Cthulhu RPGs. Why a Ravenloft book is referencing these books? Azalin suggested to simply removing this from the list. (Suggestion by Azalin)

Ruike suggests that there is a feat called "Sharp Eyes" in Legacy of the Blood (2004, two years after the release of HoL). The feat is listed in the Boritsi family feats and it provides a +2 bonus to all search and spot checks.

The Detective prestige class can detect good/evil alignment. This directly contradicts Ravenloft. (error reported by John W Mangrum)

Pg. 34 The Knight Errant's mount appears to be a dread companion, but this is never stated. (Inconsistency reported by John W Mangrum)
Pg. 36 The Detective class lists under Investigative Feats: Sharp-Eyed. This feat is found in the D20 Star Wars and Call of Cthulhu RPGs. Why a Ravenloft book is referencing these books? Azalin suggested to simply removing this from the list. (Suggestion by Azalin)
Pg. 35 The metaphysician requirements says that he must have the Trustworthyfeat. This feat isn’t in any Ravenloft book. The Trustworthy feat is in the book Song and Silence. Replace the requirement with the Hope feat. (Suggestion by Azalin)
Pg. 37 Change the Metaphysician’s Astral Projection, as astral projection normally fails utterly in Ravenloft. Change the ability so that the metaphysician can project himself through the Mists (à la the Astral) into other domains (à la other planes). Essentially, the metaphysician would be using it as a powerful teleportation spell. (Suggestion by the very patient Azalin)
Pg. 43 Here's the fixes for all of the white arcanist's abilities. Use the following:

Spells: The white arcanist learns spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list, albeit with a few restrictions after 1st level. He also gains one level of sorcerer spellcasting ability per two levels of white arcanist. If the character also has class levels as a sorcerer, the new spellcasting levels stack. Example: A Sor5/WhA3 casts spells as a 7th-level sorcerer.

[Table 1-13 should list the spells granted at 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th level as "+1 to sorcerer level"]

Spell Penetration should be a supernatural ability.

Necromantic Focus (Ex): The white arcanist may continue to cast spells he knew before he gained levels in this prestige class, but upon reaching 2nd level as a white arcanist, any further spells he learns must either come from the school he chose for his Spell Penetration ability or the school of Necromancy. This restriction applies only to powerful spells of 2nd level or higher; the white arcanist can still draw cantrips and 1st-level spells from the full sorcerer/wizard spell list.

Gentle Repose (Sp): [Gained at 2nd level] If the white arcanist is Blessed, he can cast gentle repose on other Blessed characters at will.

The two Major Arcana entries could be condensed into one easily enough, but that's not a rules issue.

Pg. 45 Bestial Conscience: This feat and Discompassionate Companion from Champions of Darkness appear to be overlapping, incompatible versions of the same feat. (Inconsistency reported by John W Mangrum)

The Conscience feat allows a character to modify the results of a powers check, which R3E explicitly forbids. (Inconsistency reported by John W Mangrum)

Pg. 48

The Search for Knowledge sidebar is a different, incompatible system for library searches that competes with that presented in the earlier Van Richten's Arsenal. (Inconsistency reported by John W Mangrum)

Pg. 48

Mangrum, about the wealth feat here : When I went through and created a master feat document for myself, I fixed a number of feats from CoD and HoL -- sometimes by rewriting them from scratch -- but in the case of this one, I simply left it out entirely. Dubious concept, bad execution.

Pg. 57

The name of the founder of the Noble Brotherhood of Assassins does not reflect the domain's French culture. (Thematic inconsistency reported by John W Mangrum)

In addition, this secret society was apparently formed 200 years ago to destroy Dominic d'Honaire, a man who is currently about 58 years old! (error reported by John W Mangrum)

Pg. 92 Ignore the three NPC male Vistani sight ability (it would make them Dukkars!). (Errata).

Gazetteer 1 (2002)

Pg. 124-127

Stygian Inquirer: The Fortitude and Will saves for the Dire Raven are off. It should be +3 for the Will save (+3 Wis, +0 base because animals do not have a good Will save) and +4 for the Fortitude save (+2 Con, +2 Base as animals have good Fortitude and Reflex saves). Also, the hit points for the Dire Raven are wrong. They are listed as: 1d8 (4) but the Dire Raven has a Constitution of 14 so it should be 1d8+2 (6).

