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Monday, 02/10/2006:
The website has undergone some mostly mechancial changes to increase its loading time and updatability. Soon we ought to see some serious changes here.

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Welcome to the Realm of Terror, the world of Ravenloft and this website, Ravenloft Renaissance. Ravenloft Renaissance was my personal response to the discontinuement of the Kargatane which for many years had been the official website of Ravenloft. Aside for the Kargatane over the years, many other fansites have shut down, and so Ravenloft Renaissance has been born, focusing on the high technology Ravenloft domains of Dementlieu, Mordent, Richemulot, Borca and Lamordia.

What is Ravenloft?

Ravenloft is many things, it is two computer games, several kinds of role-playing games and a band. However, the focus of this website is the role-playing variety of Ravenloft.

Ravenloft is (or was) a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition/3.5. It is a unique fantasy world of gothic horror, inspired by the literature period that spawned Dracula and Frankenstien. It began as a single adventure called "Ravenloft" back in 1983 for the original Dungeons & Dragons system.

In 1990, Realm of Terror came out, the first Ravenloft boxed set that established it as a campaign setting. What followed was history, and today, Ravenloft is going through it's 3.5 edition along with the rest of the Dungeons & Dragons line.

The most recent Ravenloft product line is available from White Wolf, famous for role-playing games such as Vampire: The Requiem and World of Darkness. However, it should be said that this edition has recently gone out of print, though copies are still floating around on and there are links on the White Wolf website to where the books can be bought in ebook format.

The rights to Ravenloft have since reverted back to Wizards of the Coast, the company that oversees the official Dungeons & Dragons in its current edition. Although no more books are being made for the Ravenloft setting at Sword and Sorcery, there is a huge fanbase on the internet, particularly active over at the Fraternity of Shadows. This month shall also see the release of Return to Castle Ravenloft, a new edition of the classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure that started it all, and it will be a massive 192 pages - that's six times the page count of the original adventure!

Dungeons & Dragons uses the d20 System, which is licenced for open gaming. This means any person may publish material using the system, so long as it is within the terms established. You can read more about this on the official d20 Website.

My Ravenloft Character Sheets

I don't have the Ravenloft Player's Handbook yet, so I don't know if they have put out a setting-specific character sheet, but here are mine developed for use with the 3.5 Edition rules:

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NOTE: All files Require Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0

Ravenloft 3.5 Revised Edition Character Sheet - ZIP - PDF - My attempt at a 3.5 edition ravenloft charactersheet, complete with fear/horror/madness checks and hypnotism.

Compilation of Ravenloft Feats - ZIP - PDF - Includes D&D 3.5, Ravenloft 3E, RL:COD, RL:HOL & RL:VRA Feats in one convenient reference.

Ravenloft Prayer Book - ZIP - PDF - A sheet I developed for my party's cleric to more easily handle the memorised prayer list. Also includes details on turning, spell save and domains.

Ravenloft Sorcerer Spell Sheet - ZIP - PDF - A sheet I developed for my party's sorcerer to keep track of her spells used each day.

Ravenloft Equipment Sheets - ZIP - Male PDF -Female PDF - Equipment character sheets for use with Ravenloft, or other D20 Systems.

Ravenloft DM Quick Sheet - ZIP - PDF - A sheet I developed to keep track of players.

Ravenloft Fear/Horror/Madness Sheet - ZIP - PDF - To keep track of your player's fear, horror and madness status.

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