Pg. 126

The Reflex and Will saves are off for the Silver Fox. They should be +6 Reflex (+4 Dex, +2 base) and +2 Will (+2 Wis, +0 base)

Pg. 122

The Reflex save for the Undead Lake Serpent is off by two. It should be 5 not 7 (-1 Dex, +6 Base)

Pg. 150

Stygian Inquirer: Strahd's ranged and melee attacks are wrong. He has a higher ranged than melee attack, but his Strength is greater than his Dexterity and he wields a weapon magic weapon too. I have done the math the the attacks should look like this:
Atk +20 melee (1d6+8 and energy drain, slam) or +25/+20/+15 melee (1d10+14, +4 bastard sword) or +19/+14/+9 ranged (1d8+6, +2 mighty composite longbow); I got these number via the following. The BAB for a Ftr 4/Nec 16 is 12/7/2. For the melee attack, you add +8 for STR mod, +4 for the bastard sword and +1 for weapon focus (bastard sword). For the ranged attack, you add +5 for DEX mod and +2 for the bow.
Also the 3.5 DR would be 25/silver and magic as per the RL:PHB entry per an 'ancient' vampire.


Gazetteer 2 (2003)

Pg. 50

The Giamarga: in the stats for Martira Bay there is one Harbor Watchmaster Hoelgar Arnutsson Brd8. I just found in my 1992 Trading card set a Hoelgar Arnutsson 10th level Ftr (Berserker). So I suppose Brd is a typo and should mean Brb, which makes more sense for a Watchmaster. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)

Pg. 106 Replace Vladimir Ludzig's level by “Ftr6”. (Errata)
Pg. 12

On the map, change the name of the Mountains of “Madness” to Mountains of “Misery” (errata)

Pg. 36

Beryl Silvertresses's influence over her branch of the Kargat is described in these terms: "broad, but deep." It should read, "broad, but not deep." (error spotted by cure, confirmed by Mangrum)

Pg. 133

Azalin is the inventor of the bone and zombie golems. And presumably he has made other golems too. Thus he must have the Craft Construct feat (as he is not crafting golems of obsession after all). But it's not in his stat block. (error spotted by cure)


Gazetteer 3 (2003)

Pg. 26 Josephine Chantreaux can’t qualify for the Pistoleer prestige class as she is a 4th level Aristocrat with a BAB +3 only. Ignore this PrC. (Errata)

Van Richten's Guide to the Walking Dead (2003)

Pg. 16 Shaded text, "Skeletal" entry. The text makes reference to the Dust-tongue feat. John W Mangrum: Dust Tongue is a feat, like Improved Control Shape in the 3.0 Monster Manual, that's so simple it requires only a sentence of description, rather than a full feat entry. If you're a skeleton, Dust Tongue restores your ability to speak. There isn't any more to it than what the book says. (precision)
Pg. 101 Pg. 101, the date of 737 BC is a typo: replace by 757. (Minor errata)

Gazetteer 4 (2003)

pg. 36 praesidius levin postoya’s abbreviated statistics are missing. levin postoya is a ln male human clr6 of ezra/aom5. (anchorite of the mists prestige class, found in van richten's arsenal.) (errata)

Van Richten's Guide to the Shadow Fey (2004)

Pg. 84 The Fir Finger feat should say 'fir ancestry' as prerequisite. (Errataconfirmed by Brett King, author, on the FoS boards)
Pg. 106 Half-Fey template: The luck bonus to AC is +2. (Errataconfirmed by Brett King, author, on the FoS boards)
Pg. 139

The Giamarga : there's a new poison called Vital Venom which was created by Nostalia Romaine and Ivana Boritsi. It has a required Caster Level of 6th, but neither Ivana (an Ari3/Exp4/Cpo5 according to p.149) nor Nostalia (an Ari4/Wiz4/Rog2 according to p.21) have such a Caster Level. Suggested correction: a) alter Nostalia to be an Ari2/Wiz6/Rog2 or b) alter the CL to 4th in the description of Vital Venom.

Also Vital Venom doesn't recreate a spell effect so it is technically not a potion. Suggested Correction: a) alter the required feat from Brew Potion to Craft Wondrous Item. or b) add a new spell (up to 3rd level and of Nostalia's own creation) to the item's crafting prerequisites.

Tobias Blackburn adds: I believe that Ivana is capable of creating any poison she wants. If Nostalia was making suggestions and aiding her she would have still been able to make it.


Gazetteer 5 (2004)

Pg. 11

Cure: it states that the Dommark (the Plain of Judgement) is West of the Kesjermark. It should instead be East: the Kesjermark is West of the Prince's Road, joining Bergovista and Kantora, and is delimited by the Shadow Rift. Nothing in Nova Vaasa can be West of it. East of it between the Ivlis and the Sydligdnar (South Darn River) are the hellishly dry and hot Dommark that receives no rains from the prevailing West winds. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)

Pg. 33 The authors working on Sir Tristen Hiregaard / Malken's background must be suffering from a curse! Tristen was born in 664 (pg 154). However, on page 33, we can read that his father did suicide in 671 "when Tristen was 11" (so he was born in 660?). (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
Pg. 45 In the “Tepest at a Glance” sidebar, replace the line “Population: 15,500” by “Population: 15,500. Approximately 3,000 goblins” and “Races: 98% human 99%, 1% goblin, 1% other; various breeds of fey and shadow fey” by “Races: Human 99%. Other 1%”. (Errata)
Pg. 108 Under "appearance", 1st paragraph of right colum, S refers to waffs. Since it might be difficult to make the link, a Waff is a Shadow dryad from VRGttSF, pg 123. (Precision)
Pg. 136 The XP cost of making Hag's Blessing permanent: Minimum caster level 9th, 500 XP. (Errata)
Pg. 151 Gwydion's saves (Fort +36 Reflex +34 Will +35) does not seem correct. He’s an outsider, so his base saves are 2+HD/2 = 2+24=26. Now add his ability modifiers (Co 29 (+9); Dex 17 (+3) and Wis 35 (+9)) and you get Fort +35, Ref +29, Will +35 (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)
Pg. 134 The Weave Domain lists the spell Turn the Seasons as a domain spell but this spell has been accidentally omitted from the book (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)
pg. 32

Under Bolshnik, Stonegard, the Bolshnik family castle, is stated as being on the north bank of the Dnar River just opposite Kantora. But the Dnar river doesn't have a north bank, since it runs south and meets the Vaughn Dnar river just east of Kantora.

The easy correction then is that Stonegard sits on the Vaughn Dnar River which runs just north of Kantora and hence has a north bank. (error spotted by cure)

pg. 128 change the sentence "The Bindings and Scrutiny domains are unique to clerics of the Lawgiver" to "The Bindings domain is unique to clerics of the Lawgiver.", as the Scrutiny domain is also available to other churchs. (error spotted by cure)

Masque of the Red Death (2004)

Thanks to Phounix, who e-mailed questions to Jackie Cassada and shared the answers on the S&S board
Pg. 25

tec-goblin says that the 1897 entry is wrong: Greece didn't win the war of Thessaly - it attacked Turkey in what proved a fiasco and was defeated - Greece barely kept Thessaly after this (Thessaly was in Greek hands for some years) (Error spotted by fan suggested)

Pg. 59

Metaphysician: The Metaphysician gains sill focus Knowledge (Science at first level and every 5 levels there after? Does he get bonus feats every 5 levels (if so from which list) or does he get bonus skill focus feats every 5 level? (the only thing that is specified is that he doesn’t get the bonus metamagic feats).

Response: The Metaphysician is a variant class of the Adept class (p. 54). With the variant classes, we mainly discuss the DIFFERENCES between them and the parent class. Every five levels, the Metaphysician gets the Skill Focus (Knowledge [Science]) feat in a different a different science specialty. This is because metaphysicians see magic as a science and their spells, to them, are scientific in nature.

Example: 5th Level Metaphysician: At fist level I take the Skill Focus feat for Knowledge (Science [Chemistry], and at 5th level I take the Skill Focus feat for Knowledge (Science [Mathematics].

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 61

Occultist: He gets bonus feats (at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level), but from which list?

Response: The Occultist should get a bonus feat from the metamagic spell list. (Errata by Jackie Cassada)

Pg. 62

Athlete: Is Jump not a class skill for athletic characters?

Response: Jump should have been included in the class skills. Feel free to alter the class skills if you feel they need to be altered. You may find a reason to include a skill that seems logical to you. In this case, we omitted Jump by mistake.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 77 The Mystic class, both here and in Chapter Five, neglects to give the rules on gaining new domains. The rules for gaining domains were accidentally omitted from the book. The following has been explained by the authors:

A Mystic and all the sub-classes can either learn a new domain or master one the currently posses at each level including first. The Message Boards member Igor coined the term ‘domain slots’ to describe the acquisition of new domains. One slot is gained at each level and grants minor access to a domain while spending a second slot permits major access.

Additionally each Mystic class gains a free minor access to a bonus domain. These bonus domains bend the normal rules restricting when they can be improved and major access can be gained after first level.

(Errata by the Dark Duo on the WotC boards)
Pg. 74-82

Mystic Class: I understand the 2+1 (+1 = domain spell) that are represented in the spells per day table. But what about the first number in the spell per day list (the 2 in the example above). My question is simple: do I use the spell list of the Cleric or Druid for the first number in the spell per day list?

Response: Since there are not cleric or druid classes, there are no "cleric" or "druid" spells. There are lists of domain spells beginning on page 160. Each mystic decides for herself which domain is most appropriate for her. She must progress from minor to major access in a domain before adding a domain or else she cannot get major access to the first domain. You are correct in that the explanation of domains is not as clear as it should have been. As I see it, all mystics begin with the All domain. She should also select a special "domain" that relates to her mystic philosophy.

Example: Angelique, a mystic, begins with minor access to the All domain. She feels an affinity for nature so she also takes minor access to the Plant domain. As she advances in level, she chooses whether or not to stay with the Plant domain or change to another one. If she abandons the Plant domain before she gains major access to its spells, she may not return to that domain to learn major spells. She may continue to cast the spells she already knows. So, Angelique starts out with All and Plants. At 1st level, she has 3 0-level spells and one 1st level spell from All and one from Plant (her domain). At 2nd level, she has 4 0-level spells and 2+1 first level spells. This means that she can have three 1st level spells if one of those spells is from the Plant domain.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 88

Tradesman: Related Professions or craft: a trades man gains an additional related profession or craft as a bonus skill (i.e. no experience point cost). The first part is explained but what do you mean with “i.e. no experience point cost”?

Response: Other classes must pay experience to gain a new craft or profession. The Tradesman receives a bonus craft or profession as if it were a bonus feat, i.e., without paying anything for it. It's a result of advancing a level.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 88

Tradesman: Where can I find (book, Pg. if possible) the rules to spend Experience points to gain an additional related profession or craft skill as a bonus skill. Or can you just say how it works (rules + Experience point cost).

Response: If the profession or craft is a class skill, you use Skill points to buy them, just as in D&D. If it is a cross-class skill, you spend twice as many Skill points, just as in D&D. You don't spend Experience points to gain an additional class, you spend Skill points. I don't know if I can say this more clearly, but if it is still unclear, please tell me how it is unclear and I'll try again.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 95

Exorcist: If I am correct an exorcist can also turn Demons, because this is one of the things exorcists are know for. But noting in their class features reflects this?

Response: The Exorcist receives extra turning as well as the ability to cast dismissal as he progresses in the class. Masque of the Red Death uses the term "spirit" for all evil ethereal creatures, be they ghost or demon.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 105

Skill Specialization: Can you specialize in more than one field or do you have to take them separately? If you have specialized, do you know also general knowledge of the basic skill (example: Knowledge Science [chemistry], so you are specialized in chemistry but can you still answer Mathematics questions?)?

Response: You must take each Skill specialization separately. If you have a specialization, you can still answer questions in related skills. The DC is up to the DM.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 108

First Aid: Do you stabilize a character with First Aid or with the profession Doctor skill??

Response: First Aid is a skill that anyone can take as either a class or cross class skill. Anyone with First Aid can attempt to stabilize a mortally wounded character. Doctors and nurses receive +2 bonuses on their First Aid checks.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 113 Under Prognostication skill, in the table you have "Very Specific" with a DC of 15. This DC doesn't follow the rest of the table logic and should be either 20 or 25. (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected).
Pg. 114

Called Shot: Does this feat exist for melee combat to, if so ..?

Response: Called Shot is a feat that applies specifically to firearms. If you want it to apply to melee combat, you could do so, but I would suggest that you make each a specific feat (Called Shot: Firearms and Called Shot: Melee) since each uses different skills. You don't place a bullet the same way you place a sword strike.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 152

Melee Weapons: I can’t find the statistics for the melee weapons in the whole book. I found a lot of statistics in the other books, but the following weapons need clarification: Sabre, Bayonet, Bowie knife, Bolo, Pocket knife, Lasso, and Tomahawk?

Response: You should use the damage tables from the Players Handbook for equivalent weapons. Our weapons table is admittedly small. We wish we could have made it bigger, but we had to pack a lot of information into the space we had available.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 152-155

Mysticism:How do you gain another domain?

Response: You choose another domain when you advance a level, but if you do not have major access in the old domain when you choose the new one, you cannot go back and receive higher level spells in your old domain. Mystics do not have nearly as many choice in Red Death as in regular Ravenloft or D&D. Magic is just plain harder. And more dangerous.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 152-155

Mysticism: How do you gain Major Access? I think it is by advancing in level, but what happens if you become lets say 8th level Mystic (you already have major access for the All Domain from 7the level) and I want to abandon the All domain to start studying the Chaos domain. If I’m correct then you stop advancing in the all domain. But you start in the Chaos domain. Do I get all the domain spells of the Chaos domain up to 8the level?

Response: First, I think it's a little too restrictive to limit starting mystics to JUST the All domain. (See question 4 above.) If you choose a new domain at 8th level, you would receive the list up to 4th level spells (the level spell you can cast at 8th level). You cannot, however, gain access to higher level spells from your 1st domain.

(Errata by Jackie Cassada)
Pg. 178 The rules for explosives do not explain how to increase the Radius of effect. (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)
Pg. 220 The Challenge Rating for Dracula is incorrect and only applies his class levels and not his vampiric abilities. (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)
Pg. 223 The Challenge Rating for Imhotep is incorrect and only applies his class levels and not his true immortal traits. (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)
Pg. 246

Stygian Inquirer: the hit points for The Hollow on page 246 are not calculated properly. Instead of being 5d10 (27), it should be 5d10+20 (47) because in 3.5 constructs gain bonus hit points based on size. (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)

Pg. 260 The number “5” has been omitted from the chat at the bottom of the page. (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)

Legacy of the Blood (2004)

Thanks to tec goblin for hunting many errors of this book.
Pg. 12

Conflicting information on Sulo Boritsi (Ivana’s brother) between this book and Gazetteer IV:

In Gaz IV: Sulo is the stapan of Levkarest and is portrayed as living in Marsav Hall, official seat of the Borcan government, acting as his sister's closest advisor, and, if you read between the lines, probably doing much of the nuts-and-bolts daily governance of the country's economy.

Legacies of Blood has him relocating to Nova Vaasa before the Grand Conjunction and possibly since moving on to Armeikos in Liffe. (Error spotted by John W Mangrum)

Pg. 21 Under Story hook, 2nd line after title. Change the alignment of Lollar Boritsi to LG (there are no Neutral Good cleric of Ezra). (Error spotted by fans, no errata yet though we can assume the author meant LG)
Pg. 31 Remove the bullet at the end of the “Claiming membership” paragraph. This information is a reprint of the same in the next section, “D’honaire family traits” (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
Pg. 71 Table 5-3. Change “Smite Controller” to “Smite Dominator” (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
Pg. 91 Create Device>: Reference to “power supply” should be changed to “power source” (item explained on Pg. 101). (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
Pg. 91 Superior Alchemy, table. The “b” next to 20 for “Oil of agony” should be deleted (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
Pg. 93 Bedside Manner>: Change the mention of “9th level” to “7th level”, as in table 7-1 next page (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
Pg. 112 Inspiring Oratory: While table 8-1 and parts of the text refers to a “diplomacy check”, the text once refers to “Perform (oratory)” (second column, second paragraph). We assume Diplomacy is the correct skill? (Error spotted by fan)
Pg. 116 Rat Eyes: Change “Saving Throw: Yes” (useless information) to “Saving Throw: Will negates” (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested).
Also add the [mind affecting] descriptor to it. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested).
Pg. 123 Commanding Gaze has Piercing Gaze as a prerequisite. It should note a “C” as its source (feat from Champions of Darkness) (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)
Pg. 123 Blood Spell>: It is assumed that the damage you take for Blood Spell doesn’t force you to make a Concentration check. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)
Pg. 138

Stygian Inquirer: in the Rodjan Dilisnya entry, Stage 2 of the Path of the Demon ability states: "Rodjan has a +2 bonus to Dexterity and +2 to Charisma but a -2 on all charisma based skill checks" I think that the +2 bonus to Charisma may be a typo because in the Stage 1 entry it states that he is gaining a demonic appearance and also, that means that his charisma checks would only have a net -1. I think the author might have meant +2 to Constitution instead? (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)

Pg. 147

cure: the birth date of Louise Renier, and hence of her twin Jacqueline, is given as 719 BC. Immediately before this we are told that she is nearly 70, but does not look it. This would put us in the year 787 BC or 778 BC instead of 758 BC or 759 BC. Further we know that Jacqueline killed Claude Renier in 726 BC and became darklord. She was not 6 at the time. An age of nearly 70 would almost work with Mangrum's proposed birth date of 688. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)

Pg. 149 Talena’s typically prepared spells are missing. (Error spotted by fan)
Pg. 150 Andrez’ hit points should be 58, not 57 (9d10+9=9*5.5+9=9*6.5=58.5) (Error spotted by fan, easily corrected)

VRG tt Mists

Pg. 15

Cure: Bluestpur is described as formerly being at the heart of the realm next to Falkovnia. The reference should be to G'Henna. It cannot be that Falkovnia was mistaken for Kartakass since Kartakass is on the edge rather than near the heart of the Core. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)

Pg. 27

Deepshadow: Resonance fluid. How does this stuff work? It makes ghosts and mists creatures corporeal, so they can be hit by corporeal weapons and can't go through walls and whatnot, fine, but do they get a strength score? If they had the ability to fly, can they still do so? What about other abilities of the incorporeal type? It's not a template; it can't just be removed to expose a preexisting character underneath. Not that that helps in the case of ghosts: if we just remove the template, are they still immune to critical hits? (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)

Pg. 69

cure: Bleak Road Mistway – it should not read Southern Barovia but rather Southern Nova Vaasa. (Error spotted by fan, possible correction suggested)

Pg. 70

cure: VRGttM introduces to the list of known Mistways The Serpent’s Coils (Moderate Reliability, Two-Way) linking Eastern Nova Vaasa and Central Zherisia. The problem is that there is no such thing as Central Zherisia. There is downtown Paridon and there is presumably a center of Timor. A place central to both creates all kinds of problems, among them no (obvious) permanent bank of mists (for the return trip at least). (Error spotted by fan, no errata yet)


Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Thanks to tec-goblin for compiling the errata for this book.

Pg. 11

Kavan's stats should read as follows: Senses: Listen +20, Spot +16 Rage 4/day

Pg. 32

Carcass Eaters (frenzied) : Init +3. This also affects page 39.
Infected Zombies: With the stats of bugbear zombies plus faster plus disease, they should have CR 3. This also affects pages 34, 36, 38, 43 and 46.
Zombie Tactics: "a zombie behind a door opens it as its first move action" (opening a door is a move-equivalent action)

Pg. 33

Infected Deathlock's stats block: Spellcraft +8
In the Running this Encounter section, it says that it requires a Spot DC 26 check to spot the zombies behind the cart. And in the Features of the Area section, it says that the cart provides total concealment to the zombies. I suggest changing total concealment to heavy cover (otherwise the PCs couldn't be able to see them at all).

Pg. 34

The After the Battle section should read as follows: "...by encouraging them to move westward toward the town square".

Pg. 35

Vargouilles' stats block should have a Saves line: Fort +3, Ref+3, Will+3

Shriek (Su) should read as follows: "...must succeed on a DC 12 Fortitude save or be paralyzed with fear for 2d4 rounds or until the monster attacks them, goes out of range, or leaves their sight..."

Dire Maggots have been errata'ed to huge size. These here should be " baby dire maggots". This affects also page 46.

Pg. 39

Ghasts should have Move Silently +8.

Pg. 41

Danovich has a scroll of Circle of Death but this does not appear on his class lists. Recommend change of his evil domain to undeath domain, reducing the CL of animate dead and death knell to 5th and giving him Extra Turning as a bonus feat. Alternatively, you can turn this scroll to a one-use item. (Too many errors in this chapter. Bruce, this adds insult to injury for Complete Psionic too)

Pg. 72 – 73

The DL on the map is the Drowned Lady. In the Features of the Area sidebar, under Runestone, it says "This stone, near where the deathlock is standing...". It should not read Deathlock but Drowned Lady.

Pg. 74

Sir Urik's Lay on Hands should change to 8 points/day.

Pg. 82

Varikov's stats should read as follows: Melee hand axe +8 Ranged heavy cross +8

Pg. 87

Baba Zelenna's Tactics should read "or weakness +15 touch"

Pg. 91-92

A spot check and a Reflex save for avoiding the green slime could be useful. I recommend a Spot DC 20 to notice, with a synergy from Knowledge (dungeoneering), and a Reflex DC 18 to avoid.

Pg. 100

K37 Study. Erase in the second paragraph the sentence "Jumping into the river extinguishes the flames". The river is far too far unless you use dimension door and then run for 1-2 rounds on the grass, putting it into fire, too.

Pg. 110

Stairs K83A go to K37 instead of K437.

Pg. 115

Emil's hit points. Lycanthropes in 3.5 don't change hit points from one form to another anymore. The correct score for both forms is 62

Pg. 126

K86, treasure. The "gory" word shouldn't be in italics.

Pg. 145

K39 and K40 should have half the width, according to the map in page 101.

Pg. 151

Christofor, when having drunk a potion of cat's grace also gets a +2 to his sickening blast attack. His ability scores should be should be Dex 14 (18 ), Con 13.

Pg. 163

Tactical map shows two entrances into the Troll Stalker Den, one a secret door, the other an obvious door right next to the secret door. Either remove the obvious door or make it a fake door instead, just another reasons for the characters to step on the trap.

Pg. 190

That's the worst stat block in the book, I don't know who's to blame, certainly the editor too. Here's a complete rework (strangely, she doesn't have any magic items): Sasha Ivliskova, Vampire CR 7

HP 31
Female undead human sorcerer 5
Init +8; Senses darkvision 60ft., Blind-Fight; Listen +11, Spot +11
AC 20, touch 14, flat-footed 16 + mage armor + dodge + mobility
HD, Fh, DR, Immunities and Resistances remain the same.
Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +5
Weaknesses, Speed, Melee, Base Atk, Grp, Special Actions remain the same.
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 5th):
2nd (5/day) - blur, flaming sphere (DC 17)
1st (8/day) - cause fear (DC 16), mage armor, magic missile, sleep (DC 16)
0 (6/day) - daze (DC 15), ghost sound (DC 15), mage hand, ray of frost, read magic, touch of fatigue (DC 15)
Abilities Str 16, Dex 18 Con -, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 20
SQ remain the same
Feats Alertness*, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes*, Dodge*, Improved Initiative*, Lightning Reflexes*, Mobility, Weapon Finesse
Skills Bluff +14, Concentration +7, Hide +13, Knowledge (arcane) +6, Listen +11, Move Silently +13, Search +9, Sense Motive +9, Spot +11, Spellcraft +6

Abilities remain almost the same but Domination's DC raises to 17 and each slam does two negative levels.
Seeing that she has no familier, I propose her gaining "metamagic specialist" from PHB II, it will be pretty useful for her future progression (if she survives the PCs )

Pg. 201

Knights of the Raven should state that they gain no new Weapon and Armor Proficiencies.

Also, many monster miss original monster book references. Please get them here: http://homepage.mac.com/jedwhite/Ravenloft%20Monster%20Images.html

